CLT20 2014: KKR vs Lahore Lions - As it happened...

Gautam Gambhir-led Kolkata Knight Riders take on Mohammad Hafeez-led Lahore Lions in the 7th match of the Champions League Twenty20 being played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.

CLT20 2014: KKR vs Lahore Lions - As it happened...

New Delhi: Gautam Gambhir-led Kolkata Knight Riders take on Mohammad Hafeez-led Lahore Lions in the 7th match of the Champions League Twenty20 being played at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad.


KKR win the match by four wickets with three balls remaining.

Kolkata Knight Riders innings, Target - 152


Over 19.3 || 153/6 (Yadav 14, Cummins 0)

IPL champions, KKR registered back-to-back wins. Finally, Suryakumar Yadav made it easy, finishing the job for the team, with three balls remaining.

Russell c Adnan Rasool b Asif Raza 1 (4b)


Over 19 || 147/5 (Yadav 8, Russell 1)

A superb over by Wahab Riaz. The medium fast bolwer gave away only four runs and took a wicket, that of hard-hitting ten Doeschate. But still, the favourites are the batting side, needing five off the last over. A miscue could well finished the match. 

RN ten Doeschate lbw b Wahab Riaz 12 (9b)

Andre Russell is the new batsman.


Over 18 || 143/4 (ten Doeschate 10, Yadav 7)

A big over at the cost of Yusuf Pathan's wicket. Pathan hit a six off the first ball of the over bowled by Cheema, and suddenly in the second ball, Pathan failed to control his instincts and lofted a high ball. Riaz completed a simple catch at mid on. It's getting tighter for KKR.

Pathan c Wahab Riaz b Aizaz Cheema 11 (10b)

The over went for 14 runs with the new batsman Yadav hitting a six off the fifth ball.


Over 17 || 129/4 (Pathan 5, ten Doeschate 9)

Wahab Riaz produced good over, giving away only six runs. After that rollicking start, KKR have found themselves in a precarious situation. Now, the target is 23 from 18 balls. It looks like an easy one given the way this format is played, but there are signs of clueless-ness in the way these batsmen are dealing out there.


Over 16 || 123/3 (Pathan 3, ten Doeschate 6)

Another quick wicket for Lahore Lions. Cheema returned to remove Bisla with Akmal taking a clean catch behind the stumps. Will it be a wobbling case for KKR. They were cruising, but with a couple of quick wickets, certainly the match is not yet over.

Bisla c Umar Akmal b Aizaz Cheema 6 (8b)

Ryan ten Doeschate joined Pathan in the centre and survived. He was dropped at the slip by Jamshed. Then, capitalising on it, he hit a four off the final delivery of the over.


Over 15 || 115/2 (Bisla 6, Pathan 1)

Gambhir gifted his wicket. He tried to make some room, possibly thinking of playing the ball through the vacant extra cover area. But the ball crashed into the stumps. Good ball from Mustafa Iqbal. 

Gambhir b Mustafa Iqbal 60 (47b)

Yusuf Pathan is the next man in.


Over 14 || 110/1 (Gambhir 58, Bisla 4)

Gambhir continued doing his task, and with extreme finesse. Hafeez, who brought back himself into the attack, was taken for seven runs. With those seven runs, the target has been reduced to 42 from 36 balls.


Over 13 || 103/1 (Gambhir 51, Bisla 1)

Finally, a wicket for Lahore Lions. Adnan Rasool got the wicket of Uttappa. The KKR opener yorked himself in a bid to take the ball early by coming out. Not a great delivery but, it provided a small window of opportunity to the fielding team.

Uthappa b Adnan Rasool 46 (34b)

And replacing Uttappa is the in-form batsman Manvinder Bisla.


Over 12 || 98/0 (Uthappa 45, Gambhir 51)

Gautam Gambhir completed a deserving fifty with a double off the last delivery of the Riaz's second over. The skipper took 40 balls in his essay with seven hits to the fence. In between, the target has been reduced to 54, and they have 48 balls to negotiate it. 


Over 11 || 91/0 (Uthappa 42, Gambhir 48)

The play stopped for a while with Uttappa getting some medical assistance, after two balls off Rasool's third over. But, allaying the injury fear, Uttappa hit a  picture perfect straight drive, lofting the ball for a huge six. Some sight! The over went for nine runs as Lions continue to seek the breakthrough, but without any luck. KKR need 61 from 54 balls, with all the wickets intake.


Over 10 || 82/0 (Uthappa 35, Gambhir 46)

A huge over for KKR. Iqbal got the treatment many bowlers in this format often subjected to. Uttappa started the tenth over with a six, lofting the ball inside out. He followed it up with a four, through the off-side. Those were followed by four singles to make the over a 14-run one, biggest of the innings so far.


Over 9 || 68/0 (Uthappa 23, Gambhir 44)

A good over for KKR with Gambhir taking the attack on Lahore Lions bowlers. He started with a four off Rasool, picking the gap between backward point and the advance third man. Four singles followed with both the batsmen settling in. Good batting from the Indian pair. Now, the target is 84 from 66 balls. For Lions, the worrying part is, they are yet to get a wicket.


Over 8 || 60/0 (Uthappa 21, Gambhir 38)

Another bowling change, this time Hafeez brought in Mustafa Iqbal. And another six run over for the Kolkata franchise. Uthappa started with a single, after a dot ball Gambhir got a single. Then, after another dot ball, Uttappa found boundary through the point area. 


Over 7 || 54/0 (Uthappa 16, Gambhir 37)

Another bowling change for Lahore. Adnan Rasool got his first over here at Hyderabad. And the 33-year-old offbreak bowler got a rather rude welcome with Gambhir steering past wicket-keeper for a four. Rasool responded pretty well, by giving away only two singles off the remaining five deliveries.


Over 6 || 48/0 (Uthappa 15, Gambhir 32)

Uthappa, who was playing second fiddle to his skipper, joined the leather hunt with back-to-back fours off the first two balls of Cheema's second over. A double made ten runs from the first three balls. Then, Uttappa took a single, from a dropped chance off a top-edge. Gambhir played out the remaining two balls, taking a single off the last delivery. KKR need 104 from 14 overs. Lahore Lions were also 48 at this stage in their innings.


Over 5 || 36/0 (Uthappa 4, Gambhir 31)

Hafeez made double change by bringing Wahab Riaz. And the fifth over started with Shehzad saving a certain boundary. Then, Gambhir took a single off the next ball. Uttappa made sure to give his skipper maximum strike by taking a single. The fourth ball was dispatched to the boundary through the cover. Another couple made it a 8-run over.


Over 4 || 28/0 (Uthappa 3, Gambhir 24)

Hafeez made the first bowling change by bringing Aizaz Cheema into attack. The over went for eight runs with Gambhir keeping the scoring rate on par. Uttappa took a single off the second ball, then a couple followed form the bat of Gambhir. A dot ball, then a four -- straight over the bowler's head. Signs of a confident Gambhir. A single completed the over.


Over 3 || 20/0 (Uthappa 2, Gambhir 17)

The captains' duel is seemingly going Gambhir's way. The Delhi batsman punished Hafeez with back-to-back fours after fending off the first ball of the over. Another couple make it a ten-run over, before Uttappa played subtle, blocking the balls. KKR need 132 more runs from 17 overs.


Over 2 || 10/0 (Uthappa 2, Gambhir 7)

Asif Raza shared the new ball with his skipper and got into the action, conceding only four runs. Gambhir and Uttappa took a single each off the first two balls then Raza tied down Uttappa with three dot balls. But the Indian pair got another pair of singles to keep the scoreboard ticking.


Over 1 || 6/0 (Uthappa 1, Gambhir 5)

Robin Uthappa and KKR skipper, Gautam Gambhir started the chase in a cautious way with Lahore skipper Mohammad Hafeez opening the proceedings for the Pakistan franchise in Hyderabad. Uttappa took a single of the first ball, allowing Gambhir to face his opponent number. The Delhi batsman struck a beautiful four through the cover area. But Hafeez did just enough to control the scoring rate, by conceding another single from the remaining four balls.


Lahore Lions innings:


Over 20 || 151/6

Cummins to finish off the proceedings. A dot ball to start with. Second ball was short down the leg side, Riaz got some bat on it as it rushed past fine leg for a boundary. Riaz got a bottom edge off the third ball which once again stormed past fine leg for another boundary. Riaz took a single off the fourth ball. Cummins bowled a wide. Cummins bowled a length ball to Akmal who hammered it over long-off for a Six! With that six, Lions crossed the 150-run mark. Akmal was offered width off the last ball as hit eyes lit up, but he hit it straight to Gambhir at point! The Lions have reached a decent total.

Umar Akmal c Gambhir b Cummins 40 (24b)


Over 19 || 135/6

Narine to bowl his final over. Riaz skied one towards mid-on, Narine went after it and dropped it off his own bowling! Just three from the over and Narine ends another unbelievable spell. 4-1-9-3


Over 18 || 132/6

Russell to bowl his final over. Fifth delivery was full and wide as Akmal slapped it over covers for a boundary. 11 from the over. Akmal batting on 33 off just 19.


Over 17 || 121/6

Chawla to bowl his final over. Akmal charged down the wicket off the fourth ball and launched it high over deep cover for a Six! Chawla offered width off the next ball and Akmal cut it past the diving fielder at point for another boundary. Last ball was pitched short and Akmal whacked it past deep midwicket for another boundary. 16 from the over. The Lions need Akmal to bat till the end, and in case if he does, Lions can also cross the 160-run mark.


Over 16 || 105/6

Narine to continue. Second delivery was a carrom ball, it hit the batsman on the pads and Dharamsena immediately raised his finger! Asif Raza is the new man in. And he is out for a first-ball duck. It was bowled slightly quicker by Narine, it moved in sharply after pitching and Raza had no clue whatsoever. Wahab Riaz is the new man in. Riaz survived the hat-trick ball with a close stumping appeal. Just two from the over. It's been another magnificent spell from Narine so far.

Asif Raza b Narine 0 (1b)

Umar Siddiq lbw b Narine 2 (6b)


Over 15 || 103/2

Kuldeep to bowl his final over. Just four from the over, he ends a fantastic spell 4-0-21-1.


Over 14 || 99/4

Narine to bowl his second over. Even while both the batsmen were looking to defend, Nasim tried turning one down the leg side, got a top edge which went straight to Suryakumar Yadav at short cover. Nasim goes for a duck, Umar Siddiq is the new man in. Four from the over and a wicket.

Saad Nasim c Yadav b Narine 0 (4b) 


Over 13 || 95/3

Chawla to bowl his third over. Shehzad charged down the wicket off the fourth ball, hit it flat towards long-on where Uthappa took a clean catch in front of his face. Saad Nasim is the new man in. Chawla bowled a superb googly to end the over, it beat the batsman and the keeper and went for four byes. Eight from the over.

Ahmed Shehzad c Uthappa b Chawla 59 (42b)


Over 12 || 87/2

Umar Akmal is the new man in. Russell to bowl his third over. Shehzad moved across the stumps off the third ball and played a cheeky shot past fine for a boundary which also brought his half-century off 36 balls. Shehzad once again moved across the stumps off the fifth ball, played an even better shot which sailed all the way over deep fine leg for a Six! 12 from the over. Shehzad is batting more sensibly now.


Over 11 || 75/2

Yadav to bowl his third over. Hafeez took a chance off the third ball, went high towards midwicket where Yusuf Pathan didn't put up the kind of effort which could have converted in into a catch. Hafeez took a chance off the last ball as well, hit it towards deep midwicket where Russell held on to a clean catch. Yadav finally has a wicket and all the Lahore batsmen have looked vulnerable against him. Had the fielders supported him, he would have at least two more wickets in his kitty. Good breakthrough for KKR.

Mohammad Hafeez c Russell b Kuldeep Yadav 9 (15b)


Over 10 || 71/1

Piyush Chawla to bowl his second over. Just three from it.


Over 9 || 68/1

Kuldeep to continue. Shehzad attempted a reverse-sweep off the second ball, the ball went straight towards short third man where it fell just ahead of Sunil Narine who could have taken it had he been a little more quick. Fourth ball was pitched short and Shehzad drilled it towards wide of long-on where another misfield turned it into another boundary. Yadav has been impressive but hasn't received enough support from the fielders. Ten from the over.


Over 8 || 58/1

Russell has been brought back into the attack. Eight from the over.


Over 7 || 51/1

19-year-old Kuldeep Yadav has been brought into the attack. Shehzad charged down the wicket off the third ball, Yadav bowled a magical ball and guess what - Bisla has missed another stumping chance! Shehzad gets his second life on 32. Shehzad worked the fourth ball towards midwicket and went for a quick single, they decided to run two but Russell was too quick to pick the ball and his direct throw ended Jamshed's stay at the crease. Superb fielding effort from the West Indian! Hafeez is the new man in. Four from the over. Good start for Kuldeep Yadav.

Nasir Jamshed run out 10 (16b) 


Over 6 || 47/0

Cummins was reintroduced into the attack. Third ball was an off-cutter from Cummins and he hammered it over wide of long-on for a Six! Eight off the over. The Lions have got off to an electric start.


Over 5 || 39/0

Sunil Narine has been brought into the attack. Third ball drifted down the leg side, the batsman missed it, the keeper missed it and it went all the way for four byes. Jamshed took a chance off the fifth ball, missed his sweep and was lucky as that looked like a close lbw appeal. Excellent over, four runs from it.


Over 4 || 35/0

Piyush Chawla has been brought into the attack. Shehzad charged down the wicket off the fourth ball, and lofted it towards long-off for a boundary, Shehzad shimmied down the track off the fifth ball as well, but Bisla missed out on an easy stumping chance. Shehzad gets a life on 19. Shehzad charged yet again, off the last ball of the over and launched it over long-off for a Six! 12 from the over. Shehzad is looking dangerous.


Over 3 || 23/0

Cummins to continue. He bowled a slower one to Shehzad which also had width on offer and the batsman smashed it over mid-of for a boundary. Cummins followd it with a length ball and Shehzad played an even better shot, this time over long-on for a Six! 13 from the over.


Over 2 || 10/0

Andre Russell - the hero of the previous match to bowl from the other end. Jamshed was offered width off the last ball and he drove it past covers for a boundary. Eight runs from the over.


Over 1 || 2/0

Pat Cummins will bowl the first over. Ahmed Shehzad and Nasir Jamshed to open for the Lions. Good start from Cummins, just two from the first over.


TOSS: KKR won the toss and Gautam Gambhir invited Lahore Lions to bat first.

After having a poor start to the IPL 2014, there was no looking back for KKR, who went on to win the next nine matches and defeated Kings XI Punjab in the final to win their second maiden IPL title. Even in the CLT20, playing the first match against the mighty Chennai Super Kings, KKR pulled off a spectacular win from the jaws of defeat. Chasing 157, KKR were wobbling at 51/5 at one stage, but since there on Ryan ten Doeschate and Andre Russell stitched in a magnificent 80-run partnership which deflated MS Dhoni and his boys.

Apart from having some fine batsmen in Gautam Gambhir, Manish Pandey, Doeschate and Russell, KKR have a formidable bowling attack in Sunil Narine, Pat Cummins and Umesh Yadav. Narine, in particular, has become a hard nut to crack for batsmen all across the world who are yet to decode his variation. If Robin Uthappa gets fit, it will only do wonders to the KKR batting.

On the other hand, Lahore Lions emerged as one of the top teams in the qualifying stage where they won two matches and lost one. In their first league match against Mumbai Indians, the Lions registered a 6-wicket win followed by a hapless performance against Nothern Districts where the Kiwis won the match by 72 runs. The Lions made a comeback in their last game of the qualifying stage where skipper Hafeez played a captain's knock – 67 0ff 40 – as a result of which his team won by 55 runs.

Consistency remains to be an issue with the Lions. In the batting department, they boast of some big names like Ahmed Shehzad, Nasir Jamshed, Umar Akmal and the skipper himself. They also have a lethal pace attack in Wahab Riaz and Aizaz Cheema.

It would be interesting to see whether the Lions can halt KKR's 10-match winning streak.

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