Clarke wants to play in 2012 IPL to prepare for T20 WC

Goa: Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke has said that he would like to take part in the 2012 Indian Premier League (IPL) to prepare for that year’s Twenty20 World Cup in Sri Lanka.

“I need to play as much T20 cricket as I can, but I also need to sum up my body and my life as well, when it comes to choosing six weeks at home to have a break or spend that six weeks in the IPL,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Clarke, as saying.

“That decision needs to be made at the time, and yearly as well, if my body feels great and I’m confident I can play that six weeks I’ll put myself in the auction and go.”

“It definitely does make sense that the closer we get to the next T20 World Cup, the more T20 cricket I want to be playing,” he added.

A personal reluctance to give up precious time at home in Sydney has played a large part in Clarke’s absence from the IPL so far.

“Some guys will use the six weeks to go and play the IPl, whereas for me in the past those six weeks have benefited no doubt my cricket, but also my life,” Clarke said.

“It’s given me the chance to let me body heal and also live a life outside of cricket,” he added.