Copeland ‘not doubting himself’ despite being written off by Cricket Australia

Sydney: Australian fast bowler Trent Copeland is not wasting time in moping about not playing for Australia currently, and says he is keeping himself fit and strong to make a comeback to the national squad.

“Playing for Australia and being dropped is hard, but I think it`s a true test of your character to get back. And it`s not only about getting back but it`s also using the experience you gained in the Tests to help others benefit from it,” he said.

As Copeland prepared to captain the NSW Second XI against Victoria`s in Melbourne this week, he said playing for the state allowed him to keep active and busy while most of his Blues team were in South Africa and competing for the Sydney Sixers in the Champions League.

“I think I`ve learned I have a pretty strong character [and], when the chips are down, I don`t doubt myself, even when some people may have written me off. You also learn who your true friends are and all those cliche things,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Copeland, as saying.

“But what I learned most is no matter if I`m playing for Australia, NSW, in the Big Bash League or for St George, I need to turn up ready to play, and regardless of who we`re playing against,” he added.

Copeland said that being dropped from the team of course felt disappointing, but said that it was all a part of life, and the main the key lies is picking up the pieces and keep moving on.

“It`s about accepting different challenges and dropping the ego to get on with it because, at the end of the day, you`ve been dropped from the Australian side for a reason, so you need to come back and do your thing ,prove to everyone why you should be back there,” he added.