Court hearing against Modi adjourned

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2012, 23:34 PM IST

London: The court hearing to set aside a bankruptcy order against former IPL commissioner Lalit Modi was today adjourned here as the creditor had not delivered evidence to support the claim.

A communication from Lalit Modi`s PR interests in the UK stated that the application to annul the order therefore remains in place and will be heard on a date to be fixed.

The order, which has been brought by a UK company for monies allegedly owed for security services, has been described by Lalit Modi as "a ridiculous waste of everyone`s time."

Modi has been declared bankrupt in a London court over unpaid bills of 65,000 pounds (Rs 53 lakh approx) owed to a private security firm, according to a report in `The Telegraph` daily.

Modi owes the Page Group, an international securities and risk assessment company, fees for services provided in 2010.

The former BCCI vice-president and cricket entrepreneur, who now lives in London, feels that it is an attempt to gain cheap publicity by the securities firm.