Cricket World Cup: South Africa vs West Indies - As it happened...

Welcome to our live cricket blog for this Pool B clash between South Africa v West Indies. Follow live score and all the latest updates here:

Cricket World Cup: South Africa vs West Indies - As it happened...

Sydney: Welcome to our live cricket blog for this Pool B clash between South Africa vs West Indies. Follow live score and all the latest updates here:

South Africa won the match by 257 runs. This is the same winning margin India recorded against part-timers Bermuda in 2007. A World Cup record. In a way, AB de Villiers individual score of 166 not out was more than the West Indies' grand total of 151. AB won by 15 runs!

South Africa have previously registered 272-run win over Zimbabwe in 2010, 258-run win over Sri Lanka in 2012 before today's demolition job against West Indies. However, the record for biggest winning margin is held by New Zealand. A 290-wallopping of Ireland in 2008.


Over 33.1 | Score 151 All Out

Morne Morkel also helped himself to a wicket, removing the last man Sulieman Benn. Like Steyn's wicket of Holder, Morkel also benefited from Amla's catch at slip.

Sulieman Benn c Hashim Amla b Morne Morkel 1 (3m)

And with that South Africa registered a thumping 257 run victory over the West Indies.

Over 33 | Score 151/9 (Taylor 15; Benn 1)

Work horse Dale Steyn has got his wicket. Steyn started his seventh over with a back of a length delivery, but he was taken for a six by Holder. The West Indies skipper sent it over the extra cover boundary.

But after a dot ball, Steyn got the wicket thanks to a simple catch by Hashim Amla at mid-on.

Jason Holder c Hashim Amla b Dale Steyn 56 (48b)

Sulieman Benn is new man.

Over 32 | Score 144/8 (Holder 50; Taylor 15)

Fifty for Holder. Morkel returned to attack and Holder, after playing two dot balls, took a single for his half-century. Then, after a couple of balls, Taylor hammered Morkel for a four over extra cover. With a double, West Indies have added seven runs from the over. Holder and Taylor also completed a 50-run partnership for the team.

Over 31 | Score 137/8 (Holder 49; Taylor 9)

Another good over for West Indies, eight runs from Abbott's eighth over. Holder, once again, played with some vengeance, pulling the off-target delivery for a four to the mid-wicket boundary.

West Indies now need 272 from 19 overs.

Over 30 | Score 129/8 (Holder 42; Taylor 8)

Holder is still out there and he will play his game, the Calypso style. After Taylor started opening his game in the previous over, bowled by Abbott. Holder took care of Tahir's 10th over. It went for 13 runs with Holder hitting for a four and a six of the last two deliveries.

Holder is now unbeaten on 42 from 37 balls with the help of two fours and three sixes.

West Indies need another 280 runs from 20 overs. In between, Tahir has completed his quota, and the figure reads: 10-2-45-5.

Over 28 | Score 110/8 (Holder 30; Taylor 1)

After the fall of Ramdin's wicket, West Indies have played two overs, including a maiden. The target in under 300 but with eight wickets down, the prospect of them posting a respecable respose is bleak.

Tahir continued with his frugal bowling. Just bowled his second maiden over. In the previous over, bowled by Abbott, Holder survived a close LBW call. AB de Villiers did ponder about referring to the Third Umpire but abandoned the thought, giving the West Indies skipper another live. The replays showed the ball hitting the leg stump.

Over 26 | Score 108/8 (Holder 29; Taylor 0)

Five wicket haul for Imran Tahir. The spinner has clean bowled Denesh Ramdin, for his fifth scalp of the day.

Denesh Ramdin b Imran Tahir 22 (47b)

Ramdin was playing with application and just in the start of the over, had taken a double and single, rotating the strike well with Holder. But a persistent Tahir got the better of him.

New batsman in the centre is Jerome Taylor.

Over 25 | Score 103/7 (Ramdin 19; Holder 27)

Steady flow of runs continue for Wesy Indies. This time du Plessis conceded seven runs, including a four to Ramdin.

West Indies crossed 100-run mark and they now need 306 more, from 25 overs.

Over 24 | Score 96/7 (Ramdin 14; Holder 25)

All of sudden, Imran Tahir has become the bowler to attack. Jason Holder started Tahir's seventh over with a four. Good cricketing shot, driven through the picked space. Then a single followed for a 5-run over.

Over 23 | Score 91/7 (Ramdin 13; Holder 21)

Good runs coming for West Indies. du Plessis continued with his second over and conceded six runs. West Indies need another 318 runs from 27 overs.

Over 22 | Score 85/7 (Ramdin 10; Holder 18)

Jason Holder is not to be bogged down by the gloom. For no reason, he was elavated to the post of captaincy. He clubbed Tahir for a huge six over long-off boundary. It happened off the penaultimate ball of the over. Before that, Holder and Ramdin have taken three singles. A productive over, of nine runs.

Over 21 | Score 76/7 (Ramdin 11; Holder 8)

Four more runs added to the total. AB brought in Faf du Plessis in to the attack and the later's slow deliveries were enough to ease the pressure on embattled Windies batsmen. They ran four singles.

Over 20 | Score 72/7 (Ramdin 7; Holder 7)

A rare sight of a West Indies batsman taking on South African attack. Holder launched Tahir for a six over the cover fence. Eight runs added.

West Indies need 337 more runs from 30 overs.

Over 19 | Score 63/7 (Ramdin 7; Holder 0)

And West Indies are dealing in singles, sporadic singles. Dale Steyn competed yet another 1-run over. That single was taken by Ramdin thanks to a valiant cut to deep point.

Steyn's figure is 6-0-17-0 and it pales in comparison to Tahir's. The spinner has a figure of 4-15-4.

Over 18 | Score 63/7 (Ramdin 6; Holder 0)

Then there is a double blow too. First Darren Sammy perished to a brilliant stumping from Quinton de Kock off the first ball of Imran Tahir's fourth over, newly arrived Andre Russell played only three balls before offering a catch to Kyle Abbott at short third man. Good catch there, by the bowler.

Darren Sammy st Quinton de Kock b Imran Tahir 5 (11b)

Andre Russell c Abbott b Imran Tahir 0 (3b)

West Indies skipper Jason Holder in the new batsman. What a time to come out to bat. They still need 346 runs more from 32 overs. They are stirring down the barrel, in the cusp of conceding biggest ever ODI defeat in cricket history.

Over 17 | Score 52/5 (Ramdin 6; Sammy 4)

After the high against Zimbabwe, its the nadir at Sydney against the Proteas. Another 1-run over, three in succession. Both the West Indies batsmen have neither the guts nor the will to play Steyn. The innings run-rate has further plummeted to 3.70.

Over 16 | Score 62/5 (Ramdin 6; Sammy 4)

Another 1-run over. This time Imran Tahir is the bowler. In the last five overs, West Indies have scored ten runs losing two wickets.

West Indies now need 347 runs from 34 overs. And the asking rate is 10.20.

Over 15 | Score 61/5 (Ramdin 6; Sammy 3)

Dale Steyn continued with his fourth over, and conceded one run only. Bearing the brunt of his pace attack was Ramdin. All that the West Indies wicket-keeper batsman could do was hold the line.

Over 14 | Score 57/5 (Ramdin 6; Sammy 2)

South Africans continued to apply pressure on the Windies with good bowling, backed up by brilliant fielding. In these two overs, they have leaked only seven runs. And West Indies are chashing a 400+ target. One sided match in Sydney.

South Africa have utilised four bowlers and none of them have conceded more than five an over.

West Indies now need 349 runs from 36 overs at just about 10 an over.

Over 12 | Score 53/5 (Ramdin 1; Sammy 0)

West Indies chase in absolute disarray. In a space of seven balls, they have lost three batsmen. Dwayne Smith and Lendl Simmons joined Carter in the way back.

Dwayne Smith c David Miller b Imran Tahir 31 (34b)
Lendl Simmons lbw b Imran Tahir 0 (2b)

Both the batsmen departed in the same over. And the lucky bowler is Imran Tahir. One over, two wickets, one run conceded.

New batsman is Darren Sammy.

Over 11 | Score 52/3 (Smith 31; Ramdin 0)

The slump continued for West Indies. Lost another wicket, in the form of Jonathan Carter. A missed-time shot off a short ball resulted in AB de Villiers contributing with a catch. It was a good catch from the Proteas skipper, diving full length to catch hold of the traveling ball.

Jonathan Carter c AB de Villiers b Morne Morkel 10 (20b)

Denesh Ramdin is the new man. The over went for five runs.

Over 10 | Score 47/2 (Smith 30; Carter 6)

All the scoring is being done by Smith. He has 30 off 32 balls with the help of four fours and a six. Just doing fine. But will it do?

Abbott continued with his fifth over, conceded five runs of it, which included a four to Smith. The West Indies batsman belted the second ball of the over over mid-on for four runs.

West Indies now need 362 runs from 40 overs.

Over 9 | Score 42/2 (Smith 25; Carter 6)

Morkel continued and Smith persisted with his circumspect batting. Five runs from the over. Highlight of Morkel -- who is all line and length -- was a four from the blade of Smith, lofting over the mid-on.

West Indies need another 367 runs from 41 overs. Big ask!

Over 8 | Score 37/2 (Smith 20; Carter 6)

Chances galore for the Proteas to inflict further damage to West Indies. Abbott forced Smith to0 play a short of length ball, which spooned up but fell short of Imran Tahir at mid-on. After two dot balls, Smith got lucky with an edged four. Six runs from the over.

Over 7 | Score 31/2 (Smith 15; Carter 5)

AB de Villiers introduced Morne Morkel. And the bowler has responded in style, giving only two runs. The pressure continued to pile on West Indies with perfect blend of lenght and line and swing bowling.

Over 6 | Score 29/2 (Smith 14; Carter 4)

First reasonable over (considering the trend) from West Indies. Nine runs accrued with the help of two fours -- one each to Smith and Carter. With two experienced batsmen gone, young guns in the likes Carter and Andre Russell (yet to bat) will need to play inspired innings.

Abbott looked a different bowler in this over. The Caribbeans need 380 runs from 44 overs.

Over 5 | Score 20/2 (Smith 10; Carter 0)

Steyn continued from the same end. West Indies scored in singles, and have taken four off Steyn's third over.

West Indies now need another 389 runs from 45 overs. The asking rate has already crossed 8.64.

Over 4 | Score 16/2 (Smith 8; Carter 0)

Steyn may be South Africa's premier bowler but, Abbott is donning the leadership role to perfection today. He has got his second wicket.

Samuels failed to read the raising, moving delivery from Abbott, and ended up offering an easy forward catch to Quinton de Kock. Samuels made a nine-ball duck.

Marlon Samuels c Quinton de Kock b Kyle Abbott 0 (9b)

Jonathan Carter is the new batsman in the centre. One run from the over.

Over 3 | Score 15/1 (Smith 7; Samuels 0)

After Gayle's departure, West Indies have Dale to content to. The pace-man has just shown why he is not just another fast bowler with express pace. Steyn's second over witnessed the ball talking, teasing West Indies batsmen. Two runs from the over, one of which was a leg bye.

Samuels, who arrived in the centre at one down, faced five deliveries from Steyn and he was tense and concern.

Over 2 | Score 13/1 (Smith 7; Samuels 0)

Unthinkable happened for West Indies. Chris Gayle departed early. The maverick in him forced to play open, leaving his guard exposing the stumps. And Kyle Abbott oblidged by just keeping it straight. Timbers shattered, so thus Windies hopes.

Chris Gayle b Kyle Abbott 3 (4b)

New man is Marlon Samuels. The over went for three runs. West Indies need another 396 runs from 48 overs.

By the way, here is the scoring sequence to South Africa's last 16 overs: 10, 8, 18, 12, 16, 18, 11, 11, 6, 13, 13, 11, 7, 34, 14, 30.

Over 1 | Score 10/0 (Smith 7; Gayle 3)

A hint of swing from Dale Steyn's first delivery. But Dwayne Smith played it with control and ran a single after the ball went past a diving Miller at point. Then Chris Gayle played out a dot ball, before lofting one over the mid-on, ran three. It was followed by two dots before Smith hoisted the final ball for a six over mid-wicket. Good start for West Indies.

Now it's Chris Gayle's turn to blast.

Pity on West Indies skipper, who was anointed to the leadership position amidst team turmoil. He started the match with purpose, and at one stage his bowling figure was 5-2-9-1. But, he ended with this grotesque of a figure 10-2-104-1, with 95 runs conceding in his last five overs. Pity modern day bowler!

And collectively, West Indies leaked 222 runs in the last 15 overs, 150 in the last 10, 96 in the last 5 and 78 in the last 3.

Over 50 | Score 408/5 (de Villiers 162; Behardien 10)

Thus arrived another 30-run over, for the second time today, thanks to the genius in AB de Villiers. West Indies skipper Jason Holder started the over with a good length ball, which went for two.

Then, a six over square leg from a golf swing. AB then tees off, with a six over mid-wicket. It was followed by a four, just inches short of another six towards long-off, then a six over long-on boundary. The over, the innings ended with another six, over square leg. His 162-run 66-ball innings was spurred by 17 fours and 8 sixes. With that, AB also recorded his 20th ODI hundred.

With such clean, precise hitting, records bound to tumble. Here are some:

- AB de Villiers in the process, registered fastest ODI 150 off 64 deliveries

- Second highest total ever in World Cup, India's 413/5 against lowly Bermuda at Port of Spain 2007

- Highest ever total in Australia

AB's two highest scores, today's 162 and a previous 149 are both against West Indies. No shame here for Windies, because AB also holds the record for fastest 50, 100 and 150 in ODI.

Over 49 | Score 378/5 (de Villiers 132; Behardien 10)

Suddenly, 14-run over seems like an just another regular over. The over started with Behardien taking a double, then a six off Russell. A single allowed AB de Villiers to take strike, resulting in a four. A dot ball completed the over bringing some sanity into the match.

Over 48 | Score 364/5 (de Villiers 127; Behardien 1)

Cricket's one true genius on play today at Sydney. AB de Villiers has taken the West Indies attack apart with brave and intelligent shots. And compounding the Windies worry is no balls and dropped catches.

AB has scored the 34 off Holder's over. This is second biggest over of any World Cup, next only to his compatriot Herschelle Gibbs' 36 against the Netherlands.

Soring sequence this over: 4, 6(no ball), 2 (free hit), 4 (no ball), 4 (free hit), 4, 2, 6; all to AB de Villiers. Thus South Africa have also posted their highest World Cup score.

Over 47 | Score 330/5 (de Villiers 95; Behardien 1)

Some cricket! The over started with a good ball by Russell, which was hit back with some venom by AB, by the bowler managed to stick his hand for no run. Then, AB swept the full delivery for a four through the square leg boundary. Then a single followed, allowing Miller to take strike.

Miller launched the ball for a six, and it flew until Andre Russell plucked it from thin air at long-off.

David Miller c Jerome Taylor b Andre Russell 20 (16b)

New man in the centre is Farhaan Behardien. The over went for seven runs.

Over 46 | Score 312/4 (de Villiers 89; Miller 20)

The running continues. Three two's off the first three balls. A dot ball and a wide was followed by a double. Miller survived a skier off the last ball of the over, with Chris Gayle missing the ball by a whisker on the fall. And even without much hitting, the over went for 11 runs. Holder is pensive.

Over 45 | Score 313/4 (de Villiers 89; Miller 10)

Brilliance, that's the word! After milking singles and doubles for first five balls, AB de Villiers scooped the final ball of the over, over the long leg boundary for a huge six. 13 runs from the over, and the Proteas despite a lethargic start to the innings, have crossed 300 with five overs to play.

Over 44 | Score 299/4 (de Villiers 78; Miller 8)

Unlike previous overs, wherein the starts were rather quite with singles, the over started with a bang. First two balls went for consecutive fours --  all to AB The Villiers. The over went for 13 runs, which now seems to be normal.

Over 43 | Score 286/4 (de Villiers 69; Miller 5)

The 134-run partnership between Rossouw and AB broken, finally! Soft dismissal for Rossouw. His enterprising innings ended with a soft touch which offered an easy catch for Ramdin behind the stumps.

Riley Rossouw c Denesh Ramdin b Andre Russell 61 (39b)

New man in the centre is dangerous David Miller. The over went for six runs. For a change, not boundaries.

Over 42 | Score 280/3 (Rossouw 61; de Villiers 68)

Another double-digit runs for South Africa. The dynamics of this match has changed in not time. In the last five overs the Proteas have scored 68 runs at a rate of 13.60. Incredible hitting.

Benn started his penultimate over with a tossed up delivery, for no run. Then Rossouw took a toss for full toss, dispatching the ball through the covers. A singled continued the run flow, before AB punished Benn with an intelligent pick, a four behind the square leg. Two singles more and 11 runs from the over.

Over 41 | Score 269/3 (Rossouw 55; de Villiers 63)

It's raining boundaries in Sydney. Two back-to-back fours off the last two balls of the over, bowled by Andre Russell. Eleven runs from the over. And the punisher is AB. The South African skipper is on a hitting spree. He has seven fours and a six in his 36-ball innings so far. And more can be expected.

Over 40 | Score 258/3 (Rossouw 54; de Villiers 53)

Massive over for the batting side. This time Sulieman Benn suffered from AB de Villiers's wrath. The over went for 18 runs.

Like the previous over, the over started quietly, with two singles. Then off the third ball, a six over the extra cover boundary, followed by a four through the mid-wicket, a four again through the cover. The over completed with a double.

AB also notched up his fifty, off mere 3) balls with that last four. His partnership with Rossouw is now worth more than 110, at more than 10 an over rate.

Over 39 | Score 240/3 (Rossouw 53; de Villiers 36)

Holder stuck with Taylor. And the runs continued to flow. The fast bowler was taken to task by Rossouw. The over went for 15 runs, which also included a six, played with such class. Rossouw jumped to make contact with the rising delivery and the ball flew over the boundary. The scoring sequence in the over: 1,2,3(wides),1,1,6,2.

Rossouw also reached his fifty, off 32 balls. Class written all over. Trouble coming for West Indies.

Over 38 | Score 224/3 (Rossouw 42; de Villiers 34)

AB de Villiers has started taking on the West Indies bowlers. Another 12-run over for South Africa. Jason Holder's seventh over started quitely, with three singles; then suddenly the Proteas skipper broke the stranglehold with a perfectly timed lift off an intended yorker for four. It was followed by another four, this time crashed into the covers boundary. Another single, and 12 runs from the over.

Over 37 | Score 212/3 (Rossouw 40; de Villiers 24)

One big over for South Africa. 18 runs! Taylor, who has been brilliant so far, failed to adapt to the changing dynamics with the South African batsmen in the centre pressing for runs. The over started with a four by Rossouw, a sumptuous hit through the covers. Then a double for the left-handed batsman.

Then Taylor overstepped for a no-ball, which went for a boundary. The free-hit resulted in a single. But the next ball went for another four, hit by AB. Two singles more and , it was South Africa's best over. Batting side also crossed 200-run mark.

Over 36 | Score 194/3 (Rossouw 28; de Villiers 19)

Great running between AB and Rossouw. Without taking much risk, the dou have added eight runs from the over, bowled by Jason Holder. The over started with a double to AB, the three singles followed, which was followed by a double to Rossouw. The over finished with s quick single.

Over 35 | Score 186/3 (Rossouw 24; de Villiers 15)

Jason Holder brought his premier bowler Jerome Taylor into the attack. But Taylor's re-introduction also failed to apply brakes in South Africa's scoring rate. The over went for 10 runs, including a four off the last ball, off the blade of Rossouw.

The 25-year-old batsman has been impressive so far. He has not shown any dereliction is punishing the bad balls and even displayed gumption to take on the good deliveries.


Over 34 | Score 176/3 (Rossouw 17; de Villiers 12)

Gayle continued and conceded five more runs. AB de Villiers started with a single, then after two dot balls, Rossouw got his single, then a single for AB. A wide followed, before Rossouw took another single.

Rossouw and AB have added 30 runs together in no-time.

Over 33 | Score 171/3 (Rossouw 15; de Villiers 10)

Sammy's over started with a single off Rossouw's blade, then another single off AB's bat. Then, two back-to-back fours for Rossouw towards the same area, mid-wicket, but from different shots.

The over went for 12 runs.

With a single off the final ball, AB went past 3000 runs as a captain.

Over 32 | Score 153/3 (Rossouw 5; de Villiers 8)

Holder stuck with Gayle the wicket-taker. But the over went for another six runs, two doubles and two singles.

Over 31 | Score 153/3 (Rossouw 2; de Villiers 6)

Despite the double blow, South Africa's two new batsmen are eager to continue the momentum... to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Sammy returned. And the over went for six runs -- two doubles and two singles. During the course of the over, both the Proteas batsmen showed why they are considered the very best in stealing singles and doubles. Exemplary running between the wickets.

Over 30 | Score 145/3 (Rossouw 1; de Villiers 1)

Gayle rocks. The gentle giant from Kingston has removed both the set batsmen in Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla. First, the slow bowler forced Faf to play the shot, but the ball spun just enough to geta thin edge, of which diminutive wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin produced a great catch. Caught behind! It happened off the second ball of the over.

Faf du Plessis c Denesh Ramdin b Chris Gayle 62 (70b)

Then the new man Rilee Rossouw took e a single off the next delivery, giving Amla the strike.

Then, Gayle caught Amla in front, of a quicker, rising delivery. That spoilt South Africa's hard work, inside three balls.

Hashim Amla lbw b Chris Gayle 65 (88b)

New man for South Africa, skipper Ab de Villiers.

Over 29 | Score 145/1 (Amla 65; du Plessis 62)

Another nine-run over, and the bowler in the receiving end is Marlon Samuels. du Plessis has change gears, he alone accumulated eight runs from the over, which included a four too. He started with single off the first, then after crossing again, got a double by scooping  the off-line ball from Samuels.

A dot followed, but only to play perfect lofted shot on back-foot.  Great footwork from the 30-year-old.

Over 28 | Score 136/1 (Amla 64; du Plessis 54)

Jason Holder brought in Chris Gayle, in the hope that the rock-star all-rounder to break this burgeoning partnership. But the over, instead, went for eight runs. All the six deliveries were scored off for singles, except for the fourth one -- which went for a double.

South Africa's run-rate is now inching towards five.

Over 27 | Score 128/1 (Amla 60; du Plessis 51)

Both feet on the accelerator. du Plessis has also started to open up. The over, bowled by Sammy, began with a double from du Plessis' pull. It almost went for a four. The the right-handed batsman lofted the second ball over mid-off for a four, just short of the rope there. Three singles followed to make it a nine-run over.

In the process, Faf du Plessis also completed his fifty. His partnership with Amla is now worth 110 runs.

Over 26 | Score 119/1 (Amla 59; du Plessis 43)

For all the complains, South Africans are now starting to push harder. Another good over for them. Seven runs added to the total. Amla and du Plessis rotated the strike with relative ease this over and Benn ended up frustrated.

Over 25 | Score 112/1 (Amla 56; du Plessis 39)

First six of the innings, from an unlikely source. Amla came down the pitch and lofted Sammy straight over the long-on boundary. It happened in the third ball of the over. Ten runs arrived from the over for South Africa - two singles in the start, then a a double off the final ball.

Amla also recorded his fifty with that chancy six.

Over 24 | Score 102/1 (Amla 47; du Plessis 38)

Hundred for South Africa. Amla is also approaching his mini-milestone, ever so slowly. Five runs from the over. Benn is certainly enjoying his spell and has already started giving flight to his deliveries.

Over 23 | Score 97/1 (Amla 44; du Plessis 36)

How hard South Africans try, runs are not coming. Sammy continued and just completed his third over, giving away only three runs. Amla is struggling, not matter how well the experienced hand in him is trying to convince him to stay calm. He has played 69 balls for 44 runs. And the case with du Plessis is not great either. They will need to open up or else face running out of time.

Over 22 | Score 94/1 (Amla 42; du Plessis 35)

Another tidy over from West Indies. Four runs scored off Benn's fifth over. For a change, during the course of the over, Amla did try to come down the pitch and play some straight shots but, have so far failed to capitalise from the move. Two singles each to both the batsmen.

Over 21 | Score 90/1 (Amla 40; du Plessis 33)


Sammy responded with a three-run over; all singles, sporadically taken by the South Africans. The partnership between Amla and du Plessis is now worth 72 runs from 15 odd overs, and if the duo continues to pursue in this fashion, soon West Indies will find it tough to contain the run flow.


Over 20 | Score 87/1 (Amla 39; du Plessis 31)

Gradually, the Proteas are builing on this partnership. Both Amla and du Plessis are not taking any chances, not playing any risky shot, and even the runs are being taken in languor.

In between, another tidy over from Benn, four runs leaked. In his four overs spell, the spinner has conceded 21 runs.

Over 19 | Score 83/1 (Amla 37; du Plessis 29)

A quite period of rebuilding, or laying the foundation for South Africa. West Indies introduced Darren Sammy.

Amla took a single off the first ball, then a single in turn for du Plessis. Amla then played the ball through the mid-wicket for a double. Then a dot, before Amla played towards deep square leg for a single. du Plessis, ran down the ball, rather luckily off a thick edge, for a double.

Over 18 | Score 72/1 (Amla 33; du Plessis 26)

Benn also continued in tandem with Russell. A tidy over from the slow bowler too. The over started with du Plessis getting a single, then Amla played out three balls to take a double, the after a dot ball, the bearded-man from South Africa took a single off the last delivery. His double off the fourth delivery was what purists called effective cut. The slow ball, with limited spin on it found the edge of Amla's bat and the ball went for slip. Four runs from the over.

Over 17 | Score 72/1 (Amla 30; du Plessis 25)

Russell continued and a wide to start the proceedings after the Drinks in Sydney. du Plessis, playing with an watchful eye, took a double off the second official delivery of the over before consuming another three balls for a single. Amla wasted the final ball of the over. Four runs from the over.

Over 16 | Score 68/1 (Amla 30; du Plessis 22)

Amla, for the first time, played without any inhibition and the result is a four. He went back to the back foot and crashed the shortish ball off Benn through the point area. A single followed, then du Plessis took a double, then another single. Then two balls later, Amla added two more runs. Ten big runs for the team. And the DRINKS.

And the duo have completed a 50-run partnership off 10.2 overs.

Over 15 | Score 58/1 (Amla 23; du Plessis 19)

Runs comming in flurry now. It seems there is air to the complains. Amla took a single off the second ball of Russell's third over. Then du Plessis found his first boundary with a strong shot through the mid-on area. A single followed, then Amal ran three runs. Nine runs from the over.

Over 14 | Score 49/1 (Amla 19; du Plessis 14)

The West Indies skipper introduced Sulieman Benn, and the lanky spinner responded with a three-run over. Good start. With both the batsmen in the centre happy to eat up the deliveries, there is nothing much to write.

Over 13 | Score 46/1 (Amla 17; du Plessis 13)

Or is it the signs of run-rate picking up for South Africa. Seven runs from Russell's second over. Amla took a double by pushing through the long leg area off the second ball, then took another double two balls later with a carefree slash trhough the covers. Then allowed du Plessis to return to strike with a single. Then, du Plessis played a strange shot -- a pull played too late, with the ball going high up above wicket-keeper's. The ball stayed in the sky for some time but no danger. And a double for the batting team.

Over 12 | Score 39/1 (Amla 12; du Plessis 11)

A busy over. West Indies completed double change by introducing a slow bowler in Marlon Samuels. And soon, both the South African batsmen started using their feet to take singles and doubles. Five runs from the over, all by running. Middle over actions started, little too early!

Over 11 | Score 34/1 (Amla 10; du Plessis 8)

Another good over for the fielding team. Holder introduced Andre Russel after the end of mandatory Power Play period. The over went for four runs, with a leg-bye off the first ball. Amla, then took a single off the second ball, then du Plessis took a double of the last delivery.

South Africa scored 30 runs in the first ten overs. Pretty slow start and also lost the wicket of de Kock.

Over 10 | Score 30/1 (Amla 9; du Plessis 6)

Ever impressive spell from the West Indies opening duo. Taylor's 2-run over was followed by a 1-run over from Holder.

du Plessis took six deliveries, the whole of over, to take a single. The single off the final delivery of the over, allowed himself to keep the strike.

At times, it seems the Proteas are playing a Test match here in Sydney. And considering how teams are preserving their wickets for a late onslaught, this tactics may well work for South Africa too. But as of now, its singles and singles only, that to too little.

Over 9 | Score 29/1 (Amla 9; du Plessis 5)

Another superb over from West Indis. The Caribbean bowlers are giving their all with fielders backing up their efforts. For South Africa, a cautious start -- especially from Amla. He has consumed 25 balls for nine runs.

One interesting fact for Amla. His last four innings against West Indies: 66, 153*, 61*, 133, and 46 for 459 runs. And he is applying all his craft to increase that average of 153.00.

The over leaked two runs, all singles, one each for Amla and du Plessis.

Over 8 | Score 27/1 (Amla 8; du Plessis 4)

A quick over from Holder. Conceded three runs with Amla taking a single off the first ball, then du Plessis taking four balls to score again. A double ran off the fourth delivery. It could have gone for a four, but good fielding at long leg curbed it to two.

Over 7 | Score 24/1 (Amla 7; du Plessis 2)

Taylor started the over with a wide. Amla defended the first official ball for a naught, then he pushed for a double. After a dot ball, Amla crossed for du Plessis, with the latter opening his account with a double. Six runs added to the South African total.

So far, West Indies have utilized two bowlers -- Taylor and Holder. And both have done the job pretty well.

Over 6 | Score 18/1 (Amla 4; du Plessis 0)

Wicket, that of de Kock. A shortish delivery from West Indies skipper Holder produced the first wicket of the day. The 22-year-old South African opener tried to cut it hard, but the ball went straight to the waiting hands of Andre Russell at point. Good bowling.

Quinton de Kock c Andre Russell b Jason Holder 12 (19b)

New man in the centre, Faf du Plessis. He played out the remaining two deliveries.

Wicket Maiden from the skipper! There has been 31 dots of possible 36 deliveries in the innings so far.

Over 5 | Score 18/0 (de Kock 12; Amla 4)

What a sight! Amla got his account opened with a double-- which raced through the mid-off cordon. It was an over-pitched delivery from Taylor, and the South African found it perfectly delectable to lean on and place his willow there. Amla, then followed it up another double. But found himself tied to his crease, defending.

All-in-all, good over for the fielding side. Four runs from the over.

Over 4 | Score 14/0 (de Kock 12; Amla 0)

First extra of the innings. Holder over tried his delivery, went for wide; good collection though by Denesh Ramdin behind the wicket diving on his left side. Amla, who was beaten quite a few time in the second over, finally found some connection but no runs though. Off the third delivery, South Africans crossed for a single which was ruled a leg-bye. Then, de Kock found a lucky found his third boundary after an inside edge ended into the fence.

Over 3 | Score 8/0 (de Kock 8; Amla 0)

Jerome Taylor continued from the same end. He is still running in with some pace. Off the second delivery, a short ball, South African opener de Kock tried to connect it. But the ball beat him. Signs of some pace. Next delivery, Taylor caught him on front, but no trouble. Then another Maiden Over. Brilliant start!

Over 2 | Score 8/0 (de Kock 8; Amla 0)

Jason Holder shared the new ball with Taylor and the young West Indies skipper, unlike his new-ball partner, extracted enough bounce from the seemingly flat pitch to trouble experience Hashim Amla. Maiden Over from the captain.

Over 1 | Score 8/0 (de Kock 8; Amla 0)

Ideal start to the innings with the first ball letting go by a watchful Quinton de Kock, then for the modern-day, Twenty20 enthused cricket, two boundaries followed. Not so good start from Jerome Taylor though. In between, a good stop at covers to stop a possible back-to-back four from the South African opener.

South Africa XI:

Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wicket-keeper), Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, AB de Villiers (captain), David Miller, Farhaan Behardien, Dale Steyn, Kyle Abbott, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

From the last match, Jean-Paul Duminy, Vernon Philander and Wayne Parnell are not out.

West Indies XI:

Dwayne Smith, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Denesh Ramdin (wicket-keeper), Lendl Simmons, Jonathan Carter, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jason Holder (captain), Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn.

Sulieman has come in for Nikita Miller.

As things stand now, Group B honour is all to play for. South Africa, one of the pre-tournament favourites, have imploded against India and are now in the fourth place. For West Indies, it's some redemption time, defeat to Ireland and also Chris Gayle's revelation do provide two contrasting aspects, but what they need is more wins.

So grasp for a tense match at the historic Sydney Cricket Ground.

TOSS: South Africa have won the toss and will bat first in Sydney. Aussie Steve Davis and Ian Gould from England will be today's on-field umpires, while Ranmore Martinesz from Sri Lanka will be the Third umpire. His compatriot Roshan Mahanama will be the Match Referee.


South Africa

Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wk), Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers (c), David Miller, Jean-Paul Duminy, Wayne Parnell, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir, Farhaan Behardien, Rilee Rossouw, Kyle Abbott, Aaron Phangiso

West Indies

Chris Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Marlon Samuels, Jonathan Carter, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Lendl Simmons, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jason Holder (c), Jerome Taylor, Nikita Miller, Darren Bravo, Sulieman Benn, Sheldon Cottrell, Kemar Roach

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