CSA to report Ritchie racism row to ICC

Sydney: Cricket South Africa (CSA) is preparing to report the racism row involving former Australian batsman, Greg Ritchie to the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Ritchie used the highly offensive term kaffir and made an insulting Muslim joke during a sportsman`s lunch on the opening day of the first Test at the Gabba last Friday.

Ritchie has been subsequently banned from public engagements by Cricket Australia and sacked as a guest speaker at the South Australian Cricket Association Test match dinner next Tuesday.

CSA acting CEO Jacques Faul has thanked CA for its prompt response.

“I had a long conversation with James Sutherland, CEO of CA. He made a very full and sincere apology for what had happened which I appreciated. CSA is also very appreciative of the rapid and effective manner in which he dealt with the issue,” a website quoted Faul, as saying.

“I must stress that we take a very strong line on any kind of racist behaviour. It is one of the biggest evils in the world today and one that sport can play a major part in eradicating,” he added.

“It is a very sensitive and emotional issue for us, particularly taking our past history into account. Sport has been a big unifying force in our country and we cannot allow anything to happen that is going to undermine it,” he said.

Faul added: “As far as Mr. Ritchie is concerned there must be consequences for his behaviour, particularly as he further inflamed the matter when he was confronted over the contents of his speech.”

“CSA will be investigating its options in this regard with the International Cricket Council as the game`s supreme authority,” he further said.


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