Curator defends ‘lifeless’ SSC pitch

Zeecric Bureau

Colombo: The curator of the pitch that produced a high scoring draw at the recently concluded second Test match between India-Sri Lanka has blamed the lack of quality bowlers for the draw.

Talking to a leading cricket website, Anurudda Polonowita, the country’s national curator said that he was happy with the way the wicket played and that lack of quality bowling should be blamed for the dull draw.

"I am quite happy (with the wicket). You take the Indian side. Six or seven world-class batsmen. Top level. Better than England or Australia. What is Sri Lankan batting? Same. All record holders. What is their bowling? We had Murali, we had Vaas - 800 wickets, 400 wickets. Where are they now? Now see the side. Why don`t you talk about bowling rather than the pitch,” he said.

"The captains have nothing to say, and say it`s a batting wicket, bowlers have no chance. They don`t have the bowlers to have a chance. If Sri Lanka had those bowlers at the SSC, they would have won the match. If they took Tendulkar`s catch, it would have been 180 for 5, anything could have happened," Polonowita added.

He also said that the Indian bowling attack was even worse than Sri Lanka’s.

"They (Indians) played a practice game at Colts Club. The A team hammered 514 for 9. They played at Galle, and Sri Lanka we got 520 for 8. At SSC, 642 for 4. What are you talking about the pitch? Why don`t you talk about the bowling? Both sides have weak bowling, both sides have brilliant batting.”

"Why do crowds pay and come? To see cricket. If you want it to finish in three days, I can fix the pitch for three days. That`s not cricket."

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