D` Costa blames pressures of home Tests for biting into Oz batsmen`s averages

ANI| Updated: Dec 22, 2013, 13:25 PM IST

Sydney: One of the Australia`s most successful batting coaches, Neil D` Costa has said that batsmen from his country average lesser on their home ground than their overall average because the mental challenges of negotiating home Test matches have become too much for the modern player.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, D` Costa said that the pressure of players in their home Test from friends and family means they`re running around like a walking Ticketek, adding that it stops them from being focused and the focus that is required to perform is not there.

He added that with sponsors telling players to do this and that, the old club asking them to speak to their players, guys going to speak at breakfasts, it is not easy.

D`Costa, who worked with Michel Clarke and Phil Hughes extensively in their rise to professional cricket, also rejected the notion that Sheffield Shield pitches were losing their individualism and said it was all to do with mental application out in the middle.