Dawes would prove a ‘canny’ appointment for India, claims South Australia coach

Sydney: Australian Joe Dawes’ appointment as India’s new bowling coach is a canny one, according to South Australia coach Darren Berry.

Berry, who helped Dawes secure the job, said while he was disappointed from a team perspective, he was pleased for his deputy.

“I`m really frustrated and upset at the loss. But equally, as my job is to produce international cricketers, I`m proud he`s been given the opportunity to take on an international job,” a daily quoted Berry, as saying.

Berry foresees Dawes as a clever appointment for India.

“Working in India, it is very different. The art of coaching is trying to understand the patients that you`re working with. What you can`t do in India is go in gung-ho and say ``This is how we`re going to do it``,” he said.

He further said Dawes wouldn’t find it too tough to adjust in Indian conditions since he is a mild-mannered fast bowler.

“In my experience in the IPL, you`ve really got to understand their culture and be embracive of their manner, first to get their trust . . . I think that`s why Joey Dawes will do well, because he`s a mild-mannered fast-bowler. He`s certainly not the bloke I played against at the Gabba that used to dig a big hole [with his bouncers] and run in and try and kill you; that`s not the person I`m working with now.”

Berry said. “I think he`ll be an excellent appointment for them, because he has a good manner with people, he has a good knowledge of the game,” he said.