Dhoni unhappy with umpiring in match against Australia

Sydney: India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Sunday slammed the umpiring standard in today`s tri-series match against Australia, saying that the two debatable decision should have gone in India`s favour.

Australian batsman David Hussey was not given out despite obstructing the field and Sachin Tendulkar was made to run-out by the Australian fielders.

"David (Hussey) was really lucky. He should have been given out. But it`s not in my hands. In his judgement he might have been protecting himself but his hands were too far ahead of him," Dhoni said at the post match press conference.

"Just like in soccer, if your hands are popping out, you get a penalty irrespective of what`s happening. When we were touring in Pakistan, Inzy (Inzamam-ul-Haq) defended himself on his face with his bat and was given out.

"I don`t know why he wasn`t given out. There should be a hardline (by umpires). Umpires said even if it was an Indian batsman, I would have given him not out.

"There are lots of ifs and buts. Umpires are coming in for two or three games. I may have a view in one game, and a different umpire in the next match would have another. You could be at the receiving ends twice," Dhoni said.


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