Disciplinary committee has made mockery of proceedings: Modi

Updated: Apr 30, 2013, 19:56 PM IST

New Delhi: Former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi on Tuesday came down heavily on the three-member Disciplinary Committee, probing alleged irregularities against him, saying the panel has made a "mockery of the proceedings".

The committee, after recording versions of lawyers representing Modi and the BCCI, said it is likely to give its recommendations to the BCCI by the end of May.

"In hurry to conclude, committee has made mockery of the proceedings. My lawyers wanted one session each to deal with 12 issues," Modi tweeted.

"They have made this enquiry - A SHAM EXERCISE A whole New ways to do Judicial inquiry," he wrote on his twitter handle.

A legal team representing Modi has objected to "undue haste" by the Committee, and he sought to bring it to light.

"Looks like everything is predetermined. What is the undue haste for. Why this hurry. What are they afraid of. Possibly the truth," Modi said.

Directing his ire at the Cricket Board, Modi said, "Even if BCCI were to read headings of documents it would have taken 2 full days to only read heading of those documents.

"Three show cause notices running in 150 pages, my reply running in 15000 pages, live evidence record running into 2000 pages.

"Amazing how BCCI lawyers yesterday took only 40 minutes to argue its full case against me."

Commenting further against the board, Modi said, "BCCI dictates that no member or administrator gives evidence to bring out the truth.

"The persons who wish to appear on my behalf are stopped by BCCI acting under instruction of its President - Srinivasan.

"My application to examine witnesses in defence is not allowed by the committee."

Modi also took potshots at Arun Jaitley Arun Jaitley, one of the three members in the Disciplinary Committee.

"While suit against bias of Arun Jaitley is pending in court, he shows undue haste 2 close proceedings so that I cannot have legal remedy," he wrote.

"Let me tell the truth of these proceedings. The fact that Arun Jaitley was the original complainant in the BCCI was suppressed from me," Modi said.

He said the committee was scared to face him.

"I am not afraid to face the committee, but looks like committee is afraid to face me. And from my legal team.

"The inquiry was instituted against me but looks like the committee does not wish to hear my version," Modi said.

Modi`s legal team had earlier accused the Disciplinary Committee of ignoring its request to present its defence in the case.

"I am constrained to note the working of the committee. It declined to give Modi a chance to present his case via video link. The committee has already refused to take Modi`s response to show-cause notices issued to him saying it was 32 hours late," said Mehmood M Abdi, General Counsel and Constituted Attorney of Modi.