Irani Trophy: Mumbai vs Rest of India, Day 4 - As it happened...
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Last Updated: Saturday, February 09, 2013, 17:10
Irani Trophy: Mumbai vs Rest of India, Day 4 - As it happened...Zeenews Sports Bureau


RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 95 II Score: 296/4 ( Rayudu: 118*, Raina: 40*)

So, at the end of the penultimate day’s play, RoI have scored 296/4 and extended their lead to 413 runs. Rayudu slammed his 14th first-class century in 189 deliveries. Batting alongside him is Suresh Raina.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 89 II Score: 272/4 ( Rayudu: 103*, Raina: 31*)

And Ambati Rayudu reaches his century in style crashing a wide delivery from Thakur through covers for four! He is delighted and why shouldn’t he! He has nine hits to the fence and three sixes to his name in this knock. Giving him company is Suresh Raina who hasn’t shied away from playing his shot when there was an opportunity.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 86 II Score: 251/4 ( Rayudu: 94*, Raina: 18*)

An expensive over from Chavan! Rayudu has moved into the nineties with a biggie and a boundary off it. The six was deposited over long-off fence while the boundary was scored through extra cover. 12 runs came off it.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 80 II Score: 227/4 ( Rayudu: 78*, Raina: 13*)

10 runs have come in the past five overs. Spin in Chavan and Dhabolkar is in operation from Mumbai. RoI batsmen are making them toil. They’re in a strong position and their lead is now 344 runs.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 75 II Score: 217/4 ( Rayudu: 73*, Raina: 8*)

Suresh Raina comes after the dismissal of Manoj Tiwary. He plays his first delivery past the bowler for a boundary. A positive start from the southpaw. In the 75th over, he played another glorious drive through extra cover for a boundary. Looks in fine touch and he’ll be keen to make use of this final session to lay his claim for a Test spot when the selectors meet on Sunday.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 72.2 II Score: 207/4 ( Rayudu: 71*, Raina: 4*)

OUT! Manoj Tiwary has been dismissed by Chavan after being caught by Wasim Jaffer. Tiwary isn’t happy. Suggests it had come off his forearm. A tossed up delivery and Tiwary goes for a paddle sweep. The ball bounces and hits him on the forearm and Jaffer caught it. The umpire raised his finger as Chavan asked the question but Tiwary was unimpressed. Replays aren’t that convincing either. He scored 69 (166b, 4X5, 6X3).

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 69 II Score: 200/3 ( Tiwary: 66*, Rayudu: 67*)

It’s Tea on Day 4! Tiwary and Rayudu have made Mumbai bowlers toil hard today. They have extended their lead to 317 runs. Thus has been a wicketless session for Mumbai.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 61 II Score: 172/3 ( Tiwary: 50*, Rayudu: 55*)

Manoj Tiwary has completed his fifty. It’s has been an edgy affair. He scored a boundary in the over, bowled by Dabholkar, that came via an edge. The current partnership has crossed 100-run mark.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 55 II Score: 151/3 ( Tiwary: 34*, Rayudu: 50*)

The scoring rate has picked up a bit courtesy two sixes from Tiwary and Rayudu. Tiwary’s came in the 52nd over as he played one from Chavan over extra cover region for a biggie. Rayudu, in the next over, deposited one from Dabholkar over long on for a six. Meanwhile, Rayudu has completed his half-century.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 50 II Score: 120/3 ( Tiwary: 22*, Rayudu: 31*)

Khan bowls short and Tiwar goes for the pull, gets beaten. Khan’s final delivery is also a short one and Tiwary ends up playing it back to the bowler. Seems like he is losing his concentration. Off the past five overs, RoI have scored just six runs –two of them have been maidens.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 45 II Score: 114/3 ( Tiwary: 20*, Rayudu: 27*)

Manoj Tiwary isn’t looking comfortable at all today. He has been lucky on numerous occasions. Off the final delivery of the 44th over, bowled by Chavan, he charged down the track and couldn’t reach to the pitch of the delivery. However, he went with the lofted stroke and a leaping Thakur couldn’t prevent it from reaching the boundary. In the next over (45th), Rayudu played a superb drive past the bowler to record his fourth boundary.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 40 II Score: 103/3 ( Tiwary: 16*, Rayudu: 20*)

Rayudu charges down the track and lofts Chavan straight over his head and over the fence for a biggie. Six runs came off it. Off the 39th over, Tiwary flicked one from Javed to midwicket region for a boundary. The over-rate of the Mumbai team has been below par today.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 35 II Score: 92/3 ( Tiwary: 11*, Rayudu: 14*)

LUNCH! Twice Nayar came close to dismissing an edgy Tiwary in the past five overs. The first of those came in the 31st when an inside edge went past short fine leg safely. However, in the 33rd over after being beaten off the second delivery of Nayar, Tiwary broke the shackles with a boundary to midwicket region.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 30 II Score: 83/3 ( Tiwary: 4*, Rayudu: 12*)

Two boundaries for Rayudu in the over. The first came off the second delivery through covers while the next came off the last driven again through covers. Nine runs came in the over of Thakur.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 23.1 II Score: 67/3 ( Tiwary: 4*, Rayudu: 0*)

OUT! Vijay has looked out of sort this morning. He pays the price of his lack of concentration by lobbing a simple catch to Rohit Sharma at covers. It was a wide delivery from Shradul Thakur and Vijay went after it. He scored 35 (61b, 4X5). Ambati Rayudu is the new batsman in the middle.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 21 II Score: 64/2 ( Vijay: 34*, Tiwary: 2*)

Some luck for RoI batsmen which in turn is frustration for Mumbai bowlers toiling hard to get wickets. First up was Vijay who went after a wide delivery from Kulkarni and ended up edging it to gully. Kaustubh Pawar was slow to react and failed to maintain his hold over the ball. Next in the line was Manoj Tiwary. Short of a length delivery and Tiwary gets an inside edge. Wicketkeeper Aditya Tare failed to gobble it.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 17.6 II Score: 60/2 ( Vijay: 32*, Tiwary: 0*)

OUT! So, Mumbai finally have something to cheer on the fourth morning. Sreesanth, the nightwatchman, has been dismissed courtesy a direct hit from Rohit Sharma that caught him short of his ground at the strikers’ end. Vijay played one to cover and set off for a quick single and Sreesanth failed to beat Sharma’s direct hit. He scored 18 (56b, 4X3). In walks Manoj Tiwary.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 15 II Score: 42/1 ( Vijay: 23*, Sreesanth: 16*)

RoI batsmen are facing no trouble from Mumbai pacer. The fielding side doesn’t look in good spirits. The pitch has become more conducive for batting. Mumbai need to pull something out of the box to stage a comeback in this fixture. 10 runs have come in the past five overs with one being a maiden.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 10 II Score: 42/1 ( Vijay: 23*, Sreesanth: 16*)

Javed Khan bowls one full, outside off and manages to induce an edge. Sreesanth is lucky as the edge flies between slip and gully to third man boundary for four. Khan could do nothing but smile. Five runs came off the over.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 7 II Score: 35/1 ( Vijay: 22*, Sreesanth: 11*)

So the proceedings of the penultimate day have begun. Two overs have been bowled. Javed Khan and Dhawal Kulkarni are on for Mumbai while Vijay and Sreesanth look to stretch the lead. Two boundaries have come off the first two overs of the day – each by Sreesanth and Vijay.

RoI (2nd innings) Overs: 5 II Score: 27/1 ( Vijay: 18*, Sreesanth: 7*)

ROI ended day 3 at 27 for the loss of one wicket. They enjoy a lead of 144 runs. First innings centurion Murali Vijay was batting really well with night watchman Sreeshant providing him company in the middle. Earlier, in spite of Sachin Tendulkar’s unbeaten 81st first class ton, the Mumbai conceded a first innings lead of 117 runs. The hosts were dismissed for 409 with Tendulkar top scoring for them with 140* (197b, 4X18, 6X2). However, Mumbai gave RoI early blow in Shikhar Dhawan who was dismissed for a duck in the first over of their second dig.


First Published: Saturday, February 09, 2013, 17:10

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