Don’t overschedule T20 cricket: ACA to CA

Melbourne: Allowing private investment in Australia’s domestic Twenty20 league is fine but the country’s Cricketers Association (ACA) has warned against overscheduling of the games as it might just end up “killing the golden goose”.

ACA chief executive Paul Marsh has said that while the decision to allow private investment, including from India, is a step in the right direction, more money should not mean more matches.

“If there’s one lesson we’ve all learnt in recent years, it’s that more games doesn’t necessarily mean a better product,” Marsh told ‘The Sun Herald’.

“That’s the major issue, in my view, with limited overs cricket. One-day cricket’s been flogged. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with the product but the way it’s been scheduled, the lack of context, too many games, are the main reasons there’s been a drop-off in consumer interest.

“I hope those lessons are taken on board with T20 and they don’t kill the golden goose,” he explained.

Cricket Australia is already faced with plummeting TV ratings of its domestic tournaments and allowing private investment is one of the steps towards reviving interest in the game.

“Increasingly we’ve been finding that cricket is still popular with males over the age of 30, but it hasn’t been winning over the interest of women and younger people,” Marsh said.

“That’s a really important segment. The Big Bash has to be successful for the future of Australian cricket,” he added.