Dravid welcomes Fletcher`s appointment as India coach

Updated: May 04, 2011, 00:18 AM IST

Chennai: Former captain Rahul Dravid welcomed the appointment of Duncan Fletcher as the new coach of the Indian cricket team, saying he looked forward to interacting with him.

"He obviously comes with a great record, having coached international teams and a lot of great international players also. So I am looking forward to catching up with him when I get the opportunity.

"I haven`t had the chance to interact one on one with him at any stage. I will soon interact with him and see what his thoughts are and how we can take it forward," said Rajasthan Royals` Dravid at a pre-match conference ahead of clash against Chennai Super Kings.

The 62-year-old Fletcher, who coached England from 1999 to 2007 with mixed results, has been appointed by the BCCI for a two-year term.

On former India and Kolkata Knight Riders captain Sourav Ganguly signing for Pune Warriors India as a replacement player, Dravid said, "I am happy for him. He has got the opportunity to play in the IPL like he wanted and I hope it goes well for him."

Dravid, who fought many a battle with Warne during the Aussie`s international career and the 2001 home series in particular, said he had "never dreamt" of playing along side the spin legend in the same team.

"I never dreamt it would happen. I never imagined. But that`s the beauty of the IPL. It gives this opportunity to play with the guys you have reallly competed hard against.

"We have discussed (the 2001) series over a few times in the course of the last four weeks. Being together so much you know, we`ve discussed a lot of other series too. I really enjoy my time playing under Warne and I think he brings an infectious enthusiasm to our side.

"He sets very good fields, shows very good leadership. It`s been fun, as I said it`s the beauty of the IPL that you play with some guys you`ve had some fantastic battles with," he said.

Regarding tomorrow`s clash, Dravid, whose team have won three successive matches, said, "If the law of averages catch up with us I hope they catch up with Chennai as well. They`ve also won three in a row. (But) it`s good to have momentum, especially in Twenty20."

"We`re coming into this game with a bit of momentum behind us and obviously when playing a team like Chennai, who are the defending champions, you want to have a bit of confidence behind you. I think we`ve had a good week, hopefully we can play some good cricket."

Dravid insisted he was comfortable with the Twenty20 format.

"I`ve always been at peace with this format. I think I was totally taken out of context. My comment was that if I was 20 or 21 year old, I would`ve looked at this format and realised there`s a future in this format and this was something I needed to master.

"It`s just that for lot of us this format came at a later stage. It was like 50 overs. When I was 20, 21 I knew that I`d have to well in 50 overs because it was going to play a significant part in my life.

"Any kid today who`s 20, 21 has got to recognise the fact that T20 is going to be a significant part of his life whether he likes it or not. That was the basis of my comment. I don`t know how it got misinterpreted. I always liked this format. I
get to travel across the country, share the dressing room with great players. I also enjoy the fact that it seems to capture the imagination of the country for six weeks, which is nice for a domestic tournament to be able to do that," he stated.