Ed Cowan still has a Ponting`s poster in his room

Sydney: It was a trip down memory lane for new Australian opener Ed Cowan when he visited his family home here after 11 years and found the poster of his childhood idol Ricky Ponting still adorning the wall of his room.

Cowan visited his Sydney house yesterday where was pleasantly surprised to find Ponting`s poster still in place.

"I loved Ricky Ponting. I walked into my mum and dad`s house today, which is still in Sydney, and went up to my old room and there`s still a poster of Ricky Ponting on the wall," the 29-year-old said.

"The room has sort of been vacant for 10 years. This is a guy that I grew up watching and idolising and all of a sudden I look around and he`s got me in a headlock in the dressing room," Cowan was quoted as saying.

Talking about his contrasting batting style with fellow attacking opener David Warner, Cowan said he would not change his composed style of batting.

"I do sometimes feel like a poorer cousin of the way David bats but at the same time ? you do have to be yourself," he said.