‘Fake IPL Player’ finally comes out of the dark

Zeecric Bureau

New Delhi: The ‘Fake IPL Player’, who took the world by a storm through his blogs during the second season of the Indian Premier League, finally revealed his identity on Saturday.

Anupam Mukherjee, a software engineer from Bangalore, revealed to an Indian news channel that he was the ‘Fake IPL Player’ who claimed to be a member of Kolkata Knight Riders team.

He said that the blog and his characters were all a ‘figment of his imagination’ and none of it was true.

He started writing the blog with the commencement of the IPL 2 and boasted of over 150,000 visitors.

“I knew the blog has the potential to become a sensation,” said Mukherjee.

He said that he actually had no inside information of KKR and all the he wrote in his blogs were derived from information on the internet.

“The internet was a good source of information. I used it extensively to know about the weather and night clubs in South Africa. It helped me make the blogs more credible,” Mukherjee added.

“It started as a simple blog. It was the media who sensationalised the Fake IPL Player and portrayed it as real.”

“The blog was fictional and every character was fictional… so it was up to people if they want to believe if it was true. One cannot blame Daniel Radcliff if someone thinks Harry Potter to be true,” said Mukherjee.

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