Fast cars, women my weaknesses: Majeed

London: Mazhar Majeed, the bookie arrested and later released on bail for alleged `spot-fixing` in the England-Pakistan Test at Lord`s, has confessed that his secret vices were fast cars and women.

Majeed, who had made sensational claims of bribing Pakistani cricketers for bowling no balls in a sting operation last week carried out by a British tabloid, admitted to the same paper that he had to struggle a lot to control his urges after getting married in 2002.

"My weakness was women. I was a changed character since wedding wife Sheliza Manji in 2002 but had to struggle to control my urges.”

"I used to drink and smoke, plus women," he told the tabloid.

"But I`ve been going straight for the last four or five years. I still go to parties, because I obviously have to.”

"My best friend, he owns the biggest modelling agency in Knightsbridge. He holds so many parties and stuff. It`s like, I get invited to restaurants, openings... the women there were unbelievable.”

"The kind of women I was mixing with were the kind of women that, you know...”

"I drive an Aston Martin convertible, a DB9, and you can imagine in the summer? Driving that around? Women, they go crazy. And it`s just like, very very hard! Women, that`s the hardest thing to get over."

British tabloid reporter joked: "Come to Mumbai, we`ll help you."

But Majeed replied: "That`s why I haven`t been there. There`ll be singing and ten girls in the room every night. I`ll go crazy there!"