Fountain wants to train coaches at domestic level

Updated: Jul 23, 2012, 20:08 PM IST

Lahore: Pakistan fielding coach Julian Fountain is keen to work with coaches involved in domestic cricket to help country produce better fielders.

Fountain, who was hired by PCB in March to improve the fielding standards of the national team, is expected to submit a plan in this regard.

Fountain has developed a software program through which he kept track of the fielding performances of each individual player in the national team.

"What Fountain wants is to train a panel of coaches who can than work with domestic, departmental and regional teams and with the youth team," a PCB official said.

"Basically he found out that contrary to impression the ability of the Pakistani fielders to save runs was at par with the best teams, they lagged behind in catching.

"Fountain believes that he can contribute a lot more to Pakistan cricket by working at the domestic level as there is a certain extent to which he can coach the national team players," the official said.

Fountain is expected to submit a proposal to the Board as he feels that he should work with the coaches, attached with the departmental, regional and the national youth teams.

"The idea is that if he can manage to train these coaches with the help of latest software and modern fielding techniques, they in turn would improve the standard of fielding at the domestic level. It would mean players graduating from the youth team or domestic cricket will come into the side well prepared," the official said.