Gibbs offered a Bollywood role

Johannesburg: Former South African star opener Herschelle Gibbs revealed in his autobiography ‘To the Point’ that he has been offered a lucrative role in Bollywood movie.

“A totally unexpected surprise came my way recently when I was offered a role in a Bollywood movie that will start filming at the end of May 2011. I’m not sure what the part is or what I’m supposed to do, but my agent has told me it’s very good money for only a day’s work.

“India is always full of surprises,” Gibbs wrote in his book.

However, Gibbs added that he would not like to play a negative character and would first find out more about the role.

“Playing a bad-boy cricketer who gets involved in match-fixing probably won’t be the smartest career move,” Gibbs wrote.

After staying away from India for about five years because of fears of being arrested by Indian police, who wanted to question him about his role in the Hansie Cronje match-fixing saga in 2000, Gibbs said that he now loved going back to India.

“I always used to love coming back to India especially after the match-fixing issue was settled and I knew I wasn’t going to be arrested the minute I set foot in the country.”

The controversial batsman had a colourful life, frequently getting into trouble with authorities for drinking, ‘womanising’ by his own admission, drug-taking with other team members in the West Indies, and even drunken driving charges.