Graham Thorpe gives England tough spin school

Updated: Nov 28, 2011, 14:14 PM IST

London: One of England’s best players of spin bowling, Graham Thorpe, has said that spin is expected to dominate the five Tests against Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

A leading daily quoted Thorpe, as saying: "We are good enough to win both series in Asia, but to do it we will have to play very well. If we don`t play well, we could come unstuck, which is not a bad thing because it keeps everyone focused, and staying in the right direction.”

"It`s not bad to have a bit of fear," he added.

England`s lead batting coach will take players out of their comfort zone during the trip to Mumbai and Pune - with skinny willows and skin unprotected.

"These bats give you the chance to work on the technical aspect, your get-off strike shots, and they help you break wrists and manipulate the ball." he explained.

"Practicing without pads on, or just with short-leg pads on, is something we might try. Then you have to play the ball with the bat, not the pad. No one wants to be hit on the shin. Sometimes you have to get brutal. Batting like that requires bloody good footwork.” said Thorpe.

"We will put them into practice surfaces just like we used to use. We would not always bat in the nets because they might be nice, shiny and hard with no rough. We`d rough pitches up or practice in the nets that were prepared for us three days earlier, which the grounds man hadn`t rolled, so the ball would fly over your shoulder." he added.

Attempts to replicate Sri Lanka`s heat and humidity have been made at England`s Loughborough base over the past fortnight, but exposure to the sun will provide better preparation.