Happy for Kyle Coetzer, but Bangladesh's experience counted: Preston Mommsen

Happy for Kyle Coetzer, but Bangladesh's experience counted: Preston Mommsen

Scotland would take heart from Kyle Coetzer`s impressive 156 in their six-wicket loss to Bangladesh on Thursday, but their lack of experience had counted against them in their World Cup clash, captain Preston Mommsen said.

Coetzer scored the first World Cup century by a Scotland batsman at Saxton Oval in Nelson as his side posted an impressive 318 for eight, their highest total against a test nation.

Bangladesh, however, never really looked concerned as they achieved 322 for four with 11 balls remaining and Mommsen said that highlighted the difference in experience between the two sides.

"The Bangladeshi team all together have played hundreds and hundreds of ODIs whereas we`ve played a handful of ODIs together," he told reporters in Nelson.

"So that, of course, comes into it, experience and handling and managing that chase. That showed that they`ve done that before and they went through the gears very well."

Scotland`s performance no doubt added further fuel to the debate over International Cricket Council`s decision to reduce the 2019 World Cup to 10 teams from the current 14, which has attracted a great deal of criticism.

Mommsen, however, said he felt the World Cup issue may actually be a bit of a distraction, as the real concern was getting more matches to ensure they could improve their game.

Scotland played 24 matches between the 2011 and 2015 World Cups, with just four of those against test nations.

"For me what is even more important is what happens in between every World Cup and the fixtures that are made available to associate nations and the ... amount of cricket they`re playing at a high quality level," he said. 

"Because at the moment, it`s quite clearly not enough." 

Mommsen was reluctant to suggest Scotland may have had their final chance to secure their first World Cup victory on Thursday after they had let it slip against Afghanistan in their previous match, but the issue of cutting the tournament back needed to be re-addressed.

"We knew today was a huge opportunity for us," he said. 

"A lot of discussions need to be had and the right decisions need to be made because at the moment I don`t think people are making the right decisions in terms of associate cricket. 

"If you`re focusing on a World Cup, it`s a World Cup, it`s a world tournament, so it should include teams from all over the world.

"I don`t think it should be called a World Cup if you`re cutting down the teams even more." 

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