HCA officials delay accreditation process

police have resulted in an endless delay for the mediapersons in acquiring their
accreditation passes for the second Test between India and New Zealand.

The media management team at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium here is clueless since yesterday and struggled to come up with a proper answer explaining the reasons for delay, and that has left the scribes stranded for hours.

The passes are supposed to be verified and signed by the Hyderabad police besides bearing the signature of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) general secretary D S Chalapathi.

Passes sent to the Hyderabad police for signature on Thursday morning are yet to arrive. "Not a single batch has arrived till now and we are not supposed to go and tell the police to hurry up the proceedings. Even the media can`t go," a member from the media management team said.

"We agree that that there has been a lack of professionalism, but we are trying our best to sort the passes as quickly as possible," said media manager John Manoj.

"Please go out and let them do their work or else we will switch the lights off," another member from the media management team was heard telling the waiting mediapersons.

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