Howard`s rejection a real shame: Waugh

Updated: Jul 03, 2010, 12:31 PM IST

Sydney: Former Australian captain Steve Waugh has slammed the International Cricket Council (ICC)`s decision to reject former Australian Prime Minister John Howard`s bid for the post of vice-president.

The Asian and African Test playing country-members within the ICC dismissed Howard`s candidacy after Wednesday`s executive meeting in Singapore.

He required the support of at least seven of the 10 Test-playing countries to earn the job, but seven rejected his candidacy.

"I think it was a real shame, I think he would have been fantastic for world cricket. He has a passion for the game and he is a very good diplomat," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Waugh, as saying.

"I think he would have had the ability to bring people and boards together and I think it was a mistake not appointing him," he added.

The ICC has invited Australia and New Zealand to nominate a new candidate by the end of August.

Under a rotational five-region electoral process, Howard was the joint candidate from Australia and New Zealand.

The ICC Vice-President serves a two-year apprenticeship before becoming president of the game`s organizing body.

If elected, Howard would have been the top administrator of cricket in 2012.

Earlier, it was reported that South Africa and Sri Lanka were not keen for Howard to assume the role, while Zimbabwe was uncommitted.

The Indian board had not made its intentions public, but it was a given fact that whichever way they voted, the Pakistan and Bangladesh boards would follow.

Cricket Australia had told their Zimbabwean counterparts that if they did not support Howard`s bid they would not host the bilateral A-series next year that would help the African nation re-enter top level Test cricket.