I was nervous: Fields

Updated: Feb 19, 2013, 13:32 PM IST

Mumbai: Her team might have been confidence personified en route to a sixth World Cup triumph but Australian women`s cricket team captain Jodie Fields said she herself was a bundle of nerves during the summit clash.

"I was a bit nervous to be honest. I knew it was a big opportunity for us to make history and win two World Cups. But I tried not to think about it and that is the best way to go about it. You can`t be worried about the World Cup but take one goal at a time," Fields told PTI.

Having led the team to two World Cup titles, Fields said, "At times it`s a pressure job but I really enjoy captaining Australia."

Fields hoped Australian women`s cricket would become professional in times to come but lamented that it won`t happen during her career.

"It will be nice sooner or later for the game to become professional. Unfortunately, I don`t think it is going to happen in my cricketing career," Fields said.

"Hopefully in 10 to 15 years, the girls will be out to play professionally and have a little more bit time devoted to just cricket. Have a bit better work-life balance. So not always be trying cram work, study, and home life all into one. I think it`s on the horizon but maybe not in my lifetime."

She added that Cricket Australia has supported the team well and has started the contract system for the top players.

"We have been well supported by Cricket Australia for the last couple of years. We now have the contract system for the top players. We have a number of camps throughout the year. We also have access to world class facilities with nutrition, fitness, physio," Fields said.

"I don`t think there is anything more we could have asked from cricket Australia in terms of support they give us and in return we just have to keep winning cricket matches to see what happens

"There are 15 players (who are under contract). It`s only a small amount of money but if you ask all the 15 girls, they don`t play for the money, they play for the love of the game," Fields added.

The 28-year old said after a disappointing campaign in 2009, the team believed they could win the coveted trophy before coming into the tournament.

"I honestly believed we could win it. When we came into the tournament, our goal was to be number one and win the trophy. I felt if we didn`t do that, we would have underperformed," she said.

On a track which had earlier registered all three wins for the side batting first for a day-night game, Fields said it was important to win the toss after losing it on multiple occasions.

"It was important. I think I was two from six coming into the tie so there was little bit of pressure on me to win one and it was great to do that and get out there and bat 259 which was a great score to get. One of the best innings we have had and to take that confidence into our bowling to put the West Indies under pressure," she said.

Fields heaped praises on pace spearhead Ellyse Perry who hadn`t fully recovered from her ankle injury and said, "I was nervous for a moment there and I thought hopefully it`s a glitch and she will get through it (when she found it difficult to get her run up).

"It just shows what a star she is. She forgot about the pain and kept bowling for us and took three wickets. That is why she is one of the leading wicket takers in the world."

Australian women now have a one-match Ashes game in England and Fields said it would be nice to have other nations also playing Test Cricket.

"It will be good to see other nations involved. We will get to see West Indies play or India play Test matches. But I guess that is upto their boards. To see more Test cricket being played in women`s cricket would be exciting," she said.