Ian Chappell says ‘fierce competitor’ Greig was ‘best enemy’

Sydney: Former Australia captain batsman Ian Chappell has paid tribute to legendary England captain and renown commentator Tony Greig after his sudden demise due to a heart attack, saying he and Greig were best of enemies.

“Tony Greig was a lot of things. A former England captain, terrific all-rounder and one of the main instigators of World Series Cricket, part of a movement that changed the face of the sport forever,” Chappell wrote is his column for News.com.au “To me, Tony was a fiercely combative opponent and an opinionated commentator and colleague.

But, above all, he became a close friend. I`ll miss Tony deeply,” he added. “When Australia were playing England he was highly competitive and you always knew you were in a contest against Tony,” he further wrote.

Chappell added: “He was a fierce competitor out there in the middle but wasn`t prepare to take advantage of the situation to suit his needs.

I always respected him greatly for that and told him so.” “Tony played a big part in the formation of World Series Cricket.

He had a pretty tough job of signing up a lot of international players,” he added. “During World Series Cricket we had a couple of falling outs, mainly instigated by me, and our relationship deteriorated quite a bit during that time,” he further wrote.

“Once we both retired and were together in the commentary box, we`d spend a lot of time together. Since it was mostly my fault we fell out, I thought it was time to let bygones be bygones,” he added. “We didn`t chat about it at all, though.

It`s almost as if Tony said, ‘What went on was back then, this is now.’ He was very much like that. He wasn`t one to bear grudges,” Chappell concluded.