2013 ICC Champions Trophy Final: India vs England - As it happened...

Updated: Jun 23, 2013, 14:29 PM IST

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ENGLAND innings:

Over 20 || Score 124/8

Ashwin to bowl the last over. The first ball spun away and Broad didn’t connect, 15 needed from 5, Dhoni appeals for a stumping and that again looked close, but the decision is not out. The second ball was a low full-toss, Broad sweeps, and connects well as the ball quickly travels to deep square leg for a boundary! Good shot under pressure. 11 needed from 4. Broad works the next ball towards mid-off for a single, 10 needed from 3, Tredwell on strike. The next ball was nudged towards wide of mid-off by Tredwell and a diving effort saves two runs, 8 needed from 2. Tredwell worked the fifth ball straight down the ground for two runs, 6 needed off the last ball. Can Tredwell do a Miandad? Can Ashwin be the hero? The last ball spun away and Tredwell didn’t connect, India have won the ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY BY 5 RUNS!

Stuart Broad 7* (5b) James Tredwell 5* (4b)


Over 19 || Score 115/8

Jadeja to bowl the penultimate over, 19 from 12. Bresnan takes a single off the first ball. The second ball deceived Buttler who has been clean bowled! Jadeja does it again! Stuart Broad is the new man at the crease. And Broad survived a run-out chance off the first ball he faced! 19 needed from 9. Bresnan faced the next ball that hit him on the pads, Bresnan ran for a bye, Broad wasn’t interested and Bresnan is run-out! James Tredwell is the new man in. Just four from the over and two wickets. 15 needed from last 6 balls.

TT Bresnan run out 2 (4b)

JC Buttler b Jadeja 0 (1b)


Over 18 || Score 111/6

Ishant to bowl his final over. He began with a dot ball, the second was short and Morgan pulled that over deep fine leg for a SIX! And Ishant Sharma follows that six with two wide balls. Ishant decided to bowl round the stumps, it works as Morgan hits it straight to Ashwin at midwicket! Wicket at a crucial time for India. And guess what, Ishant gets two off two, Bopara hits the next ball to deep square leg! Game changing moment? Tim Bresnan comes to the crease. Nine from the over.

RS Bopara c Ashwin b I Sharma 30 (25b)

EJG Morgan c Ashwin b I Sharma 33 (30b)


Over 17 || Score 102/4

Jadeja brought back into the attack. Bopara worked the first ball towards midwicket and scored two runs. The second ball was nudged back to the bowler for no run even though Bopara wanted a single. The third ball was a length delivery and Bopara launched that over deep midwicket for a SIX! He attempted a similar stroke off the fourth ball but failed to connect. Bopara worked the fifth ball once again at midwicket where Ishant once again fumbled and conceded two runs. Bopara worked the last ball once again on the leg side and took two runs. Intelligent batting from Bopara, 12 runs from the over.

Ravi Bopara 30* (24b) Eoin Morgan 27* (27b)


Over 16 || Score 90/4

Raina into his third over. Eoin Morgan his favourite reverse-sweep into play that once again produced a boundary. Eight from the over, 40 needed from 24 now.


Over 15 || Score 82/4

Sharma to continue. Five runs came off the first five balls and then Ravi Bopara smashed the last ball high over deep midwicket for a MASSIVE SIX! Eleven from the over.


Over 14 || Score 71/4

Raina to continue. Just three from the over. It was an excellent over from Raina as he bowled some unplayable deliveries. The ball is spinning a lot, something which could work in India’s favour towards the end.


Over 13 || Score 68/4

Bhuvneshwar comes back into the attack. Five from the over.


Over 12 || Score 63/4

Suresh Raina brought into the attack. Raina pitched one quick with room on offer and Morgan smashed that past covers for another boundary! Eight from the over. India need a wicket desperately.


Over 11 || Score 55/4

Ishant brought back into the attack. He bowled a poor delivery with some width on offer and Morgan thumped that through covers for a boundary! Nine from the over.


Over 10 || Score 46/4

Ashwin into his third over. Maiden from Ashwin! He has certainly turned the tide in India’s favour.


Over 9 || Score 46/4

Jadeja to bowl his second over. Bell reverse-swept the second ball over short third man for a boundary! But Jadeja had the last laugh as Bell was stumped! It spun away from Bell and once again, Dhoni was extremely quick behind the stumps. India are making a match of it. Ravi Bopara is the new man in. And that Bell dismissal will be talked about for quite some time now. Three from the over. Ashwin and Jadeja are building huge pressure at the moment.

IR Bell st Dhoni b Jadeja 13 (16b)


Over 8 || Score 41/3

Ashwin to continue. And he strikes again, this time its Joe Root! It was a short ball that spun into the batsman and Root skied it towards deep square leg where Ishant Sharma took a good low catch to his front. Just three from the over and another wicket for Ashwin! What a spell from him!

JE Root c I Sharma b Ashwin 7 (9b)


Over 7 || Score 38/2

Ishant Sharma comes into the attack. Eight from the over.


Over 6 || Score 30/2

Ashwin comes into the attack. And he gets the wicket of man in-form – Jonathan Trott who has been stumped by Dhoni! It pitched on middle-stump and spun away deceiving Trott who had charged down the wicket. Smart work there by MS. Three runs and a wicket for Ashwin.

IJL Trott st Dhoni b Ashwin 20 (17b)


Over 5 || Score 27/1

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Just three from the over.


Over 4 || Score 24/1

Yadav to continue. Seven from the over.


Over 3 || Score 17/1

Bhuvan to continue. The second ball was bowled at the pads and Trott worked that through midwicket for a boundary! The fifth ball was short and wide and Trott works that between covers and point for a boundary! 11 from the over.


Over 2 || Score 6/1

Umesh Yadav comes into the attack. And he strikes, Alastair Cook is OUT! Umesh pitched one that moved away from the England skipper who nicked it and Ashwin at first slip took a good catch to his right. Jonathan Trott is the new man in. And he gets off the mark with a flick which produces three runs. Just three from the over and a big wicket for Yadav.

AN Cook c Ashwin b Yadav 2 (9b)


Over 1 || Score 3/0

Ian Bell and Alastair Cook to open for England, Bhuvneshwar Kumar will bowl the first over, a lot depends on him today. Cook worked the third ball towards third man for a single to get the England score board going. The fourth ball kept low and Bell worked that towards midwicket for a single. Cook took another single off the fifth ball. Three from the first over.


INDIA innings:

Over 20 || Score 129/7

Bresnan to bowl the final over. The first ball was a bouncer and Ashwin worked that to deep square leg for a single. Jadeja worked the second ball straight down the ground for a single and Ashwin is run-out after he ran for the second one. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes to the crease. Jadeja takes a single off the third ball. Bhuvan took a single off the fourth ball. Jadeja gets another length ball and he spanks that over long-on for another SIX! Bresnan bowled a short ball to end the over and Jadeja pulled that for two runs at midwicket. So India have managed to reach a decent total, after a middle-order collapse. Kohli and Jadeja have played two good innings giving their bowlers and fans something to cheer about.

Ravindra Jadeja 33* (25b) Bhuvneshwar Kumar 1* (1b)

R Ashwin run out 1 (1b)


Over 19 || Score 117/6

Anderson to bowl penultimate over. Jadeja made some room for himself off the first ball and clobbered that over long-off for a SIX! What a shot! Jadeja takes a single off the second ball. Anderon pitched one full and outside off, Kohli slashed hard at it, but mistimes it high in the air as it went straight to Bopara at long-off. That dismissal ended 47-run partnership between Kohli and Jadeja. Ashwin is the new man in. Anderson bowled a bouncer and Jadeja made some room for himself, third man was in and he guided that toward the vacant region for another boundary! Eleven runs from the over, India need to score big off the last one.

V Kohli c Bopara b Anderson 43 (34b)


Over 18 || Score 106/5

Broad back brought into the attack. Kohli has been dropped by Trott at short third man. Kohli was offered some room and he went for it, Trott didn’t seem to have timed his jump perfectly as he grassed it at the last moment. Kohli charged down the wicket off the last ball and spanked it over deep midwicket for a MASSIVE SIX! Nine from the over.


Over 17 || Score 97/5

Bresnan to bowl his third over. Kohli worked a short of length ball towards deep midwicket for a boundary! 11 from the over. These two have stitched in a crucial partnership here.

Kohli 36* (31b) Jadeja 10* (12b)


Over 16 || Score 86/5

Tredwell comes back into the attack to bowl his final over. Jadeja smashed the fifth ball straight down the ground at wide of long-on for a boundary! Seven from the over.


Over 15 || Score 79/5

Bopara to continue his deadly spell. Kohli found some room outside the off-stump and Kohli magnificently drives that past covers for a boundary! The third ball had width on the leg side and Kohli this time swept hard, well over deep square leg for another boundary! Kohli drives the third ball towards deep cover for a single. Jadeja shimmied down the track off the fifth ball and scored a couple at deep backward point. Jadeja keeps the strike with a single. 12 from the over.


Over 14 || Score 67/5

James Anderson comes back into the attack. Just one from the over.


Over 13 || Score 66/5

Bopara to continue. And he strikes AGAIN! This time it is Suresh Raina. It was a short of a length ball and Raina has hit that straight to Cook at midwicket. India are wobbling here now. MSD is the new man in. And guess what! Even MSD is out! Maiden over with two big wicket for Bopara. Oh boy, what a series he is having!

SK Raina c Cook b Bopara 1 (6b)


Over 12 || Score 66/3

Tredwell into his third over. Karthik takes the chance off the first ball, attempts a sweep shot and skies it high towards mid-of where Morgan takes an easy catch. This is superb bowling from Tredwell under pressure. Suresh Raina is the new man in. Terrific over this from Tredwell, just two runs and a wicket.

KD Karthik c Morgan b Tredwell 6 (11b)


Over 11 || Score 64/2

Bopara to continue. Good over, just five from it. And the rain is back though the players are still there at the field.


Over 10 || Score 59/2

Tredwell to continue. Kohli shimmied down the track off the fifth ball and launced that over midwicket for a boundary! Seven from the over.


Over 9 || Score 52/2

Ravi Bopara comes into the attack. And Ravi Bopara strikes, gets the big man – Shikhar Dhawan! Dhawan had some room outside the off-stump and he worked it straight to Tredwell at short covers. Dinesh Karthik is the new man in. Just three from the over.

S Dhawan c Tredwell b Bopara 31 (24b)


Over 8 || Score 49/1

James Tredwell was introduced into the attack. Dhawan scored consecutive boundaries off the fourth and the fifth ball. Nine from the over.


Over 7 || Score 40/1

Bresnan to continue. And the play was interrupted yet once again! The play resumed after a long delay, five from the over.


Over 6 || Score 35/1

Broad to continue. He bowled four balls after which the rain was back for a minor interruption. Broad’s fifth ball was short and wide and Dhawan played an upper-cut for a SIX over third man! Ten from the over.


Over 5 || Score 25/0

Tim Bresnan comes into the attack. Just five from the over.


Over 4 || Score 19/1

Broad to continue. And England got their first breakthrough after an inswinger knocked Rohit Sharma’s stumps. It was a length delivery that moved in and hit the top of the off-stump. Virat Kohli is the new man at the crease. Just three from the over.

RG Sharma b Broad 9 (14b)


Over 16/0 || Score 3

Anderson to continue. Sharma edged the first ball that flew past Cook at first slip for a boundary! The second ball was an out swinger and Sharma failed to connect that one with the bat. The third ball was length again and Sharma worked that for no run on the off-side. The fourth ball was a dot ball again as Sharma worked it back to the bowler. Sharma was offered some width off the fifth ball which he drove towards covers for a single. Dhawan worked the last ball for a single at midwicket and an overthrow produced 4 more runs for India. Seven from the over. Anderson has been spot on with his line and length.


Over 2 || Score 6/0

Stuart Broad to bowl the second over. The first ball was a short one and Dhawan pulled that for a single at deep midwicket. The second ball was pitched outside the off-stump and Sharma lets that go to the keeper. The next ball was bowled at the pads and Sharma worked that to short fine leg for a single. Dhawan nudged the fourth ball towards mid-off and ran a quick single. Sharma defended the fifth ball and Dhawan wanted that single, a full length dive saved him as Broad missed the stumps. A dot ball to end the over. No boundaries so far!


Over 1 || Score 2/0

James Anderson will bowl the first over, Dhawan and Sharma top open the innings. The first ball was nudged to short covers for no run by Sharma. The second ball was flicked towards midwicket by Sharma who got off the mark with a single. Dhawan worked a short of a length ball to point for no run. The fourth ball was a half-volley and Dhawan once again worked that to point for no run. Dhawan got an edge off the fifth ball that flew past the slip cordon for a single at third man. Sharma defended the last ball towards mid-on for no run. Terrific start by Anderson, just two from the over.


UPDATE: 8:15 was the cut-off time and just after the 24-over update, it began to rain heavily once again at Edgbaston. But just before the cut-off time the rain stopped and the covers are off for the time being. According to the latest update, it will now be a T20 game.

GOOD NEWS: After all this delay, we finally have some good news. The match will begin at 3.45pm BST (8:15 IST.) The overs have been reduced and both the sides will play 14 overs each. That's only when there is no more rain. Fingers crossed.

NEW UPDATE:The cut off time for a 20 over game is 4:18 pm (8:48 pm IST). And it is still raining at Edgbaston.

Weather update: The rain has stopped now. The umpires are in the middle and having a chat

Rain update: The rain stopped and the covers were being taken off but it came back. The game between India and England is yet to start but the rain is already playing hide and seek at Edgbaston.

Weather update: It has started raining. Covers have been brought in.

TOSS: England have won the toss and invited India to bat first.

Putting behind the turbulent phase of the past few weeks, a red-hot India are standing on the cusp of winning their second straight world title as they take on hosts England in the summit showdown of the ICC Champions Trophy here on Sunday.

The reigning World Cup winners roared into the title clash of what will be the last edition of the tournament, winning all their four matches with consummate ease under the astute leadership of captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

In a contest where the exuberance of youth will lock horns with the fineness of tradition, the `Three Lions` on the other hand will be gunning for their first major 50-over international title in their own lair.

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England: Alastair Cook(c), Ian Bell, Jonathan Trott, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler(w), Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, James Tredwell, James Anderson

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav