ICC Cricket WC 2015: Sri Lanka vs England - As it happened...

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ICC Cricket WC 2015: Sri Lanka vs England - As it happened...

While chasing an imposing total of 310, Sri Lanka got off to a flying start as their openers added 100 runs for the first wicket. And after the fall of Dilshan's wicket Sangakkara and Thirimanne added an unbeaten partnership of 212 runs to help Sri Lanka beat England convincingly by nine wickets in the Pool A clash.

Sri Lanka Innings

Over 47 || Score 304/1

Off the second ball of the 47th over, Thirimanne launched Woakes for a six over long on to finish off the game in style for Sri Lanka as they crush England by nine wickets.  

Over 47 || Score 304/1

Thirimanne and Sanga have added more than 200 runs for the second wicket. In the meanwhile, SL have crossed the 300-run mark as well. Now, it's just a formality for SL to seal the match. 10 runs required off 24 balls.

Over 45 || Score 290/1

English bowlers have no idea how to stop these batsmen. And it seems as if they have thrown in the towel. 17 runs have come off the last two overs. 20 runs required off 30 balls.   

Over 43 || Score 273/1

In the 23nd over Sanga places the ball for a double to complete his second consecutive ton. What a player he has been for Sri Lanka. Two more boundaries from the last two overs as 18 runs come from them. 37 runs required off 42 balls. Woakes and Broad are bowling for England at the moment but are failed to put some break on the run flow. 

Over 41 || Score 255/1

 Sangakkara is looking unstoppable at the moment. He is hitting the English bowlers all over the park and has quickly moved to 98 off 68 balls. Match is slipping away from the hands of England. Now the equation has come down to 55 runs off 54 balls, which is quite achievable for the bating team as they have nine wickets in hand and two set batsmen at the crease.  

Over 39 || Score 242/1

After being dropped in the 38th over, Thirimanne completes his ton in the next over with the help of a single. Like Root, the opener too has become the youngest for his respective country to score a World Cup century. On the other end, Sangakkara is hitting boundaries at will. In the 39th over he collects three consecutive boundaries off Woakes. 68 runs required off 11 overs.   

Over 36 || Score 210/1

In the 35th over Sangakkara places the ball  towards mid-wicket for a double to complete his fifty. It's a quick-fire fifty for the southpaw as he reaches the land mark in 45 balls with the help of three boundaries and a six. In the next over by Finn Sanga celebrates his fifty by smashing the seamer for a six over square leg. Meanwhile, SL crossed the 200-run mark as well.     

Over 34 || Score 188/1

In the 34th over, Sangakkara charges down the wicket to slap Finn for a six over long off. Moeen Ali has completed his quota of ten overs as he ended up with the figures of 10-50-1. 122 runs required off 16 overs.  

Over 32 || Score 172/1

Finn has been given the ball to roll his arm. Six runs have come in the last two overs. Thirimanne is mere eight runs shy of his hundred, whereas, Sangakkara has reached to 30 off 34 balls with the help of two boundaries. 138 runs required off 18 overs.  

Over 30 || Score 166/1

Now to accelerate the run-flow, Thirimanne has started playing big shots. The southpaw collects three boundaries and a six in the last three overs to collect 26 runs. He has reached to 88 off 97 balls. 144 runs required off 20 overs. 

Over 27 || Score 140/1

Woakes and Ali are bowling in tandem and are not offering much room. But Sangakkara and Thirimanne are picking up singles and doubles with an ease.    

Over 25 || Score 131/1

Ali provides the first breakthrough. Dilshan Out! Soft dismissal. Leading edge and Morgan takes a simple catch at short mid-wicket. One in-form batsman walks back then another comes in as Kumar Sangakkara joins Thirimanne in the middle. Ali has been the go-to man for Morgan in this WC. Match is evenly poised at the moment as it can be any one's game.       

TM Dilshan c Morgan b Ali 44 (55b)

Over 16 || Score 91/0

Poor bowling by English bowlers. They are offering loose balls to set Lankan openers, who are not missing out these opportunities to score runs freely. Spinner Moeen Ali has been introduced into the attack in the 15th over. It's high time England should break this dangerous growing opening partnership.      

Over 14 || Score 78/0

Dilshan and Thirimanne are hitting boundaries at regular intervals to keep English bowlers under pressure. In the last two overs both the batsmen collected a boundary each. The bowling side is still hunting for their first wicket.    

Over 12 || Score 67/0

Double bowling change. Immediately after the completion of ten overs, Morgan brought Chris Woakes and Steven Finn to replace Anderson and Broad. Woakes bowls a tight over first up as he gives mere two runs. But Finn proves expensive in his opening over as Thirimanne hits the seamer for two fours.    

Over 10 || Score 55/0

Thirimanne hits two boundaries in the 9th over by Anderson. Both the shots are class apart. And with that SL crossed the 50-run mark as well. Now both the batsmen are hitting the ball well and playing according to the merit of the ball. Good start by SL while chasing the total of 310.  

Over 8 || Score 42/0

In-form Sri Lankan batsman Dilshan takes Broad by surprise. He clobbers the bowler for two sixes, one with the help of a pull and one of the flick. Massive sixes. Big over for Lanka as 14 comes from it. 

Over 7 || Score 28/0

A slow start by Sri Lanka, especially when they are chasing a total of above 300. Broad bowls a maiden 6th over, while in the next comes three. Tight line and length by the English pacers.  

Over 5 || Score 25/0

Thirimanne is living dangerously at the moment. Anderson and Broad are pitching the ball up to get some swing in the air. But England are still waiting for their first breakthrough. They concede 17 runs in the last three overs.   

Over 2 || Score 8/0

In the second over, first boundary of the innings comes from the bat of Dilshan. Eight off the first two overs. 

To chase the total of 310 given up by England, regular Sri Lankan openers Lahiru Thirimanne and Tillakaratne Dilshan have come to the crease. Stuart Broad and James Anderson are starting the bowling proceedings.

England Innings

Over 50 || Score 309/6

Buttlers cameo (39 off 19, with the help of six boundaries and a six) helped England to take their score past 300. In the last three overs, the batting side added 42 to their total. In form Englishman Joe Root was the star of the England innings as he slammed a ton to provide the team solidity in the middle overs.  

Over 47 || Score 267/6

Two wickets in two overs for Sri Lanka, as both the set batsmen -- Taylor and Root -- are back in the hut. If Herath gets the better of centurion Bell by trapping him in front, then, Malinga dismisses Taylor. Now Jos Buttler and Chris Woakes have come to the crease. Good two overs for SL as they concede mere ten runs in them and pick up two crucial wickets.

JE Root lbw b Herath 121 (108b)

JWA Taylor c Dilshan b Malinga 25 (26b)

Over 45 || Score 257/4

BIG BIG over for England as Perera concedes 25 runs. Three boundaries and two sixes have come from the over. Out of which, Taylor hits just a six and rest of the big hits come from Root's willow. Root has started smashing the balls all over the park.   

Over 44 || Score 232/4

Root hits Mathews for a six and then for a boundary to complete his hundred. Youngest English player to score a ton in the World Cup. What a fine knock by the in-form batsman. 18 runs off the last two overs.

Over 42 || Score 214/4

Mathews is trying everything to break this partnership, which is getting dangerous with every passing over. The skipper himself has come to bowl. Good two overs for SL as they conceded mere 11 in them.

Over 40 || Score 203/4

Boundaries are coming at regular intervals for England. Meanwhile, they also crossed the 200-run mark. Both the batsmen have added 42 runs for the fifth wicket and are looking solid in the middle.   

Over 39 || Score 194/4

Spearhead of Sri Lankan bowling attack Malinga has been brought back into the attack in the 28th over. But in form Root pulls him to collect a four towards deep square leg. Lakmal is back as well. But Taylor gets a boundary off the last ball with the help of a thick outside edge. SL need a wicket or two here, to peg back English batsmen from hanging a big total on the board. 15 off the last two overs.

Over 37 || Score 179/4

Immediately after completing his fifty, Root has started changing his gears. With Batting Powerplay on, he is picking up his spots to collect boundaries. In the last two overs by Herath and Perera, Root smashes a boundary each as SL leak 18 from them.   

Over 35 || Score 161/4

Parera Stikes, Morgan Out! Just before the Batting Powerplay England lost their skipper. Slightly short of a length ball at the off-stump line, Morgan goes for flashy cut but finds a fielder at point, who takes a sharp catch. In the 34th over by Mathews, Root places the ball towards long-leg to run a double to complete his fifty. His good form continues. James Taylor joined Root in the middle.

EJG Morgan c Dilshan b Perera 27 (47b)

Over 32 || Score 154/3

Morgan is trying to accelerate the run-rate a bit as he is trying some big shots, whenever getting a loose ball. In the 32 over Morgan dances down the wicket to drive Rangana over his head for a boundary to collect eight from the over. Meanwhile, England have crossed the 150-run mark.

Over 30 || Score 145/3

Morgan launches Dilshan for a maximum with the help of a slog sweep in the 29th over over mid-wicket. And in the next over,  Root sweeps Herath towards square leg to get his fourth boundary. 15 runs off the last two overs.

Over 28 || Score 130/3

English batsmen are finding it difficult to score runs easily as Sri Lankan bowlers are not offering them much room to free their arms. In the 28th over, Root gets a lucky boundary when the ball beats the keeper after kissing the inside edge of his bat. 12 runs off the last three overs. Root is unbeaten on 38, whereas, Morgan is on 9.

Over 25 || Score 118/3

Runs are coming in singles and doubles at the moment for England. Dilshan and Perera are bowling in tandem. England need a big partnership here to put up a challenging total in front of SL. 10 runs off the last three overs. 

Over 22 || Score 108/3

Bowling change works for SL. Bell walks back as Lakmal picks up his first wicket. Full length ball, Bell goes for a drive, gets the thick inside edge of his bat and the ball crashed into his stumps. That's a big blow for the Poms as Bell was the set batsman. Skipper Eoin Morgan is the new man in. And he starts on a good note by collecting a boundary. Thisara Perera has been introduced into the attack for the first time in the 22nd over.

IR Bell b Lakmal 49 (54b)

Over 20 || Score 100/2

Two bowling changes. Premier spinner Rangana Herath has been given the ball for the very first time, whereas, Suranga Lakmal has been brought back too. Sri Lanka leak 12 in the last three overs. Meanwhile, England have touched the 100-run mark in the 20th over. 

Over 17 || Score 88/2

In the 15th over by Mathews, new man in, Root dispatches a full length delivery towards cover region to collect his first boundary. But the run-rate has come down as bit after England lost two wickets in quick succession. 12 runs off the last three overs.

Over 14 || Score 76/2

Ballance perishes! Trying to place the ball towards long off for a single, Ballance miss-judges the angle and flight of the ball and gives a simple catch back to the bowler. SL are back in the contest after England got off to a flying start. In form Joe Root has joined opener Bell at the crease after the fall of their second wicket. 

GS Ballance c & b Dilshan 6 (14b)

Over 12 || Score 70/1

In the 12th over Ballance plays an elegant cover drive off Mathews to collect his first boundary. Tillakaratne Dilshan and Angelo Mathews are bowling in tandem for SL. Eight runs off the last two overs.

Over 10 || Score 62/1

First breakthrough, Mathews strikes! Length delivery, Moeen Ali goes for a half-hearted drive, that too in the air, as mid-off fielder takes a simple catch -- a real soft dismissal. Gary Ballance is the new man in.  

Over 8 || Score 61/0

First bowling change as skipper Angelo Mathews has come to bowl. Bell has quickly reached to 36 off 28 balls with the help of seven boundaries. In the 7th over, England cross the 50-run mark. 16 runs off the last two overs.   

Over 6 || Score 45/0

Flying start by English openers. They are playing aggressive cricket in the middle with a positive intent. Strike bowler Malinga is trying different things but Sri Lanka are still hunting for their first breakthrough. Seven runs off the last two overs. 

Over 4 || Score 38/0

Ian Bell is dealing in boundaries at the moment. He hits five boundaries in the last two overs to collect 28 from them. He is middling the ball and collecting boundaries all over the ground.

Over 2 || Score 10/0

Positive start by England openers, especially, Moeen Ali. In the second over by Suranga Lakmal, the southpaw smashes two consecutive boundaries with the help of a cover drive and an on drive. Ten runs in the first two overs. 

Toss: England have won it and elected to bat.

A floundering England will be looking to get their act together against 1996 champions Sri Lanka in a Pool A match of the cricket World Cup, here within some time.

After being outplayed by co-hosts Australia and New Zealand in their first two encounters of the 50-over showpiece event, the Eoin Morgan-led side revived its campaign by humbling Scotland in their last match.

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Sri Lanka also did not have the best of starts to their World Cup campaign after losing to the Black Caps in their opener but subsequently pulled up their socks. They were given a hard time by a spirited Afghanistan but managed to win by four wickets and then outplayed Asian counterparts Bangladesh by 92 runs.

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England Squad: 

Eoin Morgan (captain), Josh Buttler (wicket-keeper), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Garry Ballance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Stuart Broad, Steve Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James Tredwell, ChrisWoakes

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Sri Lanka Squad:

Angelo Mathews (captain), Lahiru Thirimanne, Dushmantha​ Chameera, Dinesh Chandimal, Tilakratne Dilshan, Rangana​ Herath, Mahlea Jayawardene, Dimuth​ Karunaratne, Nuwan​ Kulasekara, Suranga​ Lakmal, Lasith Malinga, Thisar Perera, Kumar Sangakkara (wicket-keeper), Sachithra​ Senanayake, Upul Tharanga

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