ICC Cricket WC 2015: Sri Lanka vs Scotland - As it happened...

Welcome to our live cricket blog for this Pool A clash between Sri Lanka and Scotland.

ICC Cricket WC 2015: Sri Lanka vs Scotland - As it happened...

In the Pool A clash Sri Lanka crushed Scotland by 148 runs. While chasing the mammoth total of 363, Scotland lost three wickets early but then Mommsen and Coleman stitched 118 runs for the fourth wicket to keep them in contention. But after the fall off Mommsen's wicket they fell like nine-pins and lost the match with such a huge margin. For his swashbuckling knock of 124 Sangakkara received Man of the Match award.  

Scotland Innings

Over 43 || Score 215/10

Chameera picked up the last wicket of Thirimanne as Sri Lanka beat Scotland convincingly by 148 runs. With the impressive figures of  7-0-20-3 Kulasekara was the pick among the bowlers. 

JH Davey c Thirimanne b Chameera 4 (7b)

Over 42 || Score 212/9

Chameera's fortunes have suddenly changed as he picked up another wicket in this spell. This time he end the cameo of Berrington who got out after scoring 29 off 22 balls.  

RD Berrington c Kulasekara b Chameera 29 (22b)

Over 41 || Score 210/8

Malinga picked up his second wicket in the form of Rob Taylor. Now it's just a formality for SL to finish off the game. 154 runs needed from 54 balls.  

RML Taylor c NLTC Perera b Malinga 3 (6b)

Over 40 || Score 207/7

Chameera has been called back in the 40th over. He has proved expensive thus far. But this time he picked up his first wicket in the form of Cross, who got out after scoring seven runs. In the meanwhile, Scotland have crossed the 200-run mark. It's 501 ODI dismissal for Sanga. What a complete player he is. 

MH Cross c Sangakkara b Chameera 7 (10b)     

Over 38 || Score 193/6

Kulasekara picked up two wickets in quick succession as Scotland are reduced to 193 for six. The seamer first got the better of set batsman Coleman and then dismissed Leask to derail the Scottish run chase. 171 runs needed from 12 overs.  

FRJ Coleman c NLTC Perera b Kulasekara 70 (74b)

MA Leask c Sangakkara b Kulasekara 2 (7b)

Over 35 || Score 188/4

Richie Berrington is the new man in. And the right hander hit a six and a boundary off the first three balls he faced. 26 runs came in the last three overs. Berrington has quickly reached to 20 off ten balls with the help of a boundary and two sixes.Scotland need 176 runs from 15 overs and they have six wickets in hand.

Over 32 || Score 162/4

Scotland have crossed the 150-run mark in the 31st over. Perera has been brought back into the attack. And he struck! Mommsen first pulled the bowler to get a boundary and then in the last ball he gave a straight catch to short cover cover fielder.   

PL Mommsen c Thirimanne b NLTC Perera 60 (75b)

Over 30 || Score 147/3

100-run partnership between Mommsen and Coleman off 107 balls for the fourth wicket. In the mean time, Mommsen too has completed his fifty by taking a single off the 2nd ball of 30th over. Super batting display by the duo and mind it they played proper cricketing shots thus far. 11 runs off the last three overs.   

Over 27 || Score 136/3

After the fifty by Coleman, now Mommsen too is coming close to reach the mark as he is mere three runs shy of it. Ten runs came in the last two overs as the duo have added 92 runs for the fourth wicket.  

Over 25 || Score 126/3

Coleman completed his fifty with the help of a single in the last ball off the 25th over by Perera. He used mere 44 balls to reach the mark with the help of six boundaries. Seven from the over. Scotland need 238 runs from 25 overs as they have seven wickets in hand.

Over 24 || Score 119/3

Mommsen and Coleman have already added 75 runs for the fourth wicket. Chameera is proving out as an expensive bowler for Sri Lanka as he leaked 24 runs in his first two overs. 15 runs came in the last two overs. 

Over 22 || Score 104/3

Bowling change! Chameera has been brought into the attack to bowl the 22nd over. Off his third ball, Coleman collected a boundary by guiding the ball towards third man. He then slapped the bowler for two more boundaries to get 13 from the over. And with that Scotland have crossed the 100-run mark as well. 

Over 20 || Score 87/3

Now Coleman is also trying to up the ante, as he stepped down the ground against Dilshan to hit his first boundary of the match. Six from the over. 277 runs needed from 30 overs and they have 7 wickets in hand.

Over 19 || Score 81/3

Mommsen is playing fearless cricket. In the 4th ball off the 19th over, he danced down the ground and hit the leggie Prasanna towards cow corner for a boundary. Ten runs came in the last two overs.

Over 17 || Score 71/3

Scotland are not very good players of quality spin bowling. Seven runs came in the last two overs. Mommsen is unbeaten on 25, whereas, Coleman is playing on 13.  

Over 15 || Score 64/3

Prasanna and Dilshan are bowling in tandem. In the meantime, Scotland have crossed the 50-run mark in the 13th over. 300 more runs needed from from 35 overs. Mommsen is looking good in the middle and playing positive cricket.   

Over 12 || Score 47/3

Machan Out! Mathews brought Dilshan into the attack and the offie straight away took the wicket of set batsman Machan by trapping him in front of the wicket in the 12th over. 317 runs needed from 38 overs.  

MW Machan lbw b Dilshan 19 (31b)

Over 9 || Score 33/2

First bowling change! Thisara Perera has been given the ball. Preston Mommsen is the new man in for Scotland after the fall of their 2nd wicket. And he played a super cover drive to get his first boundary. That was the only scoring shot from the over.  

Over 8 || Score 29/2

Kulasekara bowled a peach of a delivery to get the better of MacLeod. It was a fuller delivery, came in after pitching and crashed on to the stumps after hitting he back leg of the batsman. Three from the over.      

CS MacLeod b Kulasekara 11 (21b)

Over 7 || Score 26/1

Scotland batsman are finding it difficult to score runs at the moment. Another fine over by Malinga as two came off it. 

Over 6 || Score 24/1

First boundary for Scotland as Machan smashed the ball towards point region. Six from the over.  

Over 5 || Score 15/1

Sri Lankan strike bowlers are not offering much room for the batsmen to free their arms. Malinga is trying hard by mixing up his deliveries to get another wicket here. Three from the over.  

Over 4 || Score 18/1

Even after the fourth over Scotland are still waiting for their first boundary. Disciplined bowling by Kulasekara and Malinga.   

Over 2 || Score 5/1

Malinga Strikes! While chasing the mammoth total of 363, Scotland got off to a poor start as they lost opener Coetzer off the second ball of the match. Calum MacLeod and Matt Machan are at the crease.

KJ Coetzer c & b Malinga 0 (2b)    

Sri Lanka Innings

Over 50 || Score 363/9

Taylor bowled the last over and leaked eight in it as SL managed to put up an imposing total of 363 in front of minnows Scotland. Sangakkara's fourth consecutive World Cup ton was certainly the highlighter of the innings.     

Over 49 || Score 355/9

While bowling the first ball, the bowler injured himself due to his shoe. And then Coetzer has come to complete the over. Kulasekara slapped the bowler for a boundary and a six to collect 13 from it.   

Berrington to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. 

Over 48 || Score 342/9

At one stage SL were approaching towards the score of around 400 and now they are struggling to play their full quota of 50 overs. Five from the over.  

Over 47 || Score 337/9

Lasith Malinga and Nuwan Kulasekara are in the middle after SL lost a few wickets in last 3-4 overs. Another wicket! Berrington picked up his 2nd wicket as Malinga spooned a simple catch to Leask.

SL Malinga c Leask b Berrington 1 (3b)

Over 46 || Score 333/8

Prasanna Out! SL are losing wickets in a heap here. And most of their batsmen are getting out at boundaries while trying to hit a big shot. Now their target of scoring 400 runs is not looking bright at all.  

S Prasanna c Coleman b Evans 3 (5b)

Over 45 || Score 329/7

Perera Out! Trying to hit the bowler for a maximum, batsman gave a simple catch to Coleman at deep mid-wicket. Good over by Berrington as three runs came off it along with the wicket.  

NLTC Perera c Coleman b Berrington 7 (11b)

Over 44 || Score 326/6

Rain of sixes! Mathews clobbered four consecutive sixes. He is looking dangerous at the moment. Fifty for Mathews! It's the 2nd fastest fifty of the WC. OOHHH Out! Trying to hit the bowler for the fifth six, Mathews got out at deep as Coleman took well judged catch.  

AD Mathews c Coleman b Machan 51 (21b)    

Machan to bowl his 4th over.

Over 43 || Score 301/5

Machan and Taylor are bowling tandem. Two tight overs by Scotland because as 10 runs came in them. In the meanwhile, SL have crossed the 300-run mark. 

Over 41 || Score 291/5

Perera's cameo came to an end as Taylor picked up his first wicket. Thisara Perera is the new man in. SL are heading towards the mammoth total of 400.  

MDKJ Perera c MacLeod b Taylor 24 (13b)

Over 40 || Score 282/4

SL are dealing in boundaries at the moment. 20 runs came in the last two overs. Perera is smashing the ball hard.   

Over 38 || Score 262/4

Kusal Perera and Angelo Mathews are two new batsmen to the crease as Lanka lost their two wickets in quick succession. Skipper Mathews has started hitting the ball all over the park from the word go. He hit two sixes and a four off Leask's over to collect 17 from it.  

Over 37 || Score 245/4

Jayawardene and centurion Sangakkara Out! Two wickets in two balls for Davey, missed the hat-tick chance! Mahila's poor form continued as he once again got out cheaply after scoring two runs.  

KC Sangakkara c Cross b Davey 124 (95b) 

MD Jayawardene c MacLeod b Davey 2 (6b)

Over 36 || Score 242/2

Rain of boundaries. Sangakkara is picking up his spots and hitting the ball over the fielders to get his boundaries. The southpaw hit FIVE consecutive boundaries in the over to collect 24 runs in it. It's a run feast here at Hobart.     

Evans to bowl the over.

Over 35 || Score 218/2

Dave strikes, Dilshan Out! Immediately after completing his hundred Dilshan tried to clear the mid-off fielder standing inside the circle, but couldn't execute his plan as the fielder took a good catch in the end. Mahela Jayawardene is the new man in. Batting Powerplay on! 

TM Dilshan c MacLeod b Davey 104 (99b)

Over 34 || Score 212/1

Dilshan and Sangakkara completed their hundreds. It's four Dilshan's fourth World Cup ton, whereas, for Sanga it's his 4th consecutive World Cup hundred. With that they have added 190 runs for the second wicket. These to have been the pillars of the Sri Lankan batting line up for years. Ten from the over.  

Over 33 || Score 201/1

Sri Lanka have crossed the 200-run mark in the in the 33rd over. Now both the batsmen -- Sanga and Dilshan  -- have reached crossed the 90-run mark. In the last seven overs SL have added 59 runs to their total.    

Over 26 || Score 142/1

Sangakkara crossed the 50-run mark with a single towards extra covers. And he then celebrated his fifty by playing an inside out shot towards extra covers for a boundary. It's his 94th half-century in ODIs. What an outstanding batsman. Eight from the over. 

Over 25 || Score 134/1

Dilshan slogged Davey for consecutive boundaries towards square leg before hitting the seamer for a six in the same area off the next ball. Expensive over for Scotland as 17 came off it. The opener is now looking to accelerate the run-rate a bit.        

Over 24 || Score 119/1

Sanga is mere three runs short of his half-century. Most of his runs have come through the cover region -- his favourite zone. Evans bowled a tight over as he gave mere two runs in it.  

Over 23 || Score 115/1

The way Dilshan and Sanga are playing SL are heading towards a big total. Scotland bowlers are bowling well but these two are too good for them to handle. In the 23rd over, Sanga played Davey straight over his head to get his 4th boundary. 11 runs off the last two overs.         

Over 21 || Score 104/1

Sri Lanka have crossed the 100-run mark in the 21st over. Now the runs are coming swiftly for Lanka. Sanga swept Coetzer to collect his 3rd boundary as he reached to 39 off 43 balls. Seven from the over.      

Over 20 || Score 97/1

In the 19th over, opener Dilshan completed his fifty with the help of a single. Kyle Coetzer and Leask are bowling in tandem for Scotland. 19 runs came off the last two overs.

Over 17 || Score 78/1

Spin for the first time as Michael Leask has been given the ball. Five runs came in the last two overs. It's looking like a good toss to win.  

Over 15 || Score 73/1

Fifty-run partnership between Sanga and Dilshan for the second wicket. This partnership is growing dangerously. Scotland need to break it soon. Five from the over.    

Over 14 || Score 68/1

Both the batsmen are playing the Scottish seamers with an ease. Sanga is waiting for the loose balls to collect his boundaries. Five runs from the over. 

Over 13 || Score 63/1

Tight over first up by the seamer as he conceded mere two runs. But Scotland need to break this partnership. 

Double bowling change as Richie Berrington is set to bowl his opening over. 

Over 12 || Score 61/1

First bowling change! Josh Davey, there most successful bowler thus far in the tournament, has been introduced into the attack. Now the boundaries are coming at regular intervals for Sri Lanka. There is absolutely nothing in the pitch for the seamers. Dilshan hit his 5th boundary off the 2nd ball, this time towards extra covers. Seven from the over.  

Over 11 || Score 54/1

Off the 2nd ball Sanga played an on-drive to collect another boundary as SL crossed the 50-run mark. Eight from the over.   

No bowling change yet. Taylor to continue. 

Over 10 || Score 46/1

Both the batsmen in the middle -- Sanga and Dilshan -- are in super form. And they can destroy any bowling line up in the world. Dilshan reached to 29 by hitting two boundaries in the tenth over. But after the end of first ten overs both the teams have had their moments.      

Over 8 || Score 32/1

Sanga played his signature cover-drive to get his first boundary of the match. He is certainly class apart. Five from the over. 

Over 7 || Score 27/1

Kumar Sangakkara, who has been going through a purple patch, has joined Dilshan in the middle. He has a good chance to slam his 4th consecutive World Cup hundred in today's match. Single from the over.     

Over 5 || Score 26/1

First Breakthrough, Thirimanne Out! Evans managed to get the thick outside edge of southpaw's bat, when he went for a drive through cover region, and Mommsen took a sharp catch at slip cordon. Ten runs from the over.     

HDRL Thirimanne c Mommsen b Evans 4 (21b)

Over 5 || Score 16/0

Excellent start by Scotland bowlers. Though they haven't managed to get the first breakthrough yet but are successful in keeping the batsmen quiet with the help of disciplined bowling in the first five overs.   

Over 4 || Score 15/0

Both the openers are trying to hit the ball hard rather than timing it sweetly. Fielders too are backing their bowlers with excellent fielding. Another good over for the fielding unit.    

Over 3 || Score 12/0

Taylor is not offering much room. He is doing the basics right. Tight over by the left-arm bowler as conceded mere three runs.  

Over 2 || Score 9/0

Off the first ball, Dilshan played a cracking cover drive to collect the first boundary of the match. Other then that a single came off the over. 

Alasdair Evans is the bowling partner of Taylor. 

Over 1 || Score 4/0

Taylor has picked up the line early and is pitching the ball up to get some movement off the track. Decent first over by the seamer, four runs came off it. 

Two outstanding openers --- Dilshan and Thirimanne are in the middle. Rob Taylor is set to start the proceedings for Scotland.  

Toss: Sri Lanka have won the toss and elected to bat first. 

Sri Lanka will look to tie up some loose ends ahead of the World Cup quarter-finals when the former champions take on winless minnows Scotland in their last group match in Hobart on Wednesday.

The Islanders, who have won three of their five matches, will likely take third place in Pool A behind co-hosts New Zealand and Australia should they record an expected win at the Bellerive Oval.

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Angelo Mathews` side return to action just three days after going down to Australia by 64 runs in Sydney on Sunday despite a heroic run chase led by remarkable veteran Kumar Sangakkara.

The 37-year-old left-hander smashed 104 to become the only batsman to score three successive centuries in a World Cup and is the leading run-scorer in this edition with 372 runs at an average of 124.

Opener Tillakaratne Dilshan, 38, is fifth in the list with 291 runs, but former skipper Mahela Jayawardene`s lean patch on either side of a match-winning century against Afghanistan will be worrying.

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Jayawardene, 37, fell for zero in the tournament opener against New Zealand, did not get to bat against Bangladesh and England, before being run out for 19 against Australia.

Sri Lanka will need the three senior pros to fire if they are to repeat their 1996 triumph after losing the last two World Cup finals in 2007 and 2011.

The batsmen have so far made up for a wayward bowling attack which has leaked runs in the final overs to allow rivals to plunder big totals.

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New Zealand took 134 runs from the last 14 overs, England garnered 148 from 15 and Australia smashed 200 in the last 16 overs.

Sri Lanka are struggling to find an ideal combination after all-rounder Jeevan Mendis and batsman Dimuth Karunaratne returned home due to injuries and left-arm spinner Rangana Herath suffered a bruised finger.

They had a fresh injury concern on Sunday when batsman Dinesh Chandimal retired hurt with hamstring trouble after cracking a 24-ball 52, but team officials insisted he will recover soon.

With a week to go before the quarter-finals, Sri Lanka may look to rest tired limbs and test their bench strength against Scotland, who are lying at the bottom of the group with five defeats from as many matches.

Sri Lanka have played the non-Test side just once in a one-day international, winning easily by 183 runs in Edinburgh in July 2011, and another one-sided game appears likely.

Statistics reveal the wide gulf between the two sides.

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The combined ODI appearance total of the entire Scotland squad is 332 -- 114 fewer matches than Jayawardene`s 446 ODIS, 70 below Sangakkara`s 402 and just 20 more than Dilshan`s 312.

Scotland have yet to win a match in three World Cups, and with the International Cricket Council planning to reduce the number of teams involved from 14 to 10 in 2019, Wednesday`s fixture could be their last in the showpiece event.

Sri Lanka Squad

Lahiru Thirimanne, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene, Angelo Mathews, Upul Tharanga, Kushal Janith Perera, Thisara Perera, Seekkuge Prasanna, Sachithra Senanayake, Lasith Malinga, Nuwan Kulasekara, Suranga Lakmal, Rangana Herath, Dushmantha Chameera

Scotland Squad

Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Hamish Gardiner, Matt Machan, Preston Mommsen, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Majid Haq, Alasdair Evans, Iain Wardlaw, Freddie Coleman, Michael Leask, Safyaan Sharif, Rob Taylor

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