ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: India vs UAE - As it happened...

India thrashed UAE by nine wickets to register their third straight win of the tournament to top Pool B with 6 points. 

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: India vs UAE - As it happened...

Perth: India thrashed UAE by nine wickets to register their third straight win of the tournament to top Pool B with 6 points. After a clinical bowling performance, the defending champions chased down the modest total with ease with Rohit Sharma top scoring with 57 not out.

India innings

Over 19 || 104/1

Rohit Sharms steps out and smashes Tauquir down the ground for a boundary to seal the win for India. Rohit and Virat remain undefeated on 57 and 33 respectively.

Over 17 || Score 94/1

Rohit Sharma gets to his first fifty of the tournament with a neat cut off Tauquir's bowling.

Over 16 || Score 88/1

The umpires signaled for an innings break. Virat and Rohit need to come out after the break to polish off the 15 runs to steer India to their third win at the ICC World Cup 2015.

Over 15 || Score 83/1

Rohit hit Tauqir against the spin through extra cover on two back-to-back deliveries for boundaries. What a clean hitter of the cricket ball!

Over 13 || Score 66/1

Virat Kohli, with a whip of writs, crunched a middle stump delivery through midweek for a boundary. That looked a million bucks!

Over 12 || Score 60/1

Rohit and Virat are calmly knocking off these runs without taking any unnecessary risks. UAE need to strike fast to make this interesting.

Over 10 || Score 52/1

Kohli punched Guruge through cover point for his second boundary. Another punch near the third-man region fetched him 2 more runs. Virat is looking solid!

Over 9 || Score 46/1

Rohit got a move on picking three boundaries off that Naveed over with two pull shots and a glorious off-drive. Absolute treat to watch!

Over 7 || Score 30/1


Dhawan's attempted punch off the backfoot was picked out from this air by Rohan Mustafa with a spectacular one-handed catch. Kohli is the new man in for India.

Dhawan c Rohan Mustafa b Mohammad Naveed 14 (17b)

Over 6 || Score 25/0

Rohit pulled a short delivery from Guruge for a six. it was more of a top edge and not very convincing from the right-hander. Rohit then survived a huge caught-behind appeal.

Over 5 || Score 19/0


After a subdued start, the left-hander picked up two boundaries from that Naveed over playing a lovely on-drive and then piercing the ball through the cover point region.

Over 4 || Score 10/0

The bowlers have bowled in good areas making it hard for the Indian batsmen to score freely. Rohit is batting on 8, while Shikhar is giving him company on 2.

Over 2 || Score 5/0

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma got off India to a steady start. Naveed and Guruge are the new ball bowlers for UAE.

The Indians have done the job with the ball. They now need to come out and knock off these runs quickly. 103 in 50 overs is the target for the defending champions.

UAE Innings

Over 32|| Score 102

Umesh cleans up Anwar with a full, swinging delivery. A great effort from Anwar comes to an end. That was a clinical bowling display by India.

Shaiman Anwar b Yadav 35 (49b)

Over 31 || Score 98/9

The last UAE pair are putting up a brave fight. Incidentally, this 10th wicket stand is the highest of the innings.

Over 30 || Score 94/9

sAshwin completed his 10 overs with career-best bowling figures of 10-1-25-4. Umesh Yadav was brought into the attack to wrap up the UAE innings. Anwr however has been extremely positive and that has been the only positive for the batting side so far.

Over 24 || Score 71/9


The UAE skipper's attempted sweep resulted in him falling over and getting bowled by a Jadeja delivery that crashed into the leg stump. In-form batsman Shaiman is running out of partners here.

Mohammad Tauqir b Jadeja 1 (5b)

Over 23 || Score 68/8

ravichancran ashwin

Ashwin scalped his 4th wicket of the match with a quicker one that crashed into the middle and leg. This is too easy for India now as the batsmen are not putting up any fight.

Mohammad Naveed b Ashwin 6 (7b)

Over 22 || Score 67/7


That was an eventful Jadeja over. The left-arm spinner first induced an edge from Javed that was caught up Raina in the slips.

Raina also dropped  Mohammad Naveed in the same position to deny Jadeja his second wicket.

Shaiman continued to play positively smashing the spinner for a slog sweep into the stands.

Amjad Javed c Raina b Jadeja 2 (5b )

Over 21 || Score 61/6

Shaiman punished a short and wide Ashwin delivery through the covers for his second boundary of the match On the fourth ball of the over, there was a stumping scare for Amjad Javed as Dhoni took his bails off in a flash. However, the replay showed the batsman was safe.

Over 20 || Score 54/6


Mohit picked his first wicket of the innings and in the process knocked down UAE's 6th. Mustafa was trapped LBW by Mohit. Unhappy with umpire's decision, Mustafa opted for a review. But to his dismay, the TV umpire agreed with his on-field colleague.

Over 19 || Score 51/5​

Rohan Mustafa clipped Ashwin on the leg side for a couple. The left-hander was tested around his off-stump throughout that over by Ashwin.

Over 18 || Score 49/5

 Shaiman Anwar looks in fine form. He pulled Mohit's short delivery for his first boundary. Anwar's bat is making a sweet sound on meeting the ball. UAE needs him to fire today.

Over 17 || Score 44/5


Khurram Khan's attempted sweep of Ashwin's bowling popped up in the air over the keeper's head. Raina moved quickly to his right from slip towards a leg-slip-ish position to complete a simple catch. UAE have lost half their side now.

Khurram Khan c Raina b Ashwin 14 (28b)

Over 16 || Score 42/4

Shaiman Anwar arrived in the middle after fall of the UAE's 4th wicket. Mohit continue to bowl in tandem with Ashwin.

Over 15 || Score 41/4

Ashwin gets his second wicket of the match. Patil edges the offie's arm-ball playing a defensive shot to Dhawan in the slips. After a tremendous effort against Pakistan and South Africa, Ashwin is turning out to be India's best bowler today as well.

SP Patil c Dhawan b Ashwin 7 (19b)

Over 14 || Score 36/3

Mohit made a good comeback in his second over by bowling a maiden.

Over 13 || Score 36/3

Another tight over from Ashwin. Pressure clearly building up on the UAE batsmen now. The spinner is proving to be difficult to get away.

Over 12 || Score 34/3

Mohit Sharma was brought into the attack. He was slapped through point by Swapnil Patil for a boundary.

Over 11 || Score 29/3

Ashwin was introduced into the attack and the offie delivered a wicket for India. The ball was gloved by the batsman on to his thigh pad and straight into Raina's hands at leg slip.

Krishna Chandran c Raina b Ashwin 4 (27b)

Over 10 || Score 28/2

Quite an eventful 10th over that. An LBW shout and an edge through the slips - Umesh is breathing down the neck of UAE batsmen.

Over 9 || Score 24/2

Khurram Khan slashed a short and wide Bhuvi delivery to the left of third man for a welcome boundary. The veteran batsman is key to UAE posting a competitive target.

Over 8 || Score 18/2

Umesh finally concedes runs. Krishna Chandran and Khurram Khan are not taking any risks. Good smart cricket from the minnows.

Over 7 || Score 16/2

Three runs came from that fourth Bhuvi over. The duo seem more comfortable against him than Umesh. UAE has the difficult task of rebuilding their innings now.

Over 6 || Score 13/2


Umesh Yadav has now bowled two consecutive maidens. He has carried his form from the first two games into this match as well. Yadav's figures read 3-2-1-1. Pretty impressive from the pacer.

Over 5 || Score 13/2

Bhuvi picks his first wicket with a sharp bouncer. Amjad Ali attempted to hook the ball, but only managed to edge it to the keeper. Dhoni has now played a role in both dismissals. Also, the UAE batsmen are struggling to cope with the bouncer.

Amjad Ali c Dhoni b Kumar 4 (12b)

Over 4 || Score 12/1

MAIDEN! Umesh Yadav, who has been upping his pace of late, bowls India's first maiden of the innings. UAE batsmen are struggling against his pace so far.

Over 3 || Score 12/1

Bhuvi has pitched the ball in good areas and troubled the UAE batsmen. He had a close LBW shout in his second over. Also, a quick bouncer near fetched Bhuvi his first World Cup wicket after Dhoni couldn't reach the ball.

Over 2 || Score 7/1

Umesh Yadav, sharing the new ball with Bhuvi, gave India the first breakthrough taking the wicket of Berenger. The right-hander top edged Yadav's quick bouncer and looped a catch straight into the safe hands of Dhoni.

AR Berenger c Dhoni b Yadav 4 (9b)

Over 1 || Score 6/0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar took the news ball for India. Ali and Raffaelo walked in to open the innings for UAE. Bhuvi was spanked through point region by Raffaelo for UAE's first boundary of the match.

First up, the national anthem of UAE, followed by India's.

Players are out on the field. Time for the national anthems.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has replaced the injured Mohammad Shami. The skipper said the team didn't want to risk Shami today.


UAE have won the toss and elected to bat first. MS Dhoni said he too would have liked to do the same had the coin toss gone in his favor.

Two worlds are going to collide in some time when mighty India tackle the United Arab Emirates` team of shipping clerks and airline staff, with at least two of the Gulf amateurs relishing the World Cup showdown at the WACA.

India Squad:

Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Mohit Sharma, Stuart Binny, Ambati Rayudu, Axar Patel

UAE Squad:

Amjad Ali, Andri Berenger, Krishnachandran Karate, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil, Shaiman Anwar, Amjad Javed, Rohan Mustafa, Mohammad Naveed, Mohammad Tauqir, Manjula Guruge, Nasir Aziz, Fahad Alhashmi, Kamran Shazad, Saqlain Haider

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All-rounder Krishna Chandran and wicket-keeper Swapnil Patil were both born in India but, frustrated by the pedestrian pace of their playing careers in the country`s over-crowded talent market, they decamped to the UAE where they could pursue both jobs and cricket. 

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Chandran hails from Kerala and once featured for a Bangalore college club alongside Stuart Binny, who is a member of the India squad at the World Cup.

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Patil is another Indian expat and he is looking forward to meeting up with star batsman Ajinkya Rahane who smashed 79 against South Africa.

Patil and Rahane played in a variety of youth teams in Mumbai before the keeper decamped to Dubai.

But the 29-year-old Patil, one of seven players in the UAE squad who only made their debuts last year after completing residency qualifications, has fond memories of his time spent with Rahane.

Reigning champions India`s much-vaunted batting line-up has impressed so far at the World Cup, but captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said his fielders deserved credit for restricting opposition totals."If we score 280, for example, we know with our fielding we can actually add another 15 runs. I think we have got some excellent fielders, and apart from that we have got fast bowlers who are above average fielders," said the skipper, whose team were livewires against South Africa.

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