ICC has wherewithal to combat corruption, says ex-London police chief

London: Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens has backed the International Cricket Council (ICC) to stamp out corruption which has been plaguing the game of cricket.

Stevens, who has headed a number of corruption inquiries in his career, said: "There are processes and best-practice which allow them (ICC) to do that."

"We shouldn`t rely on the News of the World to do business which is in the public interest. We in sport, including the police, have a duty to ensure sports are clean," The BBC quoted Stevens, as saying.

British tabloid `News of the World` has claimed that Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were bribed by London-based agent Majeed Mazhar to bowl three `no-balls` during the Lord`s Test against England last month.

He also believes that a coordinated global approach would halt the activities of illegal betting syndicates.

"Worldwide there is a need for legislation that encompasses these kinds of activities, something similar to what we do on the anti-terrorist side of things. Unless we do that, the sports we love are under threat," Stevens said.Police organizations, including Interpol, should come along and have a kind of `blue sky` thinking about how we can take sport forward. Talk is no good any longer, action is needed," he added.