ICC made DRS from bad to worse with new review rule: Andrew McDonald

Sydney: Former Australian Test cricketer Andrew McDonald has indicated that the ICC has made the Decision Review System (DRS) from `bad to worse` with its resolution to add two reviews after 80 overs in an innings during Test matches from October 1.

According to McDonald, the global cricket`s governing body`s decision will not address the problem of the ` howlers ` as there will be more time wasted from October 1 in comparison to the present where teams are allowed two reviews per innings, with the available technology either being mishandled or proving inclusive.

Although McDonald conceded that the ICC is trying to rectify the controversial DRS which they think is not right at the moment, he however, fears that the situation can go from bad to worse, especially during the return Ashes series, during which the new rule will see much of its trial, News.com.au reports.

The report mentioned that the match officials who struggle using technology whether on-field or as third umpire, like Tony Hill, will now come under extra pressure if the new resolution becomes permanent.

According to the report, the only way to eradicate the howler is to follow the advice of former umpire Daryl Harper, who said that players must be removed from the review process and replaced by a third, specialist, techno-savvy mediator with the responsibility to intervene at any given stage to remedy a poor decision.


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