ICC puts stamp of approval on new PCB constitution

Islamabad: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has approved the new constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which was drafted jointly by the board and the government.

As a consequence of the new constitution, PCB will now become independent of government intervention and turn into a democratic institution whose chairman will not be appointed but elected by its governing board.

This came after the ICC had given a deadline to all cricketing boards to democratize their constitutions to ensure that they become independent of government interference.

Praising the new constitution, ICC president Alan Isaac had said that he is impressed by the efforts of PCB chairman Mohammad Zaka Ashraf, the entire board and the government for producing a constitution which makes the process of electing its chairman more democratic.

According to Isaac, the new constitution also reduces the risk of inappropriate government interference in line with ICC`s constitutional provisions.

Among the three Asian nations of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, whom ICC directed to amend its constitution, Pakistan has become the first to comply with ICC`s deadline of June 30.