ICC statement on PCB receives mixed reaction

Karachi: The cricket community here has given a mixed reaction to ICC`s threat to impose sanctions on the PCB if it didn`t improve its governance and took robust anti-corruption measures to clean up the sport.

Pakistan Cricket board legal adviser Talib Rizvi said that the board would review all the recommendations made by the ICC and would try to implement them properly.

"The ICC measures announced as part of its anti-corruption drive are all positive measures and we will soon hold anti-corruption courses for our domestic and international players as part of the recommendations made by the International Cricket Council governing board at its
meeting in Dubai," Rizvi said.

But he lamented that the threatening tone of the ICC statement after the board meeting yesterday.

"While the ICC recommendations are to be welcomed but it is disappointing to note the threatening tone in the statement," he said.

PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt who is under fire at home for his policies is yet to return from Dubai after attending the ICC meeting which gave a clear rap on the knuckles to Butt and his team at the meeting.

"PCB must act and be seen to be acting to uphold the zero-tolerance attitude to corruption in sport," the ICC said in its statement.

The ICC also said that the Pakistan Task Team is authorised by the ICC Board, under a revised mandate to help PCB carry out any reforms which may be deemed necessary to restore confidence in the administration of the game in Pakistan; and deliver the above measures.

"If the PCB fails to carry out the above to the satisfaction of the Board within the next 30 days, the Board will consider what further action (including, if appropriate, sanctions) is required in the circumstances," the ICC said in its statement.

Former board officials and players mainly felt the PCB had brought the sad situation on itself due to its poor administrative policies.

"Ijaz Butt has shamed the whole Pakistani nation with his incompetent administrative policies," former ICC President, Ehsan Mani said.

"Considering the antics of the PCB in the last few months this was bound to happen," Mani said.

Mani said it was embarrassing that the ICC had included members from junior cricket playing nations on the ICC task force for Pakistan.

"The formation of the task force and the revised mandate given to it shows that the ICC has no confidence in the PCB administration," he said.

Former CEO of the board, Arif Ali Khan Abbasi said because of the incompetent policies of the board everyone was making fun of Pakistan cricket.

He said careless statement by Butt and his incoherent policies had brought Pakistan cricket to the brink of disaster.

But Abbasi also felt that the PCB now needed to adopt a pro-active policy in its dealings with the ICC.

"ICC conducted an inquiry into the Oval ODI without any substantial evidence and the PCB should have protested strongly on this any other country would not have tolerated this," he said.

Former Chairman of the Pakistan board, Khalid Mehmood said he was disappointed and upset by the language used by the ICC in its statement threatening Pakistan cricket with sanctions.

"I don`t think the ICC statement is right even the way they publicised their inquiry into the Oval ODI without having any real evidence is objectionable," he said.

He pointed out that the ICC had no right to address Pakistan cricket in this tone.

"Any other country would have taken ICC to task for making such threats about imposing sanctions on us," he added.

Former test captain, Zaheer Abbas said that Pakistan cricket was facing manifold problems and needed to review its working.

"We are passing through a critical phase and this is because the PCB has shown poor timing and governance. When our players were first accused of spot fixing the board should have shown initiative and suspended all three of them immediately and sent them home instead of allowing the ICC to take control," he said.

Former Test all-rounder, Azhar Mahmood said the PCB needed to adopt a stronger attitude towards those who make baseless allegations against Pakistani players.

"Until the spot fixing allegations are proven our players are innocent so this statement by the ICC is strange," he said.



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