2014 ICC World Twenty20, Group 2: England vs Netherlands – As it happened...

By Jayanta Oinam | Updated: Mar 31, 2014, 14:16 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Suyash Srivastava & Jayanta Oinam

Live updates from the 29th match of 2014 ICC World Twenty20, between England and the Netherlands being played at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium, Chittagong.


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What a series this has been for Netherlands. They showed what they were capable of against Ireland in the qualifying stage, and once they were bowled out for the lowest total in the T20I history (39), they bounced back and put up a formidable show against South Africa and New Zealand. Their hard work paid off with today's win and despite having not reached the semis, the Dutch have been a very impressive team in the ICC World Twenty20.

England innings:

Over 17.4 || Score

Bukhari to bowl his final over. Broad tried a big shot off the second ball, and managed just an edge to the keeper! The Dutch need one more wicket! Stephen Warry is the last man who walks to the crease. And it's all over for England, Tredwell is run-out and Netherlands have crushed them by 45 runs!

JC Tredwell run out 8 (6b)

SCJ Broad c Barresi b Mudassar Bukhari 4 (5b)


Over 17 || Score 85/8

James Tredwell is the new man in, Jamil has been brought back into the attack. Tredwell charged down the wicket off the second ball, it went in the air over the fielder at point for a boundary! Seven runs from the over.


Over 15 || Score 78/8

Van Beek has been brought into the attack. He strikes first ball, Bopara is caught at deep midwicket! Skipper Stuart Broad is the new man in and he would be under pressure to get his side near to that total. The run-rate was soaring, Jordan attempted a big hit off the fifth ball and hit it straight to the fielder at long-off! England now need 56 runs from 24 balls, the Dutch need just two wickets!

CJ Jordan c Swart b van Beek 14 (14b)

RS Bopara c Seelaar b van Beek 18 (20b)


Over 14 || Score 67/6

Borren to continue. Eight runs from the over. Boundaries are still hard to come for England. 67 neeeded from the last six overs.


Over 13 || Score 59/6

Malik has been brought into the attack. Five runs from the over. Bopara is still there at the crease and Chris Jordan too can hit some lusty blows. 75 needed from 42 now.


Over 12 || Score 54/6

Borren to bowl his second over. The Dutch had done everything right today, before Borren dropped a caught and bowled chance of Bopara off his own bowling! Bopara is the last established England batsman at the crease, and Netherlands would have exposed the tail had Borren held onto that catch. But the Dutch still manage to get another wicket, as Tim Bresnan is run-out! Five runs from the over and a wicket for the team. England now need 80 runs to win from 48 balls, with just four wickets in hand.

TT Bresnan run out 5 (6b)


Over 11 || Score 49/5

Seelar has been brought into the attack. Seven runs from the over.


Over 10 || Score 42/5

Logan van Beek brought into the attack. He strikes in his first over, Buttler hits one straight to deep midwicket! England batsmen are looking in a huge hurry. They now need 90 runs from the next ten overs.

JC Buttler c Seelaar b van Beek 6 (14b)


Over 9 || Score 37/4

Peter Borren has been brought into the attack. And he joins the party, Moeen Ali is is caught at cover! All the Dutch bowlers have made an impact so far. England in big trouble here.

MM Ali c TLW Cooper b Borren 3 (7b)


Over 8 || Score 32/3

Ahsan Malik brought into the attack. Good start this, four runs from the over.


Over 7 || Score 28/3

Bukhari to bowl his third over. The English batsmen are now not taking any chances against Bukhari, who has been outstanding today. Just two runs from the over.


Over 6 || Score 26/3

Gugten to bowl his third over. And he gets another breakthrough, Eoin Morgan is caught at slips! It was a superb delivery which pitched away from Morgan, he had to play at it, he did and edged it towards the slips. Five runs from the over and a wicket. The Dutch have dominated the proceedings and are on their way to create a major upset in the tournament.

EJG Morgan c Borren b van der Gugten 6 (8b)


Over 5 || Score 21/2

Bukhari to bowl his second over. Bukhari strikes againa, danger man Alex Hales is bowled! Hales was beaten by the pace of the ball which clipped the bails. What a stupendous spell this has been from Bukhari. Two runs and a wicket from the over.

AD Hales b Mudassar Bukhari 12 (17b)


Over 4 || Score 19/1

Gugten to bowl his second over. Just one run from it. It has been an excellent start by these Dutch bowlers. They have shown a lot of character right throughout this tournament.


Over 3 || Score 18/1

Mudassar Bukhari is brought into the attack. Second ball was a short of a length delivery and Hales worked that fine through covers for a boundary! Last ball of the over was a length delivery and Lumb hit it straight to the fielder at covers! Bukhari has struck in his first over, five runs from it.

MJ Lumb c TLW Cooper b Mudassar Bukhari 6 (8b)


Over 2 || Score 13/0

Tim van der Gugten to bowl the second over. Good start this, five runs from the over.


Over 1 || Score 8/0

Alex Hales and Michael Lumb to open the innings for England, Swart will bowl the first over for England. Second ball was a yorker, nicely worked by Hales striaght down the ground for a boundary! Eight runs from the first over.


Netherlands Innings

Over 20 || Score 133/5

Chris Jordan finished the innings with a superb over by conceding only two runs and also removed Barresi, who was looking to add at least a couple more boundaries to the Netherlands innings.

Wesley Barresi b Chris Jordan 48 (45b)


Over 19 || Score 131/4

A relatively better over for the batting side as Barresi clubbed one over extra-cover for a six. The over produced 13 runs and a wicket in exchange.

Ben Borren c Stephen Parry b Stuart Broad 7 (10b)

Third wicket for Broad as Borren offered a simple catch to mid-off, where Parry completed the proceedings.


Over 18 || Score 118/3

Brilliant over by Jordan. Conceded only three runs as the Dutch batsmen have failed to measure the variations from the English bowler.

Netherlands skipper, Peter Borren played out three dot deliveries to end the over. Bad time to start an innings.

While his batting partner, Barresi continued to Barresi hold on with an unbeaten 39 from 40 balls.


Over 17 || Score 115/3

Skipper has got his second, thanks to a superb catch by the very athletic Chris Jordan.

Tom Cooper failed to dispatch the loose delivery from the England captain, and instead resulted in a catch and a wicket.

Tom Cooper c Chris Jordan b Stuart Broad 8 (15b)

Broad's bowling figure is three overs, 11 runs and two wickets.


Over 16 || Score 110/2

Another good over from Bopara. Four singles accounted for the four runs that the Dutch batsmen have taken from this over. Ordinary stuff from the batting side as it's the time to launch the attack.


Over 15 || Score 106/2

Alex Hales dropped a relatively easy catch at deep mid-wicket. Cooper survived.

Bresnan was unlucky not to have a wicket in his name. His second delivery of the over, a short one, pulled by Cooper, failed to take a flight and ended at deep mid-wicket as an onrushing Hales spilled the chance.

In the 14th over, Netherlands have reached the 100-run mark. Bopara conceded five runs in the over.


Over 13 || Score 95/2

Thus Tom Cooper arrived in the centre. And Broad brought back Parry for yet another over.

The over yielded eight runs as four singles and a boundary – off the fifth delivery, make a good one for the batting side.

Barresi has reached 29 from 26 deliveries at the end of this over.


Over 12 || Score 87/2

First ball of the over, and a wicket. Bopara removed set-batsman, Myburgh in his second over.

It was a bad delivery, a full toss from Ravi which Myburgh tried to heave over deep. But his shot ended-up dropping short as Alex Hales completed the rite.

Stephan Myburgh c Alex Hales b Ravi Bopara 39 (31b)


Over 11 || Score 84/1

After two quite overs, the batting side found some leeway, freeing their arms. Result, a boundary.

Tredwell failed to see the charging batsman and his delivery ended up offering full. Myburgh connected his sweep, good enough to reach the square leg boundary. Nine runs off the over.


Over 10 || Score 75/1

Another new bowler, this time Ravi Bopara. Good day for English players, every one of them will get their share of bowling today – as if the skipper has promised.

After giving away two runs off the first delivery, Bopara conceded only three runs more from the remaining five deliveries.

The Dutch batsmen seemed to be struggling against the slow bowlers.


Over 9 || Score 70/1

Another brilliant over from Tredwell. He conceded only three runs. He must have bowled six different deliveries.


Over 8 || Score 67/1

A dropped catch and the first Six of the innings.

Stephan Parry started his over with short-ball, which Barresi pulled towards deep mid-wicket. The ball has hit with just enough power to reach the boundary but Michael Lumb made a mess out of it and parried it over the rope. A six.

Myburgh hit his first six three balls later, slogging over mid-wicket boundary.

The over produced 15 runs. A poor over from the left-arm orthodox bowler.


Over 7 || Score 52/1

Tredwell complimented his skipper with a five-run over. All the runs coming in singles.

The Dutch batsmen did really well to rotate the strike against a potent attack. In between, Myburgh has reached 23 from 19 deliveries as he continues to guide the innings.


Over 6 || Score 47/1

Another good over from the England skipper. Broad sent down five dot balls, but a boundary – off a short delivery in the third ball by Myburgh spoiled the stats. It could have ended a maiden over.


Over 5 || Score 43/1

Fifth over, five bowlers – some juggling from the English captain.

The over from James Tredwell started with two singles, as Myburgh and newly arrived Wesley Barresi rotate the strike. In the third ball, the batting benefited from a missed shot as three byes accrued to the total. Then, Barresi produced a beautiful cut which passed the point fielder.

Nine runs. Good over for England.


Over 4 || Score 34/1

The skipper did the work. Stuart Broad, introducing in the fourth over, got the better of Swart. The Dutch opener tried to play smart but failed to clear mid-on. And Stephen Parry took the catch.

Michael Swart c Stephen Parry b Stuart Broad 13 (15b)

Besides the wicket, Broad conceded only two runs to stall the run flow.


Over 3 || Score 32/0

Third bowler introduced as early as the third over for the fielding side. Chris Jordan, who could have played for the West Indies team, now dons English colours.

An expensive over for England as both Swart and Myburgh managed to find the gaps for a boundary each. And with four leg-byes, the over went for 14 runs.

Good start for the minnows, who have recently lost the ODI status.


Over 2 || Score 18/0

Tim Bresnan got to a probing start, forcing Swart to play safe, until... the fourth ball. The Dutch opener found his first boundary with a controlled shot, off an over-pitched delivery, towards mid-on boundary.

A good start for the England bowler though, as the over leaked only five runs.

Over 1 || Score 13/0

Michael Swart started, scampering with a single for his opening partner, Stephan Myburgh to take charge.

And by the third ball of the innings, there have been two boundaries – off successive deliveries, then another hit to the rope in the fifth ball and finished it with a well left delivery.

Thus Moeen Ali's first over meant England conceded 13 runs.


Toss: England won the toss and will bowl first.

Here are the teams:

England: Michael Lumb, Alex Hales, Moeen Ali, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler(wk), Ravi Bopara, Chris Jordan, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad(c), James Tredwell, Stephen Parry

Netherlands: Stephan Myburgh, Michael Swart, Wesley Barresi(w), Peter Borren(c), Tom Cooper, Ben Cooper, Logan van Beek, Mudassar Bukhari, Timm van der Gugten, Pieter Seelaar, Ahsan Malik


Chittagong: They have met each other in this format and in the same tournament. The result shocked the cricketing world as the Netherlands posted their most famous win ever by defeating hosts England in their 2009 World Twenty20 Group B match at the Lord`s.

Probably, that`s where the Dutch players are looking for inspiration as the minnows look for their first win the Super 10 stage. And it;s good enough reason to follow the match, even though it`s a dead rubber. This will be their last match in the tournament.

This is the perfect setting the minnows to make a statement, that they can beat the big boys.

For the English team, it`s more of a soul-searching following their early exit. A big win against the Associate team will, at least, calm few nerves which have been imploded after the forgettable tours of Australia and West Indies.