ICC team inspects Eden Gardens, media barred entry

Kolkata: Media was barred entry into the Eden Gardens as the ICC team inspected the under-construction stadium amid fears that it might not be ready for the World Cup, scheduled to start on February 19 in the sub-continent.

The Cricket Association of Bengal has already missed two deadlines, but president Jagmohan Dalmiya said it was a "routine ongoing process that happens before every match and that there was nothing to worry about".

But the manner in which the four hour-long inspection was carried out with the CAB issuing a notice denying entry to media during the exercise, says something else.

None of the three members of the ICC -- Van Furren Eugiene, Campbell Jamieson and Chris Tetley -- spoke to the media while tournament director, Ratnakar Shetty, who was mobbed by the electronic media, somehow managed to sneak out.

Allaying fears that the Eden Gardens would not be ready in time because of the pending renovation work, Dalmiya said the delay in progress of work was a misconception.

"The ICC inspection team visited the Eden Gardens and went through each and every point. It appeared to me that they were happy. They will send a report in a few days` time," Dalmiya told reporters.

Dalmiya blamed the media for giving a wrong picture of the renovation work of the historic venue.

"ICC team did not speak about any delay. There was never a delay. We are going ahead with the progress. The media is trying to say as if today was the match date and we have failed to host it."

On missing the deadline twice, Dalmiya said, "There was never a timeline. It`s an ongoing process and we will be ready by dot February 27. There was no other day in between."

Eden Gardens is scheduled to host four matches on February 27, March 15, March 18 and March 20.