ICC World Cup 2015: Afghanistan vs Scotland - As it happened...

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ICC World Cup 2015: Afghanistan vs Scotland - As it happened...

Sydney: In a nail-biting finish, Afghanistan registered their first World Cup win as they defeated scotland by 1 wicket in the 17th match of the tournament played at University Oval, Dunedin.

The Scottish fans won't believe what happened today. They first batted brilliantly and registered their first 200-run plus total in a World Cup match. Their bowlers backed the performance by reducing Afghanistan to 97/7. It seemed to be all over at that time but a scintillating knock from Samiullah Shenwari led them to a historic win.

Over 49.3 | Score 211/9

Wardlaw to bowl the final over. He started off with a perfect yorker, a single scored, 4 needed from 5. Second ball hit Shapoor on the pads, he ran for a single, was sent back, the fielder's throw missed the stumps and Shapoor was out in case of a direct hit! What drama, what a match! Third ball was a low full-toss, Shapoor timed it well past deep square leg for a boundary which are also the winning runs!! Shapoor Zadran cannot control his emotions, he takes a long run!!! Afghanistan win their first World Cup match and in style!!

Over 49 | Score 206/9

Berrington, who has four wickets to his name, will bowl the penultimate over. Shapoor took a single off the first ball. Hassan worked the second ball past third man for another single. Shapoor followed it with another single past covers. That single also brought 200 runs for Afghanistan. Fourth ball was a dot delivery. Fifth ball hit Hassan's pads and they ran a bye. The next ball was a wide. Last ball was short and down the leg side, Shapoor guided it past fine leg for a boundary! 5 needed from 6 now! Absolute thriller!!

Over 48 | Score 197/9

Evans to bowl his final over. Hassan took a single off the first ball. Shapoor defended the second ball for no run. There was a caught behind appeal off the third ball, the umpire wasn't interested. Shapoor took a single off the fourth ball. The next ball was too high and was called a wide. Hassan tapped the fifth ball on the off side and a single was taken off the overthrow. Shapoor worked the last ball past point for another single. 14 needed off 12!

Over 47 | Score 192/9

Haq to bowl his final over. Shenwari charged down the track off the first ball and slammed it for a six over deep midwicket! Haq followed it with a wide ball. Shenwari attempted for a sweep shot off the third ball and hit it over deep square leg for another Six! Shenwari defended the third ball back to the bowler for no run. Fourth ball was pitched short and Shenwari hammered it over deep midwicket for another Six! What an over this is turning out to be! Shenwari attempted another six off the fifth ball, didn't time it well and was caught at deep midwicket for 96! What an innings this has been from Shenwari. No matter what the result of this match is, the entire Afghanistan dugout would be extremely proud of this special innings from Shenwari!After he was caught, the umpire asked him to wait as they checked whether there were just four fielders outside the inner circle, there were, and Shenwari took a long walk back to the pavilion.

Shapoor Zadran is the last man in. He defends the last ball for no run. 19 needed off 18 now.

Samiullah Shenwari c Davey b Haq 96 (147b)

Over 46 | Score 173/8

Wardlaw to bowl his ninth over. Shenwari took a single off the first ball after which Hassan played three dot balls and took a single off the fifth. 38 needed off 24, Shenwari on strike.

Over 45 | Score 170/8

Majid Haq bowled an excellent 9th over where he conceded just two runs. Shenwari, batting on 76 is on strike. 41 needed off 30 now.

Over 44 | Score 168/8

What a game it is turning out to be! Take a bow Shenwari! The right-hander has brought his side into a winning position single-handedly. He is mostly dealing in singles, at the same time not hesitating to smash boundaries and sixes! He is currently batting on 75 and Afghanistan now need 42 runs to win off the last 36 balls. Shenwari will become a big hero back home if he manages to pull this off!

Over 40 | Score 153/8

Shenwari continues to impress! He is fighting a lone battle for his team and is batting very sensibly. Soon after reaching his half-century, Shenwari slammed a six and a boundary off Devy's consecutive balls. Hamid Hassan is the other batsman at the crease and his role is to rotate the strike as much as possible. Afghanistan now need 58 runs to win from the last ten overs.

Over 35 | Score 132/8

Just when, Shenwari and Zardan were in the process of stitching a valuable partnership, the latter threw his wicket. These two had added 35 runs for the 8th wicket, but Zardan decided to hit one straight down the ground and mistimed it high enough for an easy catch. Shenwari is batting on 48 and he needs some support from the tail enders to get Afghanistan closer to the total.

Dawlat Zadran c Mommsen b Berrington 9 (25b)

Over 30 | Score 107/7

Samiullah Shenwari and Dawlat Zadrani made sure Afghanistan didn't lose any more wickets in the last five overs. However, only nine runs were scored and the asking rate is soaring as well. After a good show with the ball, Afghanistan should now try and bat for as many overs as they can. Shenwari is the set batsman, currently batting on 30 and the onus is on him to keep the scoreboard moving.

Over 25 | Score 98/7

Afghanistan continue to wobble as they lost two more wickets. While Zazai and Zadran were dismissed by Berrington, Davey scalped his second wicket of the match as he dismissed Naib for a first-ball duck. Three wickets have fallen in the last five overs, 28 runs scored.

Gulbadin Naib c Haq b Davey 0 (1b)

Najibullah Zadran c Haq b Berrington 4 (5b)

Afsar Zazai lbw b Berrington 0 (1b)

Over 20 | Score 70/4

Soon after completing his half-century, Ahmadi hit one high in the air and was caught by Machan. Afghanistan suffered a hammer blow when next batsman skipper Nabi was declared out lbw, he reviewed the decision which stayed as some part of the ball was going to hit the stumps. After a decent start to the innings, Afghanistan are wobbling here. Najibullah Zadran and Samiullah Shenwari are the two new batmen at the crease and they need to steady the ship.

Mohammad Nabi lbw b Davey 1 (3b)

Javed Ahmadi c Machan b Berrington 51 (51b)

Over 15 | Score 70/2

After those two quick blows by Evans, Ahmadi and Samiullah Shenwari have been batting sensibly and have added unbeaten 24 runs for the third-wicket partnership. After a flurry of boundaries, Ahmadi has also slowed down the pace of his innings, which is the need of the hour for Afghanistan.  

Over 10 | Score 48/2

Alasdair Evans created another opportunity for Scotland in the 8th over of the innings when he surprised Ahmadi with a short ball, he got a top edge which went towards deep fine leg and fell inches short of a diving Gardiner. After that chance, Evans bowled an inswinger to Mongal who was bowled. Asghar Stanikzai was the next man in, and after hitting a good boundary through covers, he edged the third delivery he faced behind the wicket. That double blow by Evans has put Scotland in command of the proceedings to an extent. Ahmadi is still batting on 34 having played some wonderful strokes and the onus is now on him to go and hit a big one from here onwards.

Asghar Stanikzai c Cross b Evans 4 (3b)

Nawroz Mangal b Evans 7 (13b)

Over 5 | Score 27/0

Afghanistani openers Javed Ahmadi and Nawroz Mangal have got their to a decent start by adding 27 runs for the first wicket. Ahmadi has been the aggressor so far, having scored 23 runs.

There was an opportunity for Scotland in the fifth over of the innings when Iain Wardlaw surprised Ahmadi with a short ball, he got an edge which flew towards the slip cordon but skipper Mommsen dived to his right, got his fingertips to but couldn't hold on to it. That would go down as a dropped chance, but full marks to the Scotland skipper for his commitment there.

Scotland innings: (Majid Haq 31, Matt Machan 31)

Over 50 | Score 210/10

At one stage, it didn't look like they will be able to bat for more than 40 overs when Scotland were reduced to 144/8 in the 37th over of the innings. But a superb 62-run stand for the ninth wicket frustrated Afghanistan and the Mommsen-led side reached a respectable total. Evans smashed a boundary in the penultimate over of the innings to help Scotland reach their first 200-run mark in World Cup.

Shapoor Zadran bowled the last over of the innings and picked the remaining two wickets.

AC Evans c Mohammad Nabi b Shapoor Zadran 28 (37b)

RM Haq c Gulbadin Naib b Shapoor Zadran 31 (51b)

Over 48 | Score 196/8

Scotland have crossed 186 – their previous best team total in the World Cup. Berrington and Haq have batted brilliant and have put their team into a respectable position after Scotland were reduced to 144/8 at one stage. Scotland are also on the verge of scoring 200 runs for the first time in a World Cup match.

Over 45 | Score 180/8

It has been a good fightback from Alasdair Evans and Majid Haq who have put a 36-run stand for the ninth-wicket partnership. The runs scored by these two are crucial for Scotland it would be great if they can stick around till the end of the 50th over.

Over 40 | Score 155/8

Dawlat Zadran, who has bowled at a perfect length right througout the innings picked his third wicket of the match when Berrington edged one to the keeper. Despite getting starts, none of the Scottish batsmen have managed to convert them into big scores. 13 runs scored in the last five overs and now the Scots would be hoping to bat through the 50 overs. With two wickets remaining, that should be the strategy but it won't be easy against the Afghani pacers.

RD Berrington c Afsar Zazai b Dawlat Zadran 25 (46b)

Over 35 | Score 142/7

As they have done right through this innings, Scotland once again lost two wickets in the last five overs. Lanky pacer Shapoor Zadran picked his first wicket of the match when he bowled one away from Cross, who got an edge and was brilliantly caught behind the stumps by Afsar Zazai who grabbed an excellent catch diving to his right. Shapoor followed it with another wicket when Davey mistimed one towards mid-off where Hamid Hassan held on to a good low catch.

JH Davey c Hamid Hassan b Shapoor Zadran 1 (9b)

MH Cross c Afsar Zazai b Shapoor Zadran 15 (26b)

Over 30 | Score 130/5

Scotland have found another decent pair in Cross and Berrington as the duo has added unbeaten 35 runs for the fourth wicket so far. Both the batsmen have scored a boundary each and they should be looking to bat for another five to ten overs before stepping up the gas.

Over 25 | Score 88/5

Scotland are losing wickets in quick successions. Afghan skipper Mohammed Nabi got the much-needed breakthrough for his side by ending the 53-run stand between Mommsen and Machan by knocking off the stumps of Machan. In the next over, 23rd of the innings, Gulbadin Naib moved one away from Mommsen who edged it to the wicketkeeper. Matthew Cross and Richie Berrington are the two new men at the crease.

PL Mommsen c Afsar Zazai b Gulbadin Naib 23 (36b)

MW Machan b Mohammad Nabi 31 (28b)

Over 20 | Score 88/3

After Mommsen, Machan also accelerated the pace of the innings by punishing anything which was loose and short. These two have resurrected the innings to an extent since they were struggling at 40/3 at one stage. The partnership is now worth 48 runs and the Afghans need another wicket to get back into the game.

Over 15 | Score 59/3

Skipper Mommsen scored three boundaries in the last three overs to keep the scoreboard ticking. Scotland need a partnership here as the ball is coming on to the bat nicely and despite losing three wickets, they should be looking to post a respectable total on the board.

Over 12 | Score 44/3

Afghanistan are in a spot of bother having lost two wickets in the last two overs. Hamid Hassan struck in his third over of the innings when he beat Gardiner by pace, as the right-hander was caught plumb in front of the wicket. In the next over, 12 of the innings, Dawlat Zadran scalped a big wicket in Coetzer, who left a huge gap between his bat and pads, and the ball went through it to uproot the stumps. Matt Machan and skipper Preston Mommsen are the two new batsmen at the crease.

KJ Coetzer b Dawlat Zadran 25 (41b)

HJW Gardiner lbw b Hamid Hassan 5 (20b)

Over 10 | Score 38/1

Coetzer and Gardiner have so far stitched unbeaten 31 runs for the second-wicket partnership. They haven't managed to score too many boundaries in the first ten overs as their priority at the moment seems to be making sure that they don't lose too many wickets.

Over 5 | Score 23/1

More disciplined bowling from the Afghans hasn't allowed the Scotland batsmen to free their arms. 16 runs scored in the last three overs. Kyle Coetzer is batting on 16 off 21 balls and he is a key batsman for his team.

Over 2 | Score 7/1

Afghanistan got their first breakthrough when MacLeod was offered some width and he hit it straight into the hands of the fielder at backward point. Good bowling by Afghanistan in the first two overs.

CS MacLeod c Najibullah Zadran b Dawlat Zadran 0 (5b)

TOSS: Afghanistan won the toss and Mohammad Nabi decided to bowl first.

Scotland and Afghanistan are each targeting a first-ever Cricket World Cupvictory when they meet in Dunedin on Thursday.

Both of the minnow nations have given more fancied opposition a scare at this year`s tournament but are yet to win a match.

Afghanistan looked a realistic prospect of upsetting Sri Lanka last weekend when they reduced the former world champions to 51-4 before a Mahela Jayawardene century consigned them to a four-wicket defeat.

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Scotland gave co-hosts New Zealand some nervous moments when they took seven wickets as the Black Caps, one of the tournament favourites, chased a paltry 143-run target.

Both of the non-Test playing "associate" nations have now lost two from two in their Pool A matches and have virtually no chance of reaching the quarter-finals, making a maiden victory their major goal for the tournament.

The Scots, who have appeared at two previous World Cups but are still yet to win a match, followed up their stirring display against New Zealand with a lacklustre 119-run loss to England.

But captain Preston Mommsen said his team were not disheartened and were putting in the "hard graft" needed to prepare for the Afghanistan match.

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Scotland and Afghanistan have played each other eight times in one-day internationals, with the Scots on the wrong end of a 5-3 losing record.

But they inflicted a heavy 150-run defeat on their opponents last time they met in Dubai last month, when Afghanistan were bowled out for 63 as medium pacer Josh Davey ran riot and ended with figures of six for 28.

"We know what we have to do to overcome them," said Scotland assistant coach Paul Collingwood, the gritty former England batsman.

Collingwood said that elusive first victory was a major motivating factor for his side.

Afghanistan`s attack will be led by Hamid Hassan, who is shaping up as the cult hero of this year`s tournament, with his red bandanna and face paint in the national colours.

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He is Afghanistan`s leading wicket taker at the tournament with five dismissals, including Sri Lanka`s Kumar Sangakkara, which he celebrated with an unsteady cartwheel down the pitch.

Hassan once described Afghanistan, who are making their tournament debut, as the "Rambo" of the cricket world and admits his look is based on the movie`s star Sylvester Stallone.

Many of Afghanistan`s players learned their cricket in refugee camps after fleeing their war-torn nation and a win in their first World Cup appearance would be a major achievement.

Afghanistan Squad

Javed Ahmadi, Nawroz Mangal, Asghar Stanikzai, Samiullah Shenwari, Mohammad Nabi, Najibullah Zadran, Afsar Zazai, Mirwais Ashraf, Dawlat Zadran, Hamid Hassan, Shapoor Zadran, Usman Ghani, Aftab Alam, Nasir Jamal, Gulbadin Naib

Scotland Squad

Kyle Coetzer, Calum MacLeod, Freddie Coleman, Matt Machan, Preston Mommsen, Richie Berrington, Matthew Cross, Josh Davey, Majid Haq, Alasdair Evans, Iain Wardlaw, Rob Taylor, Safyaan Sharif, Michael Leask, Hamish Gardiner

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