ICC World Cup 2015: England vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Bangladesh beat England by 15 runs in a thriller to knock them out of the World Cup in the very first round.

ICC World Cup 2015: England vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Bangladesh beat England by 15 runs in a thriller to knock them out of the World Cup in the very first round. With this win Bangladesh have booked their berth in the quarter-finals. They will likely to face India in the next stage. The centurion for Bangladesh Mahmudullah was rewarded with Man of the Match award. 

England Innings

Over 48.3 || Score 260/10

Rubel Hossain clean bowled Broad in the first ball. Off the third ball the seamer clean bowled James Anderson to seal the match for Bangladesh. It means India will play Bangladesh in the quarter-finals. 

Hossain to bowl the penultimate over of the match.  

SCJ Broad b Rubel Hossain 9 (6b)

Over 48 || Score 260/8

Off the second ball Broad smacked the bowler towards cow corner for a six. In the fourth ball Tamim dropped a simple catch of Woakes at long on. 15 runs came in the over. 16 runs needed off 12 balls.

Taskin to bowl his 9th over.

Over 47 || Score 245/8

Two wickets in two balls as the match has now turned into Bangladesh's favour. First Taskin got the better of Buttler and then off the next ball new man Jordan got run out! Stuart Broad is the new man in. 31 runs needed off 18 balls and England have two wickets left.   

CJ Jordan run out 0 (1b)

JC Buttler c Mushfiqur Rahim b Taskin Ahmed 65 (52b)

Over 44 || Score 224/6

In the 43rd over, Buttler smashed Sabbir Rahman for a boundary to complete his fifty. In the mean time Buttler and Woakes have added 50 runs for the seventh wicket as well. In the next over Buttler hit two boundaries in the same area -- (point region) to collect 13 from the over. 52 runs needed off 36 balls.    

Over 42 || Score 203/6

In the 41st over, Buttler smacked Sunny out of the part off the first ball as 11 runs came from the over. Buttler and Woakes then collected a boundary each in the next over by Taskin as England crossed the 200-run mark.   

Over 40 || Score 181/6

Woakes and Buttler are not playing risky shots and are dealing in the singles at the moment. Bangladesh conceded 12 runs in the last three overs. It can still be any one's game. 95 runs required off 60 balls. 

Over 37 || Score 169/6

Mortaza strikes once again. And this time he took the crucial wicket of Root. England are now on the back-foot. Chris Woakes is the new man in. 14 runs scored in the last three overs. 107 runs needed in 13 overs.

JE Root c Mushfiqur Rahim b Mashrafe Mortaza 29 (47b)

Over 34 || Score 155/5

Spinners have been called back as Shakib and Sunny are bowling. Eight runs have come in the last two overs as England have gone past the score of 150.  

Over 32 || Score 147/5

Attacking batsman Buttler smashed Taskin for two boundaries towards cover region to collect nine runs from the over. He can be a game changer in this match. Root is also playing positivee cricket at the moment.     

Over 30 || Score 133/5

Taylor Out! Taksin picked up his first wicket as Taylor edged the ball to Kayes at first slip. Half of the English side is back to the pavilion. Bangladesh have an upper hand in the match now as England still need 143 runs in 20 overs and the have five wickets in hand. Jos buttler is the new man in.   

JWA Taylor c Imrul Kayes b Taskin Ahmed 1 (4b)

Over 28 || Score 126/4

Two big blows for England! In the 27th Rubel Hossain picked up two crucial wickets in the form of set batsman Bell and skipper Morgan to reduce England to 128 for six. Joe Root and James Taylor are now in the middle, whereas, Taskin Ahmed and Hossain are bowling in tandem.  

EJG Morgan c Shakib Al Hasan b Rubel Hossain 0 (3b)

IR Bell c Mushfiqur Rahim b Rubel Hossain 63 (82b)

Over 21 || Score 101/2

Mortaza strikes, Hales Out! Bangladeshi skipper is leading from the front. He came to the bowling attack, managed to take the thick outside edge of Hales' bat and Rahim took a low catch behind the wickets to perish the batsman. Meanwhile, England crossed the 100-run mark in the 21st over and Bell has completed the 50-run mark.     

AD Hales c Mushfiqur Rahim b MashrafeMortaza 27 (34b)

Over 19 || Score 88/1

Leggie and centurion Sabbir Rahman has been brought into the attack in the 19th over as a new bowler. Decent over first up by the him as he gave five off it. Bell and Hales have already added 45 runs for the second wicket. 

Over 17 || Score 80/1

Shakib Al Hasan is back in action as skipper once again threw the ball at him. Two tight overs by Sunny and Shakib as they conceded mere 8 in the last two. But Bangladesh have to bowl England out if they want to win this crucial tie.   

Over 15 || Score 72/1

Two boundaries have come in the last three overs and both came from the willow of Bell. The right-hander is looking good in the middle. Bangladesh conceded 14 in the last three overs.   

Over 12 || Score 58/1

Here both the batsmen need to rotate the strike at regular intervals to keep the scoreboard ticking. And that would be the key to success at the moment. Strangely, Bangladeshi skipper gave the ball to Taskin Ahmed to roll his arm. Hales is going for his shots as he collected his second boundary in the 12th over.    

Over 10 || Score 50/1

Double bowling change as Shakib Al Hasan has been given the ball as well. So spin from both the ends. Interestingly both the bowlers are left arm spinners and batsmen are right handers. In the meanwhile, England have touched the 50-run mark.       

Over 8 || Score 47/1

First bowling change! Spinner Arafat Sunny has been introduced into the attack. Moeen Ali run out! Poor judgment and bad call cost England a wicket here. First breakthrough for Bangladesh.   

MM Ali run out 19 (21b)  

Over 7 || Score 43/0

Boundaries are raining at the moment from Bell's willow. In the sixth over Bell played a cracking pull shot off Hossain before slapping Mortaza for three excellent boundaries in the next over to collect 18 runs in the last two. England have now started dictating the terms in a way.     

Over 5 || Score 25/0

Decent start by England while chasing a tricky total of 275 as they scored 25 runs in the first five without losing a wicket. Bangladeshi bowlers are still hunting for their first breakthrough.    

Over 4 || Score 21/0

Tight third over by Mortaza as he gave mere a single off it. Ali is living dangerously in the middle. In the next over by Hossain, the southpaw almost got played on but luckily for him the ball missed the stumps and ran away towards fine leg region for a boundary.   

Over 2 || Score 13/0

Moeen Ali survived a close call of LBW in the 2nd over. Bangladeshi bowlers Mashrafe Mortaza and Rubel Hossain are looking sharp with the new ball. However, Ali smashed two boundaries in the second over by Hossain. 13 runs off the first two overs.   

To chase the total of 275, Moeen Ali and Ian Bell have come to open the innings of England.   

Bangladesh Innings

Over 50 || Score 275/7

In the last five overs English bowlers bowled well to restrict Bangladesh under 280. But still 275 is a challenging total, which England have to chase down to remain in contention. Mahmudullah is the hero of the innings as he became the first Bangladeshi player to score a ton in World Cup.     

Over 49 || Score 265/7

No run from the first three balls. Mashrafe Mortaza is the new man in after the fall of Rahim's wicket. Off the last ball, Jordan scalped his second wicket in the form of Rahman. Excellent over by Jordan as he gave mere three runs.  

Sabbir Rahman c Morgan b Jordan 14 (12b) 

Jordan to bowl the penultimate over of the innings.

Over 48 || Score 262/6

Rahim Out! Broad picked up his first wicket in his last over as Rahim went for a big shot towards cover boundary but didn't time it that well and gave a simple catch to Jordan at deep. Still 11 runs came from the over.   

Mushfiqur Rahim c Jordan b Broad 89 (77b  

Over 47 || Score 251/5

Rahim collected a boundary off the fourth ball as Bangladesh have crossed the 250-run mark. Rahim has reached to 86. Can he hit his maiden World Cup ton today? Eight from the over.

Jordan to bowl the over.

Over 46 || Score 243/5

Off the first three balls came three runs. Off the next the centurion got run out, when he tried to snatch a single and fell inches short of his crease. Good over for England as mere six runs came off it.

Mahmudullah run out 103 (138b)

Anderson with his last over.

Over 45 || Score 237/4

Nothing is going in England's favour. Woakes got the better of Rahim off the next ball the batsman smacked him for a six. But it was a foot no ball. Good over for Bangladesh as they collected 11 from the over. 

Over 44 || Score 226/4

Mahmudullah completed his hundred. Now he has become the first batsman for Bangladesh to hit a ton in World Cup. What a knock by the 29-year-old. He used 131 balls to reach the three-figure mark, laced with seven boundaries and two sixes. Tight over by Broad as he gave mere two runs.   

Over 43 || Score 224/4

Runs are coming in boundaries for Bangladesh. Three boundaries have come in the last two overs as England conceded 20 runs. Even Anderson is leaking runs as Mushfiqur Rahim smashed him for two boundaries in the 43rd over.  

Over 41 || Score 204/4

From here on Bangladesh will try to touch the 300-run mark as they not only have two set batsmen at the crease but wickets in hand as well. Off the fifth ball Mahmudullah collected his seventh boundary. Seven off the over. Mahmudullah is mere fours runs shy of his hundred and to create history. Meanwhile, Bangladesh have crossed the 200-run mark.   

Over 40 || Score 197/4

Woakes has been given the ball to bowl the 40th over. But the seamer proved expensive as he leaked 12 runs in the over. In the meanwhile, Rahim has completed his fifty by taking double off the fourth ball. 

Over 39 || Score 185/4

Back-to-back tight overs by Broad and Jordan. They haven't offered much room to the batsmen to free their arms as mere nine runs have come in the last two overs. Mahmudullah has reached to 86. Can he be the first batsman for his country to score a ton in the World Cup? 

Over 37 || Score 176/4

Mandatory batting Powerplay has started from over number 35. Both the batsmen are in search of big hits. And they collected a boundary each in the last three overs. 20 runs have come in the last three overs. Jordan and Broad are bowling in tandem for England.   

Over 34 || Score 156/4

150-up for Bangladesh. They have an upper hand at the moment. They have two set batsmen at the crease and Batting Powerplay is going to come automatically after an over. So England have to break this partnership to stop the run-flow in the Poweplay.   

Over 32 || Score 149/4

Another boundary came from the willow of Rahim in the 32nd over as he slogged Ali towards deep mid-wicket. Ali has been economical so far as he has given mere 29 runs in his seven overs. Woakes is bowling from the other end. 50-run partnership for the fifth wicket between Mahmudullah and Rahim.  

Over 30 || Score 139/4

Joe Root has been given the ball for the very first time in the match to bowl some off-spin. And he gave away six runs in his opening over. Mahmudullah and Rahim have already added 40 runs for the fifth wicket.    

Over 29 || Score 133/4

Rahim is looking in good. He collected his 2nd boundary by placing Broad towards third man in the 28th over. The right-hander has quickly reached to 18 off 20 balls. Nine runs came off the last two overs.  

Over 27 || Score 124/4

Mahmudullah pulled Jordan for a six over square leg in the 27th over. He is trying to cut loose a bit after completing his fifty and more importantly he is middling the ball well. England conceded 13 runs in the last two overs. Jordan and Broad are bowling at the moment.  

Over 25 || Score 111/4

In the last ball off the 23rd over, Mahmudullah picked up a single to complete his half-century. He used 69 balls to reach the land-mark with the help of 2 boundaries and a six. In the mean time Bangladesh have crossed the 100-run mark as well. In-form batsman Mushfiqur Rahim has come to the middle to join Mahmudullah.  

Over 22 || Score 99/4

Two wickets for England in two overs. First Jordan got the better of set batsman Sarkar in the 21st over and then in the next Ali picked up the big wicket of Shakib to reduce Bangladesh to 99 for four. Suddenly the game has changed in two overs.   

Shakib Al Hasan c Root b Ali 2 (6b)

​​Soumya Sarkar c Buttler b Jordan 40 (52b) 

Over 20 || Score 93/2

After losing both the openers early in the innings, Bangladesh have made an excellent come back. In fact, now they are dominating the proceedings. Meanwhile, England are still looking to break this partnership.    

Over 19 || Score 89/2

Sarkar launched Ali for a six over mid-wicket. Now the runs are coming in boundaries and sixes for the batting side. 11 runs off the last two overs. Wokes and Ali are bowling in tandem for England.  

Over 17 || Score 78/2

Sarkar collected his fifth boundary by playing a super drive towards point region. Now this partnership is growing dangerously as they have already added 70 runs for the third wicket. England have to break this partnership, otherwise they would be in deep trouble.    

Over 15 || Score 71/2

Six! Mahmudullah danced down the track and pulled Woakes for a maximum over deep mid-wicket. Now both the batsmen are trying to accelerate the run-rate by going for big shots. Nine runs came from the over. 

Over 14 || Score 62/2

Double bowling change for England. Moeen Ali and Chris Woakes have been introduced into the attack. Can one of them provide England their third breakthrough? Sarkar is playing on 24, whereas, Mahmudullah is unbeaten on 30.  

Over 12 || Score 52/2

In the 12th over bowled by Jordan, Bangladesh collected 15 runs as both the batsmen collected a boundary apiece. In the mean time the batting side has also crossed the 50-run mark. Poor bowling display by Jordan as he is bowling too short. 

Over 10 || Score 32/2

First bowling change! Chris Jordan has been introduced into the attack. Both the batsmen Sarkar and Mahmudullah are playing sensibly in the middle. English bowlers are not giving away easy runs to Bangladesh. Nine runs have come in the last three overs. 

Over 7 || Score 23/2

Mahmudullah collected his first boundary in the 6th over bowled by Broad. In the next over, Soumya Sarkar collected a boundary too by placing the ball towards backward point. 11 runs have come in the last two overs. Bangladesh need these two to stick to the wicket for some time.  

Over 5 || Score 12/2

It's a poor start by Bangladesh as they have lost both their openers inside five overs. Mahmudullah and Soumya Sarkar have come to the crease after the fall of first two wickets. Broad is doing the right thing by pitching the ball up, but he is still waiting for his first wicket.   

Over 3 || Score 10/2

Tamim Iqbal Out! Another wicket for Anderson. The southpaw tried to push the ball towards off side, but only managed an outside edge of his bat as Root took a sharp catch at 2nd slip. Two runs from the over. Poor start by Bangladesh. 

Tamim Iqbal c Root b Anderson 2 (7b)

Over 2 || Score 8/1

Eventful over by the seamer. Off the fourth ball Jordan dropped a catch at third slip off Tamim Iqbal. In the next ball he played an expensive cover drive to collect a boundary. 

Stuart Broad has the 2 new ball in hand.  

Over 1 || Score 3/1

Anderson Strikes! First breakthrough for England straightaway. Length ball, angling away for the left-hander, getting the outside edge of the bat and went straight to third slip fielder. Soumya Sarkar is the new man in. Three runs from the first over. 

Imrul Kayes c Jordan b Anderson 2 (2b​)

Anderson is set to bowl the first over of the match. He can prove dangerous in these overcast conditions. Tamim Iqbal and Kayes have come to the middle to open the innings for Bangladesh. 

It's a do-or-die match for England because if they lose today they are going back home. However, Bangladesh can create history in this match by qualifying for the quarterfinals of the World Cup for the very first time. It's a big match for both the teams.      

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Good move by England as Hales and Jordan are in for the match as they have replaced Ballance and Finn.

Toss: England have won the toss and will bowl first.  

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England Squad

Eoin Morgan (captain), Jos Buttler (wicket-keeper), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Stuart Broad, Steven Finn, Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, Joe Root, James Taylor, James Tredwell, Chris Woakes

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Bangladesh Squad

Mashrafe Mortaza (captain), Al-Amin Hossain, Anamul Haque, Arafat Sunny, Mahmudullah, Mominul Haque, Mushfiqur Rahim (wicket-keeper), Nasir Hossain, Rubel Hossain, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Taijul Islam, Tamim Iqbal, Taskin Ahmed

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