ICC World Cup 2015: Ireland vs UAE - As it happened...

Welcome to our live blog for this Pool B encounter between Ireland and UAE. Follow live score and all the latest updates from the match here.

ICC World Cup 2015: Ireland vs UAE - As it happened...

In the 16th match of the ICC World Cricket World Cup 2015, Ireland beat UAE in a nail-biting finish by two wickets with four balls to spare, in the Pool B encounter. While chasing the challenging total of 278, most of the Irish batsmen delivered at the right time. Innings by Gary Wilson and Kevin O'Brien at the end proved vital.        

Ireland Innings

Over 49.2 || Score 279/8

First ball, Cusack took a single. Off the next, Dockrell collected two runs to beat UAE by two wickets in a cliffhanger.  

Mohammad Naveed to bowl the final over. Three runs needed of the last over.

Over 49 || Score 276/8

Two runs have come from the first two balls. Single off the next. In the fifth ball Dockrell launched the bowler over long off to collect a boundary. Seven runs off the over. 3 runs required off six balls. 

Amjad Javed to bowl the penultimate over of the match.

Over 48 || Score 269/8

After conceding two fours in the first two balls, Naveed gave his team the crucial wicket of Wilson. Ten runs came from the over. 10 runs needed off 12 balls. The match has come down to the wire.  

GC Wilson c Amjad Javed b Mohammad Naveed 80 (69b)

Over 47 || Score 259/7

Excellent over by Javed as he not only stop the batsmen from scoring big runs but also picked up the wicket of Mooney by trapping him in front of the wicket. 20 runs off 18 balls.

JF Mooney c Amjad Ali b Amjad Javed 2 (6b)

Tight over by Amjad Javed

Over 46 || Score 256/5

Wilson has now taken the charge on his shoulders as he hit two boundaries in the over to collect 13 runs from it. 23 runs required off 24 balls. Ireland crossed the 250-run mark as well.  

Naveed to bowl his 8th over.

Over 45 || Score 243/6

Immediately after completing his fifty (off 24 balls) in style by clobbering Amjad Javed for two sixes, swashbuckling batsman gave a simple catch to Naveed. John Mooney is the new man in. Ireland required 36 off 30 balls, it's quite gettable.  

KJ O'Brien c Mohammad Naveed b Amjad Javed 50 (25b)

Over 44 || Score 231/5

 K O'Brien is dealing in boundaries. He smacked three more fours to take the equation down to 48 off 36 balls. Now the match is going in favour of Ireland. 24 runs have been scored in the last two overs. 

Over 42 || Score 207/5

Big striker of the cricket ball K O'Brien has started hitting  big shots. He has smashed four boundaries in the last two overs. 23 runs came off the last two overs. 72 required off 48 balls. Meanwhile, Ireland have crossed the 200-run mark.    

Over 40 || Score 184/5

Andy Balbirnie Out! Naveed provided the crucial breakthrough to his team as Balbirnie gave as simple catch to cover fielder. Half of the team is now back in the hut. Ireland required 95 runs from 60 balls. Kevin O'Brien is the new man in. Meanwhile, Gary Wilson completed his fifty in the 40th over with the help of four boundaries. 

A Balbirnie c sub (Saqlain Haider) b Mohammad Naveed 30 (41b)

Over 38 || Score 167/4

Match is still evenly poised and can be win by any team. Both the teams are under pressure and tying their best. UAE need to break this dangerous looking partnership, because if they bat till the 45th over they will turn the match in favour of Ireland.

Over 35 || Score 151/4

Wilson and Balbirnie playing well at the moment. The duo have quickly added more than 50 runs for the fifth wicket. They are collecting boundaries at regular intervals and at the same keep the scoreboard ticking with the help of singles and doubles. Krishna Chandran and Rohan Mustafa are bowling in tandem for UAE. Ireland required 128 more runs to win the match in 15 overs. Meanwhile, the batting side crossed the 150-run mark in the 15th over.

Over 27 || Score 102/4

Tauqir strikes again, Niall O'Brien walks back. The spinner is on a roll here. Niall O'Brien has done the same mistake Porterfiled did an over back. Playing across, missed the line of the ball and umpired raised his finger within a flash. Even referral goes in favour of the bowler. Ireland in deep trouble here. Gary Wilson has joined Balbirnie in the middle.

Over 25 || Score 97/2

Big wicket for UAE. Opener Porterfiled Out! In the 24th over, trying to sweep offie Tauqir, the southpaw missed the line completely and the ball hit the stumps. Not a sensible shot to play at this moment, set batsman gone. Andy Balbirnie is the new man in.  

WTS Porterfield b Mohammad Tauqir 37 (64b)   

Over 22 || Score 88/2

Niall O'Brien is the new man after the fall of Ireland's second wicket. Ireland required 202 runs from 30 overs. It can still be anyone's game as the match is evenly poised. But UAE have a slight advantage over their opponents. 16 runs have been added in the last three overs.  

Over 19 || Score 72/2

Amjad Javed strikes, Joyce Out! Even after a getting so many chances, Joyce couldn't manage to take full advantage of it and gave as simple catch to wicketkeeper in the 18th over.

EC Joyce c Patil b Amjad Javed 37 (49b)

Over 17 || Score 65/1

Offie Mohammad Tauqir has been given the ball for the first time in the match. And he bowled a tight over first up. Five runs off the last two. Ireland required 214 from 33 over and they have nine wickets in hand. 

Over 15 || Score 60/1

In the 14th over, Ireland have crossed the 50-run mark. Though the required rate has reached above six but Ireland are aware of the fact that if they have wickets in hand they can score runs swiftly in the later part of the innings. In the 15th over both the batsmen hit a boundary each to collect ten from the over. And with that they have crossed the fifty run partnership as well.  

Over 13 || Score 44/1

Porterfield and Joyce are trying to provide solidity to Ireland and are playing sensibly in the middle. So far they have added 40 runs for the second wicket. First bowling change as medium pacer Amjad Javed has been introduced into the attack.

Over 12 || Score 42/1

In the 11th over Javed bowled a perfect delivery to hit the wickets of Joyce. But strangely the bails kept glued to the stumps even after the blink of flashy lights. Can u believe this? OHH sheer luck. Do we need some amendments regarding this rule? Off the next ball Joyce played a superb straight drive to collect a boundary. Seven off the last two.         

Over 10 || Score 35/1

First ten overs belonged to UAE as they not only picked up an early wicket in the form of Stirling but couldn't leaked too many runs to keep the batsmen in check, while defending the total of 278.

Over 9 || Score 32/1

After a few misses, Porterfield played an elegant drive on the front foot that too from the middle of his bat to hit his first boundary. 11 runs off the last 12 balls. Both the batsmen are finding feet now.   

Over 7 || Score 21/1

Joyce played a crunchy pull off Naveed in the seventh over to collect his first boundary. Ireland need a lot of such shots to chase the total successfully. Eight runs have come in the last two overs.

Over 5 || Score 13/1

Guruge and Naveed are bowling on a disciplined line. And so far they have been successfully in keeping the batsmen quiet. Seven runs have come in the last three overs. Good start by UAE, while defending 278 runs.    

Over 2 || Score 6/1

Early breakthrough for UAE. Manjula Guruge struck off his fourth ball of the match, when Stirling nicked one straight to the keeper. Two runs from the over. Ed Joyce is the new man in. 

PR Stirling c Patil b Guruge 3 (9b)

Over 1 || Score 4/0

Porterfield opened the account for his side by guiding the first ball towards third man for a single. Four runs have come off the over.

While chasing the tricky total of 278, Paul Stirling and William Porterfield have come to open the innings for Ireland. Speedster Mohammad Naveed is set to bowl the opening over.

UAE Innings

Over 50 || Score 278/9

Riding on the outstanding knock by Shaiman Anwar (106), UAE managed to put up a challenging total of 278 in front of Ireland. In the last 15 overs, Ireland bowlers bowled on a poor line and length and paid a heavy price for it. 107-run partnership for the seventh wicket between Javed-Anwar has done the trick for the UAE.     

Mohammad Naveed c & b Cusack 13 (11b)

Over 49 || Score 270/8

Finally Shaiman Anwar's super knock came to an end as Wilson took a skier off Sorensen. Mohammad Tauqir is the new man in for UAE as they lost the wicket of the centurion. Five off the over.

Shaiman Anwar c Wilson b Sorensen 106 (83b)

Sorensen to bowl the penultimate over of the innings.

Over 48 || Score 265/7

Shaiman Anwar slams a ton. Outstanding knock by the right-hander. It couldn't have come at a better time. Unbelievable stuff by Anwar. He reached the landmark off 80 balls with the help of ten boundaries and a six.   

Over 47 || Score 246/7

Sorensen finally breaks the partnership as he got the better of Javed. The right-hander pulled the short ball but found a fielder at deep mid-wicket as he walked back to the pavilion after a useful knock. Mohammad Naveed is the new man in.     

Amjad Javed c Joyce b Sorensen 42 (35b)

Over 46 || Score 238/6

In the last five overs UAE will look to add 50 more runs to take score to at least 280. O'Brien gave three singles, two extras in the form of wides and triple to concede eight runs in the over.       

KJ O'Brien to bowl the over

Over 45 || Score 230/6

Smart cricket by the duo of Javed-Anwar. They are shuffling a bit to confuse the bowlers and are picking up their spots well.16 runs have come in the last two overs. The pair is just one run shy of completing a 100-run stand for the seventh wicket. 

Over 43 || Score 214/6

Batsmen are hitting Ireland bowlers all over the park. 14 from the over. What a turnaround by UAE. Now they are dictating terms in the match. Both the batsmen have picked their areas and are smashing the bowlers whenever they are finding the ball in their zones. Poor bowling by Ireland.       

Sorensen to bowl the over.

Over 42 || Score 200/6

Now the momentum is shifting towards UAE. Anwar is now dealing in boundaries as he smashed two more off Dockrell's over. Ireland bowlers are now finding it difficult to contain the batsmen. Seamers are bowling way too short at the moment, they have to pitch the ball at good length area. Both the batsmen are milking the bowlers due to their predictable line and length. UAE have touched the 200-run mark as well in the over.    

Over 41 || Score 192/6

First ball, Javed flicked it towards square leg for a boundary. Off the third Shaiman Anwar picked up a double to complete his fifty. What a fighting knock by him! In the meanwhile, Javed-Anwar have stitched the 50-run partnership as well for the seventh wicket -- a much need one for the UAE. 14 runs have come from the over as Anwar celebrated his half-century  by collecting his fourth boundary of the match towards extra covers.     

Mooney to bowl the over.

Over 40 || Score 178/6

Anwar clobbered the bowler for a six over deep mid-wicket to hit the first maximum off the match. Another excellent over for the batting team as 11 runs came from it. Batting Powerplay proved good for the UAE as they amassed 47 runs in it without losing a wicket.   

Over 39 || Score 167/6

In the 39th over. Kevin O'Brien proved a bit expensive as both the batsmen collected one boundary each off his first three balls. And then off the fourth, Javed picked another four towards cover region to score 16 in the over.  

Over 37 || Score 149/6

Good over for UAE as 12 runs have come from it. Amjad Javed played two classy shots towards off side in the last two balls - from the first he got the boundary and off the next ran three.   

Cusack to continue.

Over 36 || Score 137/6

Batting Powerplay. Amjad Javed is the new man in for UAE. George Dockrell has been brought back into the attack to bowl the first over of the powerplay. Set batsman Anwar pulled the last ball towards square-leg for a boundary to collect six from the over.  

Over 35 || Score 131/6

Cusack finally being rewarded with a wicket. Another soft dismissal. In trying to steer the bowler towards third man Mustafa gave a simple catch to the wicketkeeper. Even after getting a solid start from the openers UAE couldn't capitalise on that and kept losing wickets at regular intervals.   

Rohan Mustafa c Wilson b Cusack 2 (9b)  

Over 34 || Score 130/5

Dockrell and Cusack are finishing there overs swiftly and are not giving any time for the batsmen in the middle to think much. Rohan Mustafa has joined Shaiman Anwar after UAE lost the crucial wicket of Khurran Khan.

Over 32 || Score 125/5

Dockrell strikes, Khurram Out! Big big blow for UAE. Trying to place the bowler towards on side, the southpaw missed the line completely and umpire raised his finger within a flash. Though the batsman went for referral but it also went in the favour of the fielding side. Half of the UAE team is back into the hut and we are only into the 33rd over of the innings.

Khurram Khan lbw b Dockrell 36 (53b) 

Over 31 || Score 122/4

First boundary from the bat of Anwar came in the 31st over by Cusack, when he smashed the bowler towards mid-on. Both the batsmen are now well set in the middle and playing sensible cricket. Six from the over.  

Over 30 || Score 116/4

Interestingly, offie Paul Stirling has already completed his ten over quota. He bowled superbly in the match as his figures says it all -- 10-27-2. And immediately after the completing the quota of one spinner, Ireland skipper introduced another spinner in George Dockrell. He is mixing up his bowlers well. 10 runs have come in the last two overs.   

Over 28 || Score 106/4

Khurram and Anwar are dealing in single and doubles at the moment and more importantly playing according to the merit of the ball. Now the run-rate has come under four. Ireland are dominating the proceedings at the moment.      

Over 25 || Score 92/4

O'Brien and Stirling are bowling in tandem for Ireland. Both have picked two wickets apiece thus far. In the 23rd over Khurram played a pull off the short ball by O'Brien to collect his second boundary of the match. Ireland have conceded 12 runs in the last three overs. 

Over 22 || Score 80/4

O'Brien strikes once again as Patil walks back to the pavilion. Length ball on the off stump line, got some extra bounce, as the ball kissed the bat of Patil and went straight to the second slip fielder. UAE are in deep deep trouble now. Suddenly the ball has started assisting the seamers. Shaiman Anwar is the new man in.       

SP Patil c Stirling b KJ O'Brien 2 (8b)

Over 20 || Score 75/3

Amjad Ali Out! Kevin O'Brien provides Ireland the third breakthrough. In his first over star player of the Ireland team gave his team a big wicket of opener Ali. Short ball, Ali went for a pull, failed to connect it well and found a fielder at deep mid-wicket, who took a well judged catch to perish the batsman. UAE are in trouble now they are losing wickets in a heap. 

Amjad Ali c Sorensen b KJ O'Brien 45 (71b)

Over 18 || Score 69/2

Amjad Ali has reached the 40 figure mark. From here on UAE need a big partnership for the third wicket. Five runs from the over. 

Over 17 || Score 64/2

Veteran batsman Khurram Khan has walked in to join Ali as UAE have lost two wickets in quick succession. Meanwhile, strike bowler Mooney has been called back into the attack for his second spell. Nine runs off the two overs.

Over 15 || Score 55/2

Stirling strikes again. This time he got the better of the new man in Chandran. The right-hander went for a drive, only managed to get the thick outside edge and Kevin O'Brien took a sharp catch at slip, after it was hit on wicketkeeper's shoulder. Now the things are going in Ireland's favour as their premier spinner is on roll here. 

Krishna Chandran c KJ O'Brien b Stirling 0 (4b)

Over 13 || Score 53/1

Krishna Chandran is the new man in after the fall of UAE's first wicket. Ali pulled Cusack through mid-wicket to collect his fourth boundary. And with that UAE have crossed the 50-run mark. But that was the only scoring shot in the over. 

Over 12 || Score 49/1

Stirling strikes, Berenger Out! And the offie has done the trick for Ireland. A soft dismissal though. The right-hander played an double minded shot to give a simple catch to short mid-wicket fielder. Five runs have come in the last two overs.

AR Berenger c Porterfield b Stirling 13 (25b)  

Over 10 || Score 44/0

Another bowling change. Spinner Paul Stirling has been introduced into the attack. It would be interesting to see whether there is any help for the spinner in the wicket. One runs from the over. A solid start by UAE as they have put up 44 runs on the board without losing a wicket in the first ten overs.      

Over 8 || Score 42/0

Off the second ball Berenger collected his first boundary with the help of an expensive cover drive. After a gap of two balls, Ali went for a flashy drive, got a thick outside edge but found himself lucky as the ball went past the slip fielder for a boundary. Good over for UAE as 11 runs came from it.  

Sorensen with his 4th over.

Over 7 || Score 31/0

First bowling change. Medium pacer Alex Cusack has been given the ball to roll the arm in the 7th over. Ali is not missing a single opportunity to score runs. He is driving and flicking well. Tight over first up by Cusack as he conceded mere four from it.

Over 5 || Score 26/0

Steady start by UAE openers. Pitch is looking good for batting. Ball is hardly doing any thing. Ireland are still hunting for their first wicket.   

Over 4 || Score 23/0

The first ball Ali faced got the inside edge of his bat as the ball missed the stumps and wicket-keeper to cross the boundary ropes. Ali has quickly moved to 16. Seven runs off the over.  

Sorensen with his second over. 

Over 3 || Score 16/0

Amjad Ali is looking solid in the middle. He is placing the ball in the gaps to collect two's and three's. Ball is coming nicely on to the bat. Eight runs have come from the over. 

Mooney to continue.

Over 2 || Score 8/0

First run for UAE came from the bat of Amjad Ali, when he worked the ball through square leg for a single off the third ball of the match. Ali then dispatched Sorensen towards mid-on to hit the first boundary of the match. Bowling is not doing much. It means good line would be the key for the bowlers here.

Amjad Ali and Andri Berenger have come to the middle to open the innings for UAE  while speedsters John Mooney and Max Sorensen are starting the bowling proceedings for Ireland. 

Toss: And the news from the center is that Ireland have won the toss and will bowl first.

Ireland`s Kevin O`Brien has warned his side their World Cup win over the West Indies will "mean nothing" if they don`t see off the United Arab Emirates in Brisbane on Wednesday.

Victory against their fellow Associate nation would leave the Irish on the brink of the quarter-finals after they started the tournament with the latest of several World Cup wins over a Test team courtesy of a four-wicket triumph against the West Indies in Nelson on February 16. 

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Several members of the Ireland side play for English county teams and they will look to the likes of Middlesex`s Paul Stirling, who made 92 against the West Indies, and Sussex`s Ed Joyce, who scored 84, to carry on from where they left off in a match where Somerset left-arm spinner George Dockrell took three for 50.

Ireland and the UAE have met several times in lower-level International Cricket Council competitions in recent years and all-rounder O`Brien was impressed by the way the Middle East side nearly pulled off an upset before losing to Zimbabwe by four wickets in their opening Pool B match.

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UAE captain Mohammad Tauqir, reflecting on the Zimbabwe defeat, said: "We had quite a few positives from the game. The batters batted well and the bowlers did a decent job, but it was definitely an opportunity missed."

The UAE`s display was all the more impressive given they are a part-time side made up of mainly expat players from India and Pakistan.

Wednesday`s match is another chance for both sides to show the strength of international cricket below Test level, with the ICC under fire for their plans to reduce the number of teams at the World Cup from 14 to 10 come the 2019 edition in England.

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Eight places will be reserved for the world`s top eight one-day international sides.

The best way to rise up the standings is to beat higher-ranked teams yet there is no obligation between this World Cup and the next for the Test nations to play teams such as Ireland and the UAE.

Ireland Squad

William Porterfield, Paul Stirling, Ed Joyce, Niall O'Brien, Andrew Balbirnie, Gary Wilson, Kevin O'Brien, John Mooney, Max Sorensen, George Dockrell, Andy McBrine, Peter Chase, Alex Cusack, Stuart Thompson, Craig Young

United Arab Emirates Squad

Amjad Ali, Andri Berenger, Krishnachandran Karate, Khurram Khan, Swapnil Patil, Shaiman Anwar, Rohan Mustafa, Amjad Javed, Mohammad Naveed, Mohammad Tauqir, Nasir Aziz, Manjula Guruge, Fahad Alhashmi, Kamran Shazad, Saqlain Haider

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