ICC World Twenty20, Match 22: Australia vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Riding on Khawaja's fifty Australia chased 157-run target against Bangladesh successfully at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. 

ICC World Twenty20, Match 22: Australia vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Khawaja slams fifty as Australia beat Bangladesh by three wickets in their 2nd WT20 game. 

Australia Innings

Over 18.3 | Score 157/7 (Nevill 1; Faulkner 5)

Saqlain Sajib to bowl the penultimate over. Single off the first from Nevill's willow. Off the 3rd Faulkner hit a boundary to finish off the match. Australia beat Bangladesh by 3 wickets with nine balls to spare. 

Over 18 | Score 152/7 (Nevill 0; Faulkner 1)

Shakib got the dangerous wicket of Maxwell off the first ball. Hastings dropped by  Al-Amin at short covers. Sloppy fielding by Bangladesh. Hastings Out! Oz need 5 runs off 12 balls.

JW Hastings c Soumya Sarkar b Shakib Al Hasan 3 (4b)  

GJ Maxwell st Mushfiqur Rahim b Shakib Al Hasan 26 (15b)

Over 17 | Score 148/5 (Maxwell 26; Faulkner 0)

Mustafizur bowled a perfect slower one to get the better of Marsh. Faulkner is the new man in. Next ball was flicked for a six by Maxwell. Off the fifth ball, Maxwell smacked the bowler over long on for another maximum. 13 from the over. Oz need 9 runs off 18 balls.

MR Marsh c Shakib Al Hasan b Mustafizur Rahman 6 (6b) 

Over 16 | Score 135/4 (Maxwell 13; Marsh 6)

Perfect platform for Maxwell to play the kind of innings he is known for. Off the 2nd ball he cut Saqlain Sajib to collect his first boundary. In the 4th ball, Marsh too got his maiden boundary. Maxwell smacked the bowler for another four off the last ball. Good over for Australia as 14 came of it. Oz need 22 runs off 24 balls.

Over 15 | Score 121/4 (Maxwell 4; Marsh 1)

Shakib gave Bangladesh a crucial wicket of Warner. Mitchell Marsh is the new man in. Two from the over. Oz need 36 runs off 30 balls.

DA Warner c & b Shakib Al Hasan 17 (9b)

Over 14 | Score 119/3 (Maxwell 3; Warner 17)

Khawaja's stupendous knock came to an end as Al-Amin Hossain clean bowled the opener. Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. And the bowler welcomed him with a perfect bouncer. Oz need 38 runs off 36 balls.

UT Khawaja b Al-Amin Hossain 58 (45b)

Over 13 | Score 115/2 (Khawaja 58; Warner 16)

Warner has started hitting the big shots from the word go. He hit offie Mahmudullah for a boundary and six off the first two balls. With that Australia have crossed the 100-run mark. 17 from the over. Oz need 42 runs off 42 balls.

Over 12 | Score 98/2 (Khawaja 57; Warner 1)

Mustafizur called back into the attack and he didn't disappoint his skipper by picking the wicket of Smith. He bowled a perfect yorker to clean up his stumps. David Warner walked to the middle. Oz need 59 runs off 48 balls. 

SPD Smith b Mustafizur Rahman 14 (13b)

Over 11 | Score 94/1 (Khawaja 54; Smith 14)

Saqlain Sajib with his 2nd over. Smith came down the track to launch the bowler for a six, straight over his head. 12 from the over. Oz need 63 runs off 54 balls. 

Over 10 | Score 82/1 (Khawaja 52; Smith 6)

Khawaja completed his fifty in style as he hit Shuvagata for a boundary off the 5th ball. He hit seven boundaries and a six to reach the mark in mere 37 balls.  

Over 9 | Score 74/1 (Khawaja 47; Smith 4)

Shakib with his 2nd over. Expensive one as eight came off it. Australia need 83 runs off 66 balls.  

Over 8 | Score 66/1 (Khawaja 41; Smith 2)

Finally first breakthrough for Bangladesh! Watson who started going for big hits got run out! Skipper Steve Smith is the new man in. 15 runs came in the last two overs. 

SR Watson run out 21 (15b)

Over 6 | Score 51/0 (Khawaja 36; Watson 13)

Mustafizur Rahman to continue. Watson collected his 2nd boundary off the 2nd ball. Dropped! Mithun was the culprit on the occasion as he didn't judge Watson's miss-timed shot.   

Over 5 | Score 44/0 (Khawaja 34; Watson 8)

Shakib Al Hasan to bowl his opening over. Khawaja hit the spinner for two consecutive as he raced to 34. Expensive over as 13 came off it. 

Over 4 | Score 31/0 (Khawaja 21; Watson 8)

Mustafizur ​Rahman set to bowl. He has been the best bowler for Tigers in last couple of years. And straight away he has started troubling Khawaja. Off the last ball came a boundary.  

Over 3 | Score 24/0 (Khawaja 21; Watson 3)

Al-Amin Hossain to bowl his opening over. Khawaja collected two boundaries in the over as the seamer leaked ten in it. 

Over 2 | Score 14/0 (Khawaja 12; Watson 2)

Mahmudullah to bowl the over. Watson opened his account with a single off the 3rd ball. Tight over first up by the offie as he conceded mere four in it. 

Over 1 | Score 10/0 (Khawaja 9; Watson 0)

Mashrafe Mortaza to bowl the over. Khawaja smacked the bowler for a six off his 4th ball. Positive start by Australia. 

Bangladesh Innings

Over 20 | Score 156/5 (Mushfiqur 15; Mahmudullah 49)

Coulter-Nile to bowl the last over of the innings. Mahmudullah is dealing in boundaries, he collected two off the first three balls. Off the fourth came a double as Tigers crossed the 150-run mark. From the last two came just a single. Still, Bangladesh managed to put up a challenging total of 156 in front of Australia.    

Over 19 | Score 144/5 (Mushfiqur 14; Mahmudullah 38)

Watson to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Off the 2nd came a boundary from Mahmudullah's willow towards point region. In the 4th ball he played exactly the same shot and got the same result as well. Tigers are roaring at the moment. Then came a single off the next. Last ball, another boundary as Mahmudullah pulled the bowler towards mid-wicket. 17 came from the over. 

Over 18 | Score 127/5 (Mushfiqur 9; Mahmudullah 27)

Faulkner to bowl the over. First Mahmudullah hit the bowler for two consecutive boundaries and then Mushfiqur colletecd another as the seamer leaked 15 in it.  

Over 17 | Score 112/5 (Mushfiqur 4; Mahmudullah 17)

Experienced Watson back to bowl his 3rd over. Three runs came from the first four balls. 5th ball, single from Mahmudullah's willow. No run came from the last ball. 

Over 16 | Score 108/5 (Mushfiqur 2; Mahmudullah 15)

Zapma is on a roll here. He picked up his 3rd wicket in the form of dangerous Shakib. Mushfiqur Rahim is the new main in. Four runs from the over. 

Shakib Al Hasan c Coulter-Nile b Zampa 33 (25b)

Over 15 | Score 104/4 (Shakib 33; Mahmudullah 13)

Faulkner to bowl. Shakib made some room for his self and hit the third ball towards extra covers for a boundary. With that hit, Tigers crossed the 100-run mark as well. Now the batting unit can look for anything over 150. Eight from the over. 

Over 14 | Score 96/4 (Shakib 27; Mahmudullah 12)

Zampa to continue. Another superb over by the leggie as he gave mere five runs. 

Over 13 | Score 91/4 (Shakib 24; Mahmudullah 10)

Hastings back to bowl his 3rd. Mahmudullah is connecting the ball well. He clobbered the bowler for a boundary and a six to get 11 from the over. 

Over 12 | Score 80/4 (Shakib 23; Mahmudullah 0)

Zampa with his 2nd over. Shuvagata hit the bowler for a six and a boundary off the first two balls. OUT! But the Leggie has the last laugh as he trapped the batsman in front of the wicket off the next ball. Mahmudullah walked into bat. 

​​Shuvagata Hom lbw b Zampa 13 (10b)

Over 11 | Score 68/3 (Shakib 22; Shuvagata 3)

James Faulkner to bowl. Tight over first up by the seamer as he conceded mere four in it.   

Over 10 | Score 64/3 (Shakib 20; Shuvagata 1)

Leggie Zampa to bowl his opening over. Mithun Out! Went for a big hit but eventually got caught at deep mid-wicket. Shuvagata Hom has walked into bat. Three from the over along with the wicket.  

Mohammad Mithun c Watson b Zampa 23 (22b)

Over 9 | Score 61/2 (Shakib 19; Mithun 23)

Spin into the attack for the first time as Glenn Maxwell is set to roll his arm. Shakib broke the shackles by hitting the offie for a boundary and six. Bangladesh crossed the 50-run mark as well. 12 came from the over. 

Over 8 | Score 49/2 (Shakib 7; Mithun 22)

John Hastings with his 2nd over. Mithun is hitting clean shots. He is picking line and length early. Four runs from the over. 

Over 7 | Score 45/2 (Shakib 6; Mithun 19)

Smith is juggling his bowlers swiftly. Mitchell Marsh into the attack now. Off the last ball, Mithun made some room for himself and slapped the seamer over extra covers for a maximum. 


Over 6 | Score 33/2 (Shakib 5; Mithun 8)

Trying to up the ante, Sabbir tried to go for a big hit over long on but miss-timed his shot completely as Faulkner took a diving catch. Shakib Al Hasan walked into the middle. And he opened his account with a boundary. Eight runs from the over.  

Sabbir Rahman c Faulkner b Watson 12 (17b)

Over 5 | Score 25/1 (Sabbir 12; Mithun 6)

Coulter-Nile with his 3rd over. Sabbir and Mithun are playing sensibly in the middle. Another productive over for batting side as six runs came off it. 

Over 4 | Score 19/1 (Sabbir 8; Mithun 4)

John Hastings to bowl his opening over. Sabbir Rahman welcomed the bowler by hitting him for two boundaries. Nine from the over. 

Over 3 | Score 10/1 (Sabbir 0; Mithun 3)

Coulter-Nile to continue. Australian bowlers haven't given any room to the batsmen to free their arms. Five from the over. 

Over 2 | Score 5/1 (Sabbir 0; Mithun 2)

Shane Watson to bowl. Sarkar Out! Went for an expensive drive but played it straight into the hands of point fielder. Sabbir Rahman is the new man in. Excellent over by the all-rounder.  

Soumya Sarkar c Maxwell b Watson 1 (6b)

Over 1 | Score 2/0 (Sarkar 1; Mithun 1)

Soumya Sarkar and Mohammad Mithun are opening the innings for Bangladesh, while, Nathan Coulter-Nile to start the bowling proceedings for Australia. Mithun took a single off the very first ball to open Tigers' account. Tight over first up, two runs from it. 

Saqlain Sajib is making his debut for Bangladesh. 

Playing XI

AUS XI: U Khawaja, S Watson, S Smith, D Warner, G Maxwell, M Marsh, J Faulkner, P Nevill, J Hastings, N Coulter-Nile, A Zampa.

BAN XI: M Mithun, Soumya Sarkar, S Rahman, S Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, M Rahim, S Hom, M Mortaza, S Sajib, A Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman.

Australia have won the TOSS and decided to bowl first. 

Any further slip up would mean an almost impossible task of qualifying from the Group 2.

Bangladesh, who lost to India in the Asia Cup final, will enter without a fear. The Tigers were defeated by Pakistan in their first match, and an improve performance would be required against the formidable Aussies.

For Australia, it's a relatively easier fixture but they are aware of the threat Bangladesh posses.


Australia likely XI: Shane Watson, Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith (capt.), David Warner, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Marsh, James Faulkner, Peter Nevill (wk), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazelwood.

Bangladesh likely XI: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Mohammad Mithun, Mashrafe Mortaza (capt.), Al-Amin Hossain, Abu Hider, Mustafizur Rahman.