ICC World T20: Bangladesh vs New Zealand, Match 28 - As it happened...

New Zealand beat Bangladesh to secure fourth victory on the trot.

ICC World T20: Bangladesh vs New Zealand, Match 28 - As it happened...

New Zealand completed their fourth successive victory on the trot in Match 25 of the 2016 World Twenty20 against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Mustafizur picked a five-for for Bangladesh and the Kiwi bowlers did an excellent job to kill the Tigers.

New Zealand 145/8 in 20 overs. Bangladesh 70/10 in (15.4 overs)

Over 15.4 | Score 70/10 (Hom 16*)

Sodhi gets hit for a four by Hom. And the bowler cleans up Al-AMin to win the game for the Kiwis.

Al-Amin Hossain b Sodhi 0 (2b)

Over 15 | Score 65/9 (Hom 11*, Al-Amin 0*)

Sudden end for Bangladesh here as Eliott bowls straight and Mortaza is adjudged LBW. Mustafizur comes in and smashes a huge six before edging the next ball to the keeper.

Mustafizur Rahman c Ronchi b Elliott 6 (3b)

Mashrafe Mortaza lbw b Elliott 3 (5b)

Over 14 | Score 58/7 (Hom 11*, Mashrafe 3*)

After a quiet over from Eliott, Sodhi continues and mixes it up superbly. He is getting some turn in this slow pitch. Hom gets a little inside edge and the ball runs between the keeper's legs for a four. A single follows.

Over 12 | Score 48/7 (Hom 3*)

After 11 minutes halt, the action is back underway. Ish Sodhi's revelation continues and he castles Mahmudullah.

Mahmudullah b Sodhi 5 (8b)

Lights go out at Edens and there is a halt in the play. The players are walking out of the ground until the light comes back. Play suspended for now!

Over 11 | Score 45/6 (Mahmudullah 3*, Hom 0*)

Mushfiqur comes and goes. Eliott with a smart piece of bowling and the batsman is trumped with the ball hitting the stumps. Shuvagata comes in 

Mushfiqur Rahim b Elliott 0 (3b)

Over 10 | Score 43/5 (Mahmudullah 3*)

Mahmudullah comes in and Bangladesh just stiffened down to singles. Soumya goes for an expensive sweep, before Ronchi completes a fine work and stumps him. Sodhi gets his man.

Soumya Sarkar st Ronchi b Sodhi 6 (8b)

Over 9 | Score 38/4 (Soumya 2*)

McCullum bowls well here and is keeping the run flow tied to singles. And as th pressure increases, Sabbir holds on to the fielder.

Sabbir Rahman c Santner b McCullum 12 (18b)

Over 8 | Score 34/3 (Shabbir 11*, Soumya 2*)

Shakib tries to break his frustration and fails. He finds the fielder at the deep after trying to heave Santner. Soumya gets a single and is off the mark. Bangladesh needs Shabbir to stay as long as possible. Right now its singles that the side is all getting. A sweep shot produces nothing by Shabbir as he misses the ball. Three runs from the over.

Shakib Al Hasan c McCullum b Santner 2 (6b)

Over 7 | Score 31/2 (Shabbir 10*, Shakib 2*)

Eliott mixes it up with slower deliveries and there is no room for the batsman. After three dots, Shakib manages a single. Shabbir fails to get anything off the last two balls. Excellent stuff this from an in-form team.

Over 6 | Score 30/2 (Shabbir 10*, Shakib 1*)

McClenaghan bowls to Mithun and the slower cutter ball beats his bat. A single follows next and Williamson fields well. Mithun then charges down the track and the bowler breaks his stumps. No momentum for the Tigers here. Poor batting display, Shakib comes in and gets off the mark.

Mohammad Mithun b McClenaghan 11 (17b)

Over 5 | Score 27/1 (Mithun 9*, Shabbir 9*)

Shabbir defends the first ball before using his feet and hits down the ground for a four. A single follows next. A short ball by Santner and Mithun gives himself room and punches the ball for a four. A single comes next and this is the way to go for them. An attempted sweep by Shabbir but the ball brushes his pads and races away to the fence.

Over 4 | Score 13/1 (Mithun 5*, Shabbir 4*)

Anderson continues and Mithun roates the strike with a single. next ball Shabbir helps the ball on its way and picks up a brace. Mithun wants a single but runs back in. Slow start from Bangladesh here and there is no communication. Shabbir will keep strike.

Over 3 | Score 7/1 (Mithun 4*, Shabbir 0*)

Mithun edges towards slip off Santner but survives. After two dots he charges down the ground and gets a brace. Shabbir is the new man in and he defends the final ball.

Over 2 | Score 4/1 (Mithun 1*)

Anderson gets the ball and after two dots, he gives away a single to Mithun. A big shout for LBW against Tamim, but umpire isn't interested. A short ball gets pulled for a single. Hesitation in running and Tamim gets out. Dream start for Kiwis and Munro gets the breakthrough with a direct throw from point region.

Tamim Iqbal run out 3 (8b)

Over 1 | Score 2/0 (Tamin 2*, Mithun 0*)

A quiet start to the McCullum over that also included a LBW appeal. Tamim finally gets off the mark with a brace off the last ball.

Over 20 | Score 145/8 (McClenaghan 6*, Ronchi 9*)

Two singles and a couple is conceded before Mustafizur picks up his fourth wicket. Santner gets cleaned and next batsman McCullum also gets bowled. The bowler gets a five-for and is on a hat-trick. MJ McClenaghan comes in next and well, he clears the ropes for a huge six.

NL McCullum b Mustafizur Rahman 0 (1b)

MJ Santner b Mustafizur Rahman 3 (3b)

Over 19 | Score 135/6 (Ronchi 8*, Santner 0)

Al-Amin bowls length and gets the treatment. Taylor gets a four, but next ball, Taylor goes for a big shot again and gets out. Taylor contributed immensely here with 28 runs. Ronchi then gets into the act and gets a four. He the n collects a two and NZ will be happy with the score rising. Tamim then drops a catch at extra-cover, the batsmen pick a brace.

LRPL Taylor c Mohammad Mithun b Al-Amin Hossain 28 (24b)

Over 18 | Score 123/5 (Taylor 22*, Ronchi 0)

Mustafizur comes in to bowl and he is bowling full and not giving any room here. Runs coming in singles this over. An off-cutter sees Eliott scoop the ball in the air and hom runs back to complete a solid catch. 

GD Elliott c Shuvagata Hom b Mustafizur Rahman 9 (7b)

Over 17 | Score 118/4 (Taylor 21*, Eliott 7*)

Eliott drives Shakib for a single before Taylor smashes the bolwer for a huge six over mid-wicket. A single follows next, this is clever from him. Eliott then joins the party and hits a straight four after coming down the ground. 13 come from the over.

Over 16 | Score 105/4 (Taylor 14*, Eliott 1*)

Mashrafe would be sad after Al-Amin drops a lolly catch off Taylor in the deep. 100 runs come up for the Kiwis. Eliott comes in and gets a single before Taylor times it beautifully on the off-side for a four.

Over 15 | Score 99/3 (Taylor 8*)

Al-Amin starts with a dot before Munro uses his strength and sails the ball past the ropes for a six. A leg-bye and a run follows before Al-AMin strikes back. Middle stump blown away by the bowler. Anderson comes in and Al-Amin is right on the money.

C Munro b Al-Amin Hossain 35 (33b)

Over 14 | Score 91/2 (Munro 29*, Taylor 8*)

Munro breaks the shackles and punches Mahmudullah for a four. The betsmen then collide in a mix-up when running and they get a single. Munro then smashes the bowler for a six. NZ get momentum. Poor bowling from the bowler.

Over 13 | Score 78/2 (Munro 17*, Taylor 7*)

Al-Amin bowls and the runs are coming in similar fashion. Boundaries have dried up and singles are being managed. Al-Amin bowls a shorter one and it is a wide. Taylor charges and the ball goes all around way the ground to the keeper. The bowler then beats him as Taylor fishes. Another miss, but it is poor from the keeper, who allows the ball to run away for a four. Byes!

Over 12 | Score 70/2 (Munro 15*, Taylor 6*)

Shuvagata Hom gets the ball and the Kiwis are happy in rotating the strike. A mix-up in the running sees Taylor get into trouble but he makes it home. A direct throw could have done him. Munro then charges the bowler but manages to only get a single.

Over 11 | Score 65/2 (Munro 12*, Taylor 4*)

Taylor shows his experience and plays softly to pick singles. Six runs from the over and Bangladesh have it under control.

Over 10 | Score 59/2 (Munro 9*, Taylor 1*)

Munro survives a genuine LBW appeal. Bangladesh and Shakib look shocked. Only two runs from the over.

Over 9 | Score 57/2 (Munro 8*)

Mustafizur's change of wrists shows his box of tricks as Munro fails to read the first ball. A single comes off the next as Munro comes forward and runs it down to long-on. Williamson then makes room and smashes the bowler for a four. A dot ball follows next as Williamson swings and misses. The bowler acts smart and bowls an off-spinner as it misses contact with the bat. Williamson then tries to work the ball down the leg side, and gets bowled.

KS Williamson b Mustafizur Rahman 42 (32b)

Over 8 | Score 52/1 (Kane 38*, Munro 7*)

Mahmudullah gets the ball now. This is weird bowling rotation from Mortaza nearly every over. Four singles and two braces come from it. NZ will be happy.

Over 7 | Score 44/1 (Kane 32*, Munro 3*)

Shuvagata Hom starts off with a dot before five singles are produced in the over. Bangladesh will be happy with the way things are going.

Over 6 | Score 39/1 (Kane 29*, Munro 3*)

Al-Amin gets the ball now and he bowls a tidy over that produces just four runs.

Over 5 | Score 35/1 (Kane 28*, Munro 0*)

Shakib releases the pressure as Williamson dictates the proceedings with two superb boundaries that highlights usage of his feet to perfection.

Over 4 | Score 25/1 (Kane 18*)

Mustafizur is introduced and he mixes it up well that include slower balls. After conceding just two runs, he gets the wicket of Nicholls. A lose drive and the ball hits the stumps.

Over 3 | Score 23/0 (Nicholls 6*, Kane 17*)

Shakib replaces Mortaza and Williamson sweeps him in the gap for a four. The NZ skipper uses his feet to will and picks up a brace through midwicket. The last ball is placed well towards deep square-leg for another brace.

Over 2 | Score 15/0 (Nicholls 6*, Kane 9*)

Shuvagata Hom gets the ball and after defending the first two deliveries, Nicholls cuts a short wide ball for four. Next ball Williamson is hurt after Nicholls drives atop and the ball hits his arm. The left-hander gets a single next before the skipper keeps strike with a single.

Over 1 | Score 9/0 (Nicholls 1*, Kane 8*)

Mortaza gets off to a good start keeping it tight and simple before Kane Williamson pushes a ball into the gap and the timing takes it to the boundary. Similar shot fetches him the same result.


New Zealand: H Nicholls, K Williamson, C Munro, C Anderson, R Taylor, G Elliott, M Santner, L Ronchi, N McCullum, M McClenaghan, I Sodhi

Bangladesh: T Iqbal, M Mithun, S Rahman, S Al Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Mahmudullah, M Rahim, S Hom, M Mortaza, A Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman

TOSS: Kane Williamson has won the toss and New Zealand are going to bat first

PREVEW: A buoyant New Zealand will look to maintain their perfect record in cricket`s World Twenty20 in Kolkata on Saturday as they take on a demoralised Bangladesh team who have already booked their tickets home.

It will be a game of pride for Bangladesh as Kane Williamson's New Zealand will look to remain unbeaten and be high on confidence.

It is expected to be an intense clash as Bangladesh nearly upset India in their last game.