ICC World Twenty20: Pakistan vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Shahid Afridi led his side by examples as Pakistan beat Bangladesh in their opening match of the ICC WT20 at the Eden Gardens.

ICC World Twenty20: Pakistan vs Bangladesh - As it happened...

Pakistan took the revenge from Bangladesh as they crushed the Tigers at the Eden Gardens by 55 runs.

Over 20 | Score 134/6 (Shakib 43; Mortaza 11)​​

Wahab Riaz to bowl the last over. First ball, Mortaza hit a boundary. From the next came a single. Shakib launched the pacer for a six over long-on off the third. Then came a single off the next to complete his fifty. Fifth was a dot ball. Last ball, another dot. And with that Pakistan beat Bangladesh by 55 runs in their opening World T20 match.  

Over 19 | Score 134/6 (Shakib 43; Mortaza 11)​​

Amir to bowl the penultimate over the match. The pace leaked 11 from the over. Tigers need 68 runs from 6 balls. 

Over 18 | Score 123/6 (Shakib 34; Mortaza 6)​​

Mohammad Irfan to bowl his last over. Mohammad Mithun Out! Shakib hit the bowler for two consecutive boundaries. But it seems now Bangladesh are in a situation where they are a day late and dollar short.   

Mohammad Mithun c Mohammad Amir b Mohammad Irfan 2 (4b) 

Over 17 | Score 110/5 (Shakib 34)​​

Mohammad Amir to bowl his 3rd over. Mushfiqur Out! Trying to go for a big shot, the batsman only managed to get the top edge as wicket-keeper took a simple catch in the end.  

Mushfiqur Rahim c Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Amir 18 (21b)

Over 16 | Score 104/4 (Shakib 33*; Mushfiqur 14)​​

Wahab Riaz to continue. Match is slipping away from the Tigers with every passing over. Both the batsmen are struggling to hit big shots, which is the need of the hour. Off the fifth came a boundary from Shakib's bat. Bangladesh need 98 runs off 25 balls.  

Over 15 | Score 98/4 (Shakib 26*; Mushfiqur 14)​​

Irfan to bowl the over. Shakib and Mushfiqur are the most experienced batsmen in the side. The pacer is mixing up his deliveries well to keep the batsmen under doubt. Five from the over. 

Over 14 | Score 93/4 (Shakib 21*; Mushfiqur 14)​​

Wahab Riaz back into the attack. Mushfiqur pulled the pacer towards square leg to get a boundary. Bangladesh need many such hits to win the match.   

Over 13 | Score 87/4 (Shakib 21*; Mushfiqur 8)​​

Imad Wasim was hit for a boundary by Mushfiqur in the 2nd ball. But even then the spinner conceded mere eight runs overall. 

Over 12 | Score 79/4 (Shakib 20*; Mushfiqur 1)​​

Shahid Afridi with his last over. A tight one by the skipper as he gave mere five runs away. Superb performance by the leader with bat and ball. Leading from the front.     

Over 11 | Score 74/4 (Shakib 15*; Mushfiqur 1)​

Left-arm spinner Imad Wasim to bowl his first over. Mahmudullah​ Out! Sharjeel took a sharp catch at deep. This is a big blow for the Tigers.  

Mahmudullah c Sharjeel Khan b Imad Wasim 4 (5b)

Over 10 | Score 69/3 (Shakib 13*; Mahmudullah 2)​

Pakistan well in control of the match. They have taken wickets at regular intervals to keep the Tigers on the back-foot. But it can still be anyones games.  

Over 8 | Score 58/3 (Shakib 3*)​

Afridi is on song with the ball. He picked up his 2nd wicket in the form of Tamim. In-form Mahmudullah has come to the crease. 

Tamim Iqbal c Imad Wasim b Shahid Afridi 24 (20b)

Over 7 | Score 56/2 (Tamim 23*, Shakib 3*)​

Another spinner into the attack as Shoaib Malik is set to bowl the over. Inside-out shot by Tamim as he clear the extra covers fence with an ease. Expensive over first up by the offie as he conceded 11 in it.   

Over 6 | Score 45/2 (Tamim 15*, Shakib 1*)

Skipper Shahid Afridi into the attack. Tamim Iqbal welcomed him with a six over square leg. Sabbir Out! Finally Afridi's all-round skills are on display after a long time. 

Sabbir Rahman b Shahid Afridi 25 (19b) 

Over 5 | Score 33/1 (Tamim 8*, Sabbir 21*)

First bowling change! Wahab Riaz set to bowl his opening over. Sabbir is getting a boundary in every over. Seven from the over.  

Over 4 | Score 26/1 (Tamim 7*, Sabbir 16*)

Irfan with his 2nd over. Tight over by the tall pacer as he gave no room what so ever to the batsmen to free their arms.  

Over 3 | Score 21/1 (Tamim 5*, Sabbir 14*)

Amir to continue. Off the 2nd ball Sabbir cut the bowler towards points region to get a boundary. Six from the over. 

Over 2 | Score 15/1 (Tamim 4*, Sabbir 9*)

Mohammad Irfan to bowl the over. In the 3rd ball, Sabbir flicked the ball towards mid-on to collect his 2nd boundary. Pacer proved expensive in his 1st over as gave nine from it. 

Over 1 | Score 6/1 (Tamim 1*, Sabbir 4*)

Amir gave the Pakistan their first breakthrough off the 3rd ball as he bamboozled Sarkar's stumps. It was a peach of a delivery! Sabbir is the new man in.  

Soumya Sarkar b Mohammad Amir 0 (2b)

Pakistan Innings

Over 20 | Score 201/5 (Malik 15*, Wasim 0*)

Taskin to end the innings. He started with a length ball and Malik played a fine shot past covers for a boundary. Second ball was a yorker, Malik was ready and he hit it straight down the ground for another boundary. Third ball was a full-toss and Malik played it to the fielder at point, a misfield from him gave a single to Pakistan. Fourth ball was another half-volley, Afridi flicked it towards deep-midwicket, but straight to the fielder. A blinder from Afridi comes to an end. Imad Wasim is the next man in, Malik is on strike. Malik worked the fifth ball, a low full-toss towards cow corner for a couple of runs. Taskin ended the innings with a pin-point yorker, off which Malik stole a single.

Shahid Afridi c Mahmudullah b Taskin Ahmed 49 (19b)

Over 19 | Score 189/4 (Afridi 49*, Malik 3*)

Shakib to bowl his final over. Second ball was short, Afridi waited for it and hit it powerfully through covers for a boundary. Afridi took a chance off the last ball and dispatched it over long-on for another Six! 13 runs off the over. Pakistan have a great chance of going past the 200-run mark with Afridi in full flow.

Over 18 | Score 176/4 (Afridi 38*, Malik 1*)

Taskin to bowl his third over. First ball was short and wide, Afridi was already down the wicket and he hammered it over long-off for a Six! The crowd is going berserk with this Boom-Boom show! Taskin bowled a length ball to Akmal, wno mistimed it straight to Shakib at mid-off. Shoaib Malik is the new man in. Good comeback from Taskin. After being hit for a six first ball, he conceded just two more runs off the next five balls.

Umar Akmal c Shakib Al Hasan b Taskin Ahmed 0 (2b)

Over 17 | Score 168/3 (Afridi 31*, Akmal 0*)

Arafat to bowl his final over. Hafeez picked the gap off the third ball towards backward leg for a boundary. Hafeez attempted a big stroke off the next ball, slapped it towards deep midwicket but Soumya Sarkar took the catch, threw it inside the ropes in the air as he went across the boundary, came back to complete it in a superb manner! Excellent catch ends an outstanding innings from Hafeez. No respite for Bangladesh as Umar Akmal is the next man in. 11 from the over.

Mohammad Hafeez c Soumya Sarkar b Arafat Sunny 64 (42b)

Over 16 | Score 157/2 (Hafeez 59*, Afridi 25*)

Al-Amin Hossain brought back into attack. Hafeez scored two consecutive boundaries off the third and the fourth ball. Hossain ended the over with a length ball and Afridi tonked it over long-on for a Six! 18 from this over too, Pakistan are on fire!

Over 15 | Score 139/2 (Hafeez 50*, Afridi 16*)

Mortaza into his third over. Afridi smashed two boundaries in that over and also scored a six off a waist-high full-toss. 18 runs from the over. Mortaza has had a forgettable day so far with the ball.

Over 14 | Score 121/2 (Hafeez 49*, Afridi 0*)

Sabbir to bowl his second over. Fourth ball was short, Shahzad flicked it straight to the fielder at deep midwicket. Brilliant innings comes to an end. The wicket has also ended the 95-run stand for the third wicket. Surprise! Shahid Afridi is the new man in. Four from the over and a wicket!

Ahmad Shahzad c Mahmudullah b Sabbir Rahman 52 (39b)

Over 13 | Score 117/1 (Shahzad 51*, Hafeez 46*)

Mortaza to bowl his second over. He started with a wayward ball and Shahzad smashed it past fine leg for a boundary. Shahzad took a single off the second ball to complete his fifty off just 35 balls. This has been a great innings by Shahzad, who has proved that he deserved a spot for Asia Cup 2016, where he was dropped for Khurram Manzoor. Fourth ball was a length delivery and Hafeez hit it powefully past wide of long-on for another boundary. 11 from the over. Bangladeshi bowlers have looked toothless so far.

Over 12 | Score 106/1 (Shahzad 45*, Hafeez 41*)

Al-Amin Hossain has been brought back for his second over. He bowled a short ball to Shahzad, who once again pulled it past midwicket for another boundary.

Over 11 | Score 99/1 (Shahzad 39*, Hafeez 40*)

Shakib to continue, his team needs their star to strike here. Fourth ball was pitched short and Hafeez pulled it off the backfoot and smashed it past midwicket for a boundary. These two have now added unbeaten 73 runs for the second-wicket partnership. Nine from the over.

Over 10 | Score 90/1 (Shahzad 38*, Hafeez 32*)

Sabbir Rahman brought into the attack. He started with a short ball and Shahzad pulled it past midwicket for a boundary. Seven from the over. These two are consolidating the stand with some sensible batting.

Over 9 | Score 83/1 (Shahzad 33*, Hafeez 30*)

Shakib to bowl second over. Decent over this, just six runs off it.

Over 8 | Score 77/1 (Shahzad 30*, Hafeez 27*)

Mashrafe Mortaza finally comes into the attack. The team desperately needs a wicket from him at the moment. Shahzad, who has been brilliant so far, scored two more boundaries in that over to add to Bangladesh's woes.

Over 7 | Score 65/1 (Shahzad 20*, Hafeez 25*)

Arafat to continue. It was proving to be a quite over as just four runs came off the first five balls before Hafeez was down the wicket once again, off the last ball and launched it over long-on for another Six! 10 from the over.

Over 6 | Score 55/1 (Shahzad 18*, Hafeez 17*)

Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh's biggest superstar comes into the attack. Hafeez smashed a boundary off the third ball. There was a huge lbw appeal made against Hafeez off the fourth ball but the wicketkeeper seemed to have removed the bails slightly early. Hafeez once again charged down the wicket off the fifth ball and drove it past mid-off for another boundary. Expensive first over from Shakib, 11 runs off it.

Over 5 | Score 44/1 (Shahzad 17*, Hafeez 8*)

Arafat to continue. Shahzad charged down the wicket off the third ball and played an inside-out shot for a boundary. Six from the over.

Over 4 | Score 38/1 (Shahzad 13*, Hafeez 6*)

Taskin to continue. He started with one on the pads and Shahzad flicked it past midwicket for another boundary. Six from the over.

Over 3 | Score 32/1 (Shahzad 7*, Hafeez 6*)

Pacers were leaking runs which is why Arafat Sunny was brought into the attack. He removed the dangerous-looking Sharjeel, as the left-hander charged down the wicket and was bowled! Mohammad Hafeez is the new man in! He didn't waste any time, shimmied down the track off the second ball he faced and tonked it over long-on for a Six!

Sharjeel Khan b Arafat Sunny 18 (10b)

Over 2 | Score 25/0 (Khan 18*, Shahzad 6*)

Al-Amin Hossain came to bowl the next over and Khan welcomed him with a big six over deep square leg. That wasn't enough, Khan launched the third ball, a length delivery straight down the ground for another Six! Khan was offered room off the last ball and he hammered it over mid-off for another boundary. Terrific confidence from Sharjeel Khan. Pakistan are off to a flier here!

Over 1 | Score 7/0 (Khan 1*, Shahzad 5*)

Ahmad Shahzad and Sharjeel Khan opened the innings for Pakistan and added seven runs in the first over. Sharjeel mistimed a pull shot off the second ball and almost was caught at mid-on. After playing a dot ball, Shahzad handsome drove the next ball through covers for a boundary.

Bangladesh will be high on confidence after a good show in the qualifying stage, prior to which they had knocked Shahid Afridi's men out of Asia Cup in front of home crowd.

They have performed well against Asian giants in the last few years and Mashrafe Mortaza and his men will be keen to prove that their win against Pakistan in Asia Cup 2016 was no fluke.

On the other hand, after a lot of drama over security concerns, it's time for Pakistan to play some quality cricket.

The team looked a mere shadow of itself in the Asia Cup and Afridi needs to lead from the front as his team cannot afford to take this Bangladeshi team lightly.


Bangladesh 15-man squad: Mashrafe Mortaza (capt), Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahim, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Al-Amin Hossain, Taskin Ahmed, Arafat Sunny, Abu Haider, Nurul Hasan.

Pakistan 15-man squad: Shahid Afridi (capt), Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Babar Azam, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Anwar Ali, Mohammad Irfan, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Nawaz, Khurram Manzoor, Rumman Raees.

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