England vs Sri Lanka: World Twenty20, Match 29, Super 10 Group 1 – As it happened...

New Zealand, West Indies and England have confirmed their places in last-four. Tomorrow's India-Australia match will decide the fourth semi-finalists.

England vs Sri Lanka: World Twenty20, Match 29, Super 10 Group 1 – As it happened...

A limping Lankan skipper, Angelo Mathews with his unbeaten 73 almost pulled off an improbable win for the defending champions. But after losing four wickets inside three overs, the chase was always going to be an improbable one. The result meant that England have also knock out South Africa, indirectly.


Over 20 || Score 116/8 (Mathews 73; Vandersay 0); Target 172

Ben Stokes produced the over that England need to qualify for the semis. He conceded four runs when Sri Lanka needed at least 14 to force an issue out of it.

England won by 10 runs, and qualify for the semi-finals.

Over 19 || Score 157/8 (Mathews 69; Vandersay 0); Target 172

Brilliant game. After a single, Dasun Shanaka played a late cut for his second four. Then Joe Root took a blinder at mid-off. It was traveling.

WICKET: Dasun Shanaka c Joe Root b Chris Jordan 15 (9b)

Then, after two singles, Jordan sent back Rangana Herath.

WICKET: Rangana Herath b Chris Jordan 1 (2b)

Seven runs and two wickets. Sri Lanka need 15 from the last over. And Angelo Mathews on strike.

Over 18 || Score 150/6 (Mathews 67; Shanaka 11); Target 172

With Angle Mathews out of the strike, Sri Lanka seemed to have lost the momentum. But after some struggle, new man Dasun Shanaka hit his first six. Then his first four.

12 runs from the over. Sri Lanka need 22 runs from the last two overs.

Over 17 || Score 138/6 (Mathews 66; Shanaka 0); Target 172

Good over for England. Chris Jordan removed Thisara Perera, and conceding six runs only.

Perera, after hitting a four through the third man area, holed out mid-off.

WICKET: Thisara Perera c David Willey b Chris Jordan 20 (11b)

Sri Lanka need 34 runs from 18 balls. Dasun Shanaka is the new man.

Over 16 || Score 132/5 (Mathews 65; Perera 16); Target 172

No running required when he can hit these mighty blows. Back-to-back sixes of the first two balls. Huge ones. Then the skipper hobbled back for a double, limping badly.

A single of the next ball, then Thisara Perera hit his second six, straight. 21 runs from the over. Eoin Morgan might just rue the gamble he just had taken.

Sri Lanka need 40 from 24 balls.

Over 15 || Score 111/5 (Mathews 50; Perera 10); Target 172

England have gone death bowling in the 15th, even as Sri Lanka skipper Angelo Mathews hobbling on one leg. Right hamstring. Not a good sight for the defending champions.

He also reached his fifty, off 40 balls.

In between, David Willey returned to put a brae on the scoring rate. And he did just that. Five runs from it.

Sri Lanka need another 61 runs from the last five overs. England scored 70+ runs in their last five overs.

Over 14 || Score 106/5 (Mathews 48; Perera 8); Target 172

Sri Lanka somehow managed claw back in the match. And leading the fight back is skipper Angelo Mathews, on 48 off 37.

11 runs from the over, with new man Thisara Perera hitting a six of Moeen Ali.

Sri Lanka need another 66 runs from 36 balls.

Over 13 || Score 95/5 (Mathews 45; Perera 0); Target 172

Brilliant period of play for defending champions, despite losing a wicket.

Seven runs from the over, and a wicket. A wide started the over, then a four to Kapugedera. A dot ball, before a single.

Kapugedera then played a lofted shot, but ended with Ben Stokes taking a good catch at deep mid-wicket.

WICKET: Chamara Kapugedera c Ben Stokes b Liam Plunkett 30 (27b)

It also meant that the 80-run partnership was broken. Thisara Perera is the new man.

Over 12 || Score 88/4 (Mathews 44; Kapugedera 25); Target 172

Fireworks from Lankan camp. Long time coming, but beautiful. Adil Rashid has been targeted, and well targeted. 21 runs from the over.

Chamara Kapugedera took a single, then Angelow Mathews hit a six straight. A single, then Kapugedera hit the second six of the over, over cover. A single, then Mathews hit the third six, over long on.

Sri Lanka need another 84 runs from 48 balls.

Over 11 || Score 67/4 (Mathews 31; Kapugedera 17); Target 172

Angelo Mathews on a roll. Started the over with a four, pulled to perfection. A single followed. Then, a dot ball after Chamara Kapugedera took another single. With that, the duo completed a 50-run partnership in 7.4 overs.

The very next delivery, Eoin Morgan almost produced a blinder of a catch at cover. 

Eight runs from the over. Sri Lanka need 105 more runs from 54 balls.

Over 10 || Score 59/4 (Mathews 25; Kapugedera 15); Target 172

Sri Lanka skipper just launched a massive six. But will it be enough. The required rate has already crossed 11 and half.

Adil Rashid got his first over, and conceded 10 runs. A single to start the over, then a dot ball to Mathews. The skipper than picked the half-volley, straight over. Huge.

Three more singles from the over, to make it a 10-run over.

Over 9 || Score 49/4 (Mathews 17; Kapugedera 13); Target 172

Ben Stokes returned for yet another good over. Three runs from his second over to tighten the screws. Singles will not do the job for Sri Lanka, and with four wickets down, they don't have much choice either.

Over 8 || Score 46/4 (Mathews 16; Kapugedera 12); Target 172

A busy over, but not many runs coming for Sri Lanka. Eight runs from the over. They need bigger overs.

Angelo Mathews took a single, the a wide followed. But Chamara Kapugedera played the next three deliveries for a single. Mathews took a single off the penultimate delivery.

Then Kapugedera danced down and played lofted drive through mid-off for his first four.

Sri Lanka need 126 runs from 12 runs.

Over 7 || Score 38/4 (Mathews 14; Kapugedera 7); Target 172

Another good over for England. Ben Stokes conceded four runs, including a wide, from his first over.

Sri Lanka need another 134 runs from 13 overs.

In between, Angelo Mathews and Chamara Kapugedera stitched a 23-run partnership in four last overs.

Over 6 || Score 34/4 (Mathews 12; Kapugedera 6); Target 172

Laim Plunkett continued for his second over. Conceded only six runs, three singles and a 3.

Sri Lanka need another 138 runs from 14 overs.

Over 5 || Score 28/4 (Mathews 10; Kapugedera 2); Target 172

Sri Lanka somehow managed to weather the storm. Survived two overs without further damage. The fifth over produced 11 runs with Angelo Mathews finding his first boundary, off the first ball, then another, off the second ball. Chris Jordan not happy.

In the previous over, Liam Plunkett leaked two runs. Brilliant first over from the right arm fast bowler.

Over 3 || Score 15/4 (Mathews 0; Kapugedera 0); Target 172

Wickets, wickets! Sri Lanka have no clue what's happening. They have lost four wickets in the first three overs, including two in this over.

The over started with a dot ball, then a single, then a  dot ball. Milinda Siriwardana hit the fourth ball for a six, beautiful, over wide long-on.

Next delivery, he offered a relatively easy catch at cover. Eoin Morgan completed the catch.

WICKET: Milinda Siriwardana c Eoin Morgan b David Willey 7 (7b)

Then, a mixed up ended up with Lahiru Thirimanne losing his wicket. Brilliant work done by Ben Stokes to beat the batsman on the non-striker's end and hit the target. Easy call for TV umpire.

WICKET: Lahiru Thirimanne run out 3 (5b)

Seven runs and two wickets from the over. Skipper Angelo Mathews and Chamara Kapugedera are the new men for Lanka in the middle.

Over 2 || Score 8/2 (Siriwardana 1; Thirimanne 2); Target 172

Sri Lanka in deep trouble. Lost two wickets in two overs. After Tillakaratne Dilshan's wicket, Dinesh Chandimal also lost his wicket, to Chris Jordan. Caught behind.

WICKET: Dinesh Chandimal c Jos Buttler b Chris Jordan 1 (3b)

Five runs and a wicket from the over. Lahiru Thirimanne is the new man.

Over 1 || Score 3/1 (Chandimal 1; Siriwardana 0); Target 172

Brilliant start to England's defence. David Willey removed dangerous Tillakaratne Dilshan in the third ball of the over.

WICKET: Tillakaratne Dilshan c Alex Hales b David Willey 2 (2b)

Three runs and a wicket from the over.


Over 20 || Score 171/4 (Buttler 66; Stokes 6)

Thisara Perera salvaged himself with a super final over. The right-arm paceman conceded only four runs from the first first deliveries, which also included a run out to send back England captain Eoin Morgan.

A leg bye started the over, then Jos Buttler hit a brutal straight drive, which the bowler stopped, and from his follow through, hit the stumps as Morgan was already half way down the pitch.

WICKET: Eoin Morgan run out 22 (16b)

The over, innings ended with a six with new man Ben Stokes sending the ball over the mid-wicket boundary.

Over 19 || Score 161/3 (Buttler 63; Morgan 22)

Continuing his brutality against out of options Lankan Lions, Jos Buttler hit Dushmantha Chameera for a four and six of consecutive deliveries.

The over started with a wide. It was followed by a cut shot, for four. Then, another six over long on.

Chameera, however, did well to restrict the damage, conceding  four singles off the remaining deliveries. He also stopped a crunching straight drive, to a single.

15 runs from the over.

Over 18 || Score 146/3 (Buttler 51; Morgan 20)

Another 50-run partnership for England, and a fifty for Jos Buttler.

Angelo Mathews introduced Dasun Shanaka, probably, in a wrong time when Buttler's shifting gears. The over started with a 2. Buttler hit the next ball for a four through the cover. Another 2 runs, then a huge six over the long-on.

Only a single off the last two deliveries, but the over already leaked 14 runs from the first four deliveries.

In between, Buttler's fifty came in 28 balls.

Over 17 || Score 131/3 (Buttler 36; Morgan 20)

Frenetic period of play in Delhi. The 17th over witnessed Jos Buttler playing unorthodox shots. After two dot balls, Buttler hit Dushmantha Chameera for the first four, square cut. Another four, this time, over the mid-on with the ball beating the sweeper to the boundary.

There was a free hit for over-stepping, which was wrongly given by the umpire. Luckily for Lanka, it resulted in a single only.

14 runs from the over.

Over 16 || Score 117/3 (Buttler 23; Morgan 20)

Then, suddenly, England skipper Eoin Morgan took on the new bowler Thisara Perera. The right-arm medium pacer leaked runs as England changed the gear.

The over witnessed Morgan's hitting prowess. He hit a four and six of successive deliveries, in the second and third.

18 runs from the over. 

Over 15 || Score 99/3 (Buttler 22; Morgan 5)

Another good over for Sri Lanka. Only six runs from the over as Rangana Herath completed his spell for the day.

His figures: 4-1-27-1.

It was indeed a busy over, with every delivery resulting in a single.

Over 14 || Score 93/3 (Buttler 19; Morgan 2)

Sri Lanka skipper Angelo Mathews also completed his four overs' quota. The last over leaked five runs, all singles.
 His figures: 4-0-25-0.

England, in between, have slowed the scoring rate. Understandbly, after the departure of Jason Roy.

Over 13 || Score 88/3 (Buttler 16; Morgan 0)

Jeffrey Vandersay struk in his final over. The over, however, started with a four from the blade of Jos Buttler. But the spinner found redemption four balls later, removing danger man Jason Roy. LBW.

WICKET: Jason Roy lbw b Jeffrey Vandersay 42 (39b)

England skipper, who padded up some time ago, finally arrived in the centre. Seven runs and a wicket from the over.

In between, Jeffrey completed his qouta of four overs. His figures read 4-0-26-2. Good.

Over 12 || Score 81/2 (Roy 41; Buttler 10)

It was following the script, until the fourth ball. Angelo Mathews stuck to his good length, slower deliveries to contain Jason Roy and Jos Buttler to singles and leg byes.

But, in the third ball, Buttler played a disdainful dilscoop for a four. The over ended with a single. Eight runs from the over, and England continue to march.

Over 11 || Score 73/2 (Roy 40; Buttler 4)

Just the over Sri Lanka needed to get in the match. Jeffrey Vandersay lucky to have the wicket of Joe Root, but he was courageous enough the offer that lollipop of a delivery.

Root ended up holing out at deep midwicket, where Lahiru Thirimanne completed the catch.

WICKET: Joe Root c Lahiru Thirimanne b Jeffrey Vandersay 25 (24b)

New man Jos Buttler hit the last ball for a four. Eight runs and a wicket from the over.

Over 10 || Score 65/1 (Roy 37; Root 25)

Dushmantha Chameera continued. And a good over for his team. Five runs only, including a lucky four to Joe Root.

After a dot ball, Root lofted high, but the ball trickle down the boundary even as Angelo Mathews tried chasing in vain. A single off the penultimate delivery.

Over 9 || Score 60/1 (Roy 37; Root 20)

This is small ground, and Jason Roy picked his spot beautifully.

Herath, on his third over, started with a good length delivery. A single off it. A dot ball followed, before a single.

Then, Roy picked the fourth ball and lofted over the wide long on boundary for a six.

Two singles, and 10 runs from the over.

Over 8 || Score 50/1 (Roy 29; Root 18)

Brilliant first over from Dushmantha Chameera. The right-arm seamer tested Jason Roy and could have got the wicket. Couple of close calls, with the first ball just missing the bails, then the second ball missing the bat with ball getting a nick of the pads on it's reverse swing.

One bye in the third ball, followed by a single. The last ball went for a single too. That's three runs.

England, in the process, reached fifty.

Over 7 || Score 47/1 (Roy 28; Root 17)

After the power-play, Angelo Mathews introduced slow left arm spinner Milinda Siriwardana into the attack. The over started with a single. A single followed, before Jason Roy hitting a straight six of a full toss delivery.

Two dot balls, and a single to end the over. Nine runs from the over.

Over 6 || Score 38/1 (Roy 20; Root 16)

Skipper Angelo Mathews brought himself back. The over started with two dot balls, but Jason Roy found enough room to swing his bat in the third. Result, a boundary.

A single followed, before the penultimate  ball caught Joe Root on the back foot. The England opener played a leg glance to finish the over. It resulted in another four. Perfect timing.

Nine runs from the over.

Over 5 || Score 29/1 (Roy 15; Root 12)

Another good over for England with both Joe Root and Jason Roy hitting a four each. Root started with a cover drive, a four. A single off the third ball.

Then, Roy cut for another four. Over ended with a leg bye. 10 runs from Jeffrey Vandersay's second over.

Over 4 || Score 19/1 (Roy 11; Root 7)

Rangana Herath failed to consolidate his brilliant first over by conceding 11 runs. Joe Root took a single in the first ball, then Jason Roy played a perfectly executed reverse hit for the first boundary of the match.

Two balls later, Root also found the middle of the bat, hitting a slow full toss for a four over through the cover.

In between, there was a single. The over ended with a single.

Over 3 || Score 8/1 (Roy 6; Root 1)

With that maiden wicket, Angelo Mathews brought in another tweaker. Jeffrey Vandersay, the leg break bowler.

The over went for for runs, which included a leg bye too. Vandersay had a shout of the last ball, for a LBW, thanks to a googly, which caught Jason Roy. Umpire not impressed.

Over 2 || Score 4/1 (Roy 4; Root 0)

What a start from Rangana Herath. The 38-year-old started his spell with beauty. Alex Hales missed the flight and line. Lucky to have survived. But two ball later, the England opener was gone. LBW.

WICKET: Alex Hales lbw b Rangana Herath 0 (4b)

Maiden-wicket over. Joe Root is the new man.

Over 1 || Score 4/0 (Roy 4; Hales 0)

Skipper with the new ball, and facing him Jason Roy for the first ball. It started with a double, followed by a dot ball. Then, a close call for the England opner, with the ball deviating a bit, but giving enough interests to the fielding team for a LBW shout.

Roy, then, played a late cut for another couple. He came down for a wild swing, but missed.

Angelo Mathews conceded four runs in the first over.

Here are the playing XIs:​

England: Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan (capt.), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler (wk), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett

Sri Lanka: Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Milinda Siriwardana, Lahiru Thirimanne, Angelo Mathews (capt.), Chamara Kapugedera, Thisara Perera, Dasun Shanaka, Dushmantha Chameera, Rangana Herath, Jeffrey Vandersay


England: Eoin Morgan (capt.), Jos Buttler (wk), James Vince, Jason Roy, Joe Root, Ben Stokes, Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Reece Topley, Alex Hales, Liam Dawson, Sam Billings

Sri Lanka: Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Angelo Mathews (capt.), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Lahiru Thirimanne, Chamara Kapugedera, Milinda Siriwardana, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Jeffrey Vandersay, Dushmantha Chameera, Rangana Herath, Shehan Jayasuriya, Dasun Shanaka, Sachithra Senanayake, Suranga Lakmal


After a below-par batting performance against minnows Afghanistan, England will be determined to get their act together against defending champions Sri Lanka in a group league encounter of the ICC World Twenty20.

It will be quite a test for the Joe Roots and Eoin Morgans as they will face at least 8 overs of quality spin bowling from left-arm spinner Rangana Herath and leg-spinner Jeffrey Vandersay on a sluggish Kotla track.

While the match will be Sri Lanka's third league game, the England side under Eoin Morgan will be going all out to notch up their third win in a bid to qualify for the semifinals.

Sri Lanka, who are going through the transition phase have found it very hard to be consistent.

Veteran opener Tillekaratne Dilshan, who is back in form, will like to use all his experience of playing on these tracks but he would certainly need to support at the other end.

To be fair, even with all his cricketing attributes, skipper Angelo Mathews has looked out of depth at times in the shortest format, which is not the case when he plays Tests and ODIs.


New Delhi: Welcome to our live coverage of the match no. 29 of 2016 ICC World Twenty20, between England and Sri Lanka, being played at Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi.