Imran gave betting tips!

Zeenews Sports Bureau

New Delhi: Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan once gave betting tips to clear the debts incurred by his political political party Tehreek-e-Insaf after the 2002 parliamentary elections in Pakistan.

The legendary all-rounder has revealed this in his latest book `Pakistan: A Personal History`.

"It took me a year to clear the debts the party had incurred during the elections. I cleared our last remaining debts in an unusual way; I was with my family in England, and my brother-in-law, Ben Goldsmith, kept asking me about what would happen in an England versus South Africa Test match. I discovered his interest came from his `spread-betting` on the game. I decided to watch the match, and that every pound he made after recovering the £10,000 lost would go towards clearing my party`s debt," said the former fast bowler, who led his country to 1992 World Cup victory.

British millionaire Ben is the brother of his former wife Jemima Goldsmith.

Imran, however, categorically said that he was never involved in betting in his entire life. "I have never gambled in my life and have never understood its attraction, but now for the sake of clearing my party`s debts I watched the Test match with Ben for the next two days, telling him what to do and when."

"Not only did he clear his debt, we also made enough money to clear my party`s debt as well. At one point the bookie asked, `Mr Goldsmith, you don`t happen to be sitting with your brother-in-law, do you?`"

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