India vs England 2012, 2nd Test, Day 4: As it happened

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Mumbai: Updates from the 4th day of the second Test match being played between India and England at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Updates by Suyash Srivastava
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Brief Summary

Alastair Cook has led from the front and his boys have made him extremely proud. Kevin Pietersen was back in form as he slammed 186 runs with a quick pace but it was some terrific bowling from Monty Panesar and Graeme Swann that deflated the Indian team. Panesar’s figures for the match- 11/210. Swann’s figures for the match 9/113. They both have been outstanding! It was the same track for the Indian team as well but in spite of playing with three spinners, they couldn’t be as impactful as Swann and Panesar were for them. A well deserved victory!


England win the Test by 10 wickets! Eight runs were needed and Compton hit a boundary off the first ball of the over bowled by Ashwin. Ashwin then bowled with a wayward delivery down the leg side for four byes. Compton and Cook are delighted and so is the England dressing room! They all are congratulating each other over their emphatic victory.

ENGLAND: Over: 9.4 II Score: 58/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 18*, Compton: 30*)


ENGLAND: Over: 9 II Score: 50/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 18*, Compton: 26*)

The visitors reach 50 runs within no time. They now need just 7 runs for a well deserved victory.


ENGLAND: Over: 6 II Score: 38/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 11*, Compton: 22*)

The England openers are making a mockery of the Indian bowling attack. Compton once again shimmied down to score a SIX over long-on. Seven runs from the over. There’s hardly any effort for a contest here.


ENGLAND: Over: 3 II Score: 21/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 4*, Compton: 13*)

Compton once again shimmied down the track and worked a full toss towards vacant deep midwicket area for a boundary. The right-hander then reverse swept Ashwin for another boundary. Good intent from Compton. With Cook at the other end, the management might have given him the license to kill! Eight runs from the over.


ENGLAND: Over: 2 II Score: 13/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 4*, Compton: 5*)

Compton charged down the track off the first ball of Ojha’s first over making his intentions very clear. Compton once again charged down in the over and connected well on that occasion for a boundary. Five runs from the over.


ENGLAND: Over: 1 II Score: 8/0 (2nd innings) ( Cook: 4*)

Ashwin bowled the first over and England had runs on the board off the very first ball that produced 4 byes. Cook got an edge off the fifth ball that went between the slips and the gully fielder. Eight runs from the first over.


INDIA: Over: 44.1 II Score: 142/10 (2nd innings) ( Gambhir: 64, Ojha: 6*)

India lose their 10th wicket, Swann dismissed Gambhir who was caught plumb in front of the wicket. Gambhir wasn’t happy with that decision though. But it’s all over for the Indian team. So Now England need 57 runs to win the second Test match and level the series.


INDIA: Over: 40 II Score: 136/9 (2nd innings) ( Gambhir: 62*, Ojha: 4*)

Big drama at Wankhede! Ojha was on strike and nudged one onto his pad and through to backward short leg, and he started walking as the England camp confidently appealed. We all thought it was over, but Aleem Dar thought otherwise. Ojha survives! Now how many bonus runs can he score from here. The replay shows there was a big inside edge!


Shane Warne’s prediction on Twitter: “England will need 55 to win!”

INDIA: Over: 38 II Score: 131/9 (2nd innings) ( Gambhir: 61*, Ojha: 0*)

And Monty Panesar continues to take wickets, Zaheer Khan this time! It was a length ball and Zaheer attempted a slog sweep, didn’t time it well as the ball went in the air and India lose their 9th wicket. The few spectators which have turned out at the Wankhede are all silent watching the tail-enders being dismissed in a hurry. India lead by 45 runs. Pragyan Ojha is the new batsman.


INDIA: Over: 35 II Score: 128/8 (2nd innings) ( Gambhir: 59*, Zaheer: 0*)

Swann bowled the second over of the day and he has dismissed Harbhajan! Harbhajan was surprised by the bounce and he nicked one to the slips where Trott took a good catch to his left. India have lost their 8th wicket at the score of 128. They lead by 42 runs. Zaheer Khan is the new batsman.


INDIA: Over: 34 II Score: 126/7 (2nd innings) ( Gambhir: 58*, Harbhajan: 6*)

Panesar bowled the first over for England. Harbhajan hit a boundary off the first ball. Gambhir also scored a boundary in the over. Good start for the day from India. Ten runs from the first over.


The Indian team is on the backfoot after losing 7 wickets for just 117 runs. They have a lead of just 31 runs.

Gautam Gambhir is the set batsman on the crease and India would want him to be on the strike for most of the deliveries. It’s a big moment for Gambhir who has been off colour for quite some time.

To give his company, we have Harbhajan Singh at the crease. Bhajji has been struggling with the bowl in recent times but we all are aware about his capabilities with the bat. With 2 tons and 9 half centuries to his name in Test cricket, he can for sure prove handy with the bat.


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