India vs England 2012: Ahmedabad Test, Day 5 - As it happened...

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India beat England comprehensively in the 1st Test match at Ahmedabad. Chasing 77 runs to win India lost the wicket of Virender Sehwag who scored 25 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara 41* and Virat Kohli 10* completed the chase in 15.3 overs to hand India a 1-0 lead in the four match Test series. Cheteshwar Pujara was declared the Man of the Match for scoring 206* in the first innings and 41* in the second innings.


INDIA: Over:15.3 II Score: 80/1 (2nd innings) ( Pujara 41*, Kohli 10*))

Samit Patel continues. Kohli produces a perfect cover drive for a boundary. Gets a single off the next ball. Pujara defends the rest of the deliveries.

Swann bowls a maiden over to Virat Kohli.

Pujara clips Patelfor a single towards square leg. Kohli plays out the over.

Pujara uses his wrists to flick the ball towards deep mid wicket for a boundary. Leaves the next one outside off stump.

Kohli drives one from Patel in the air just wide of the short cover fielder. Overpitched delivery and Kohli blasts it straight past the bowler for a boundary.

Swann to bowl his next over. Kohli hits Swann straight for a boundary to get the winning runs.


INDIA: Over:10 II Score: 61/1 (2nd innings) ( Pujara 36*, Kohli 0*)

Swann continues. Sehwag pushes it to deep cover for a single. Pujara defends the next ball. Pujara drives an overpitched delivery beautifully past covers for a boundary. Pujara punches the last ball to extra cover for two runs.

Sehwag defends the first ball from Patel. Gets a single off the next ball. Pujara defends the rest of the deliveries. Just one from the over.

Sehwag pushes the first ball to mid off for a single. The third ball keeps low. Pujara pushes it to mid off. Pujara walks out and drives it ferociously but the ball hits Cook at silly point, one run taken. Sehwag drives one to cover fence for two runs.

Patel continues. Pujara defends the first five balls. Takes a single off the last ball of the over.

Pujara gets a single off the first ball from Swann. Sehwag flicks the third ball to mid on for two runs.


Sehwag is out.Sehwag hits one high in the air. Pietersen at long on catches the ball and rolls back but manages to avoid touching the ropes.

V Sehwag c Pietersen b Swann 25 (21b 1x4 1x6)


INDIA: Over:5 II Score: 39/0 (2nd innings) ( Sehwag 17*, Pujara 22*)

Anderson starts off with one down the leg side. Sehwag pushes one through the covers for one run. Pujara plays one off the backfoot towards deep backward square leg for a single. Sehwag gets another single to deep backward point. Another single to point for Pujara.

Swann to bowl from the other end. Sehwag flashes at a flighted delivery, single to long on. Pujara whips one through deep mid wicket for a boundary. Two dot balls. Flicks one to deep mid wicket for another boundary. Huge appeal for lbw off the next ball, Pujara did not offer a shot but he survives.

Sehwag guides one to gully and takes a single. Pujara defends the next two balls from Anderson. Drives it to mid off. A wonderful cover drive for a boundary.

Sehwag drives the first ball from Swann to extra cover for a boundary. A single for Sehwag. Pujara uses his feet to step forward and drive one for another boundary. Pujara defends the next two balls. Inside edge onto the pads falls safely.

Samit Patel comes into the attack. Starts off with a juicy full toss that Sehwag smacks it over long on for a SIX. Drives the next ball straight to the man at covers. Single for Sehwag. Short one from Samit Patel and Pujara pulls it to deep mid wicket for a boundary.


Cheteswar Pujara to open the innings with Virender Sehwag for India. Anderson to start off proceedings for England.


England have been bowled out for 406 runs in their 2nd innings. India will need 77 to win. Lunch is being taken. Things started falling apart for the English when Matt Prior was dismissed for 91 and got worse with the wicket of Alastair Cook for 176. Pragyan Ojha was the best bowler for India and ended with figures of 4/120.


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 154.3 II Score: 406/10 (Anderson 0*)

Zaheer comes into the attack. Full toss on the pads and Swann helps it to deep backward square leg for a boundary.

Ashwin comes into the attack. Good flight from Ashwin. Bresnan drives one through covers for a single. Swann reverse sweeps one to third man for two runs. Trying the switch hit this time but beaten by the flight. The ball hits the pads and the Indians appeal unsuccessfully.

Zaheer continues. Bresnan defends two good length deliveries. Zaheer bowling outside the off stump continuously and Bresnan leaving them with ease. Maiden over.

Ashwin is reverse swept again by Swann for a boundary. Useful runs for England.

Anderson is the last man for England. Zaheer bowling with Dhoni standing up to the stumps.


Bresnan is gone. Caught by Rahane off Zaheer.

TT Bresnan c sub Rahane b Khan 20 (48b 1x4 0x6)


Swann is gone bowled by Ashwin. Trying to reverse sweep but misses and the ball goes through to hit the stumps.

GP Swann b Ashwin 17 (31b 2x4 1x6)


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 150 II Score: 395/8 (Bresnan 19*, Swann 7*)

Ojha to continue. Bresnan works one to the vacant mid wicket region for three runs. Swann steps out to hit Ojha past mid on but he cant time his shot.

Huge appeal off the first ball from Umesh. The ball was reversing in and it looked pretty close but the umpire rules in the batsman’s favour. A short ball is pulled to deep square leg by Bresnan for a single.

Ojha starts with a low full toss. Driven to mid off by Bresnan. Bresnan gets an inside edge to square leg for a single. The ball is keeping very low.

Umesh starts off with a wide down the leg side, goes past Dhoni for four byes. Bresnan defends the rest of the balls.

Ojha bowls one short and Swann goes for the pull and misses it, could have gone onto hit the stumps but Swann is lucky to survive. Swann hoiks one over deep square leg for a SIX.


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 145 II Score: 378/8 (Bresnan 14*, Swann 0*)

Bresnan flicks one off Zaheer to square leg for two runs. Bresnan leaves the next two balls bowled outside the off stump. Just two runs off the over.

Stuart Broad comes to the crease at the fall of Cook’s wicket. Big appeal from the Indians for a bat pad. The umpire declares Broad not out.

Umesh Yadav into the attack. Bresnan gets one past covers for two runs. Bowled on the pads and Bresnan helps it to fine leg for four. Good ball to end the over.

Ojha to Broad. Ball keeps low again. Broad manages to bring his bat down just in time. Pushes a well flighted delivery to point for one. Just one run off the over.

Broad guides the first ball from Yadav to third man for 2 runs. Broad is beaten but the ball goes past Dhoni on the bounce for a four.

Swann replaces Broad.


Broad is gone. Caught and bowled by Umesh Yadav.

SCJ Broad c & b Yadav 3 (11b 0x4 0x6)


Cook is gone. That’s the wicket India were looking for. Ojha castles the England captain.

AN Cook b Ojha 176 (374b 21x4 0x6)


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 140 II Score: 363/6 (Cook 176*, Bresnan 6*)

Ojha continues to bowl a tight line. Single off the first ball for cook. Prior defends the the rest of the balls. Just one run from the over.

Zaheer continues to bowl a probing line and length. No luck for Zaheer, Cook beaten again but the ball does not find the edge. 2 byes for Cook. Sprays the last ball on the pads and Cook glances it to fine leg for a boundary.

Bresnan replaces Prior. Another good over from Zaheer.

Ojha flicked to deep mid wicket for 2 runs by Bresnan. Another single to square leg. Three runs off the over.


Prior is out Prior hits a well flighted delivery straight to Pragyan Ojha. This may be the breakthrough India were looking for.

MJ Prior c & b Ojha 91 (225b 11x4 0x6)


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 135 II Score: 349/5 (Cook 170*, Prior 91*)

Zaheer provides width to Prior and he smashes it towards deep point for the first boundary of the day. Prior beaten outside the off stump. Prior drives one through the covers for a single.

Ojha to continue. Big appeal for lbw first up. The ball clearly going down the leg side. Prior is beaten by the flight, misses the edge though.

Cook steals a single off the first ball from Zaheer. Prior gets a single to third man. Just two runs off the over.

Prior smashes a flighted delivery but can’t get it past mid off. No runs off the over.

Zaheer continues to bowl outside the off stump. Cook having no problems in leaving the ball. Gets a single past mid wicket. That run brings the 150 run stand between the two.


ENGLAND (Following on) Over: 130 II Score: 341/5 (Cook 168*, Prior 85*)

Zaheer Khan to start proceedings for India. Beats Cook outside off stump first ball. Nice tight start from Zaheer. No run from the over.

Pragyan Ojha to bowl from the other end. Matt Prior is on strike. Ojha is flighting the ball well. Takes a single of the last ball.


England have ended the fourth day at 340 for the loss of 5 wickets with Alastair Cook batting on 168* and Matt Prior batting on 84*. They have a 10 run lead over India and will be looking to bat for as long as possible on Day 5 to deny India any chances of a win.

India will be looking to bundle England out as early as possible to give them enough time to chase down the target. India will rely on the spin duo of Ashwin and Ojha to make full use of the pitch on the last day.

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