India vs England 2012: Kolkata Test, Day 3 - As it happened...

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ENGLAND: Over: 163 II Score: 509/6 (1st innings) (Prior 40*, Swann 21*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

And with that leave from Graeme Swann, the third day’s play has come to an end with Ishant Sharma bowling the final over. Swann and Matt Prior are unbeaten and have built a 50+ stand for the seventh wicket. The Indian bowlers enjoyed sporadic successes on the third day -- the majority of which came in the final session as England added 290 for the loss of five wickets in 90 overs.

As the things stand, England are in a dominant position. The Indian bowlers tried different things, came with a different mind up today but couldn’t trouble the English batsmen.

One should feel for Alastair Cook, who was seen smiling and joking in the dressing room late in the day, after he missed a double ton by just 10 runs. England are leading by 193 runs.

ENGLAND: Over: 161 II Score: 503/6 (1st innings) (Prior 36*, Swann 19*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Graeme Swann brings up the 500 runs for England with a boundary off Ishant Sharma (remember the times when he was compared with Glenn McGrath!). It was a wide of off stump delivery from Sharma and Swann played it past point for four. That shot also brought up 50-run stand between Prior and Swann. The lead is nearing 200 now. The pitch is now doing tricks. Some deliveries are staying low, some are turning. Monty Panesar must be licking his hands in the dressing room.

ENGLAND: Over: 155 II Score: 482/6 (1st innings) (Prior 25*, Swann 9*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

In the last five overs, the scoring rate has been following an upward trajectory. Matt Prior’s six off Ishant of the last delivery saw him being dumped immediately and Dhoni decided to continue with spin from both the ends. A boundary each in the next four overs – two each from Swann and Prior had the scoreboard ticking at a brisk pace.

ENGLAND: Over: 150 II Score: 453/6 (1st innings) (Prior 10*, Swann 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Virender Sehwag takes a good catch at slips to end Samit Patel’s innings. Tossed up delivery from Ojha and Patel makes room to cut. He gets a thick outside edge that flies to the right of Sehwag at first slips. Viru reacts to take a good catch on second attempt after lobbing it upwards on his first. Patel scored 33 (47b, 4X5). Graeme Swann is the new man in the middle.

The lead is now 137 runs.

ENGLAND: Over: 144 II Score: 420/5 (1st innings) (Patel 11*, Prior 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Kevin Pietersen struck a boundary off R Ashwin’s first delivery of his 46th over. The next one was straight and KP goes for a sweep. He misses and the ball kisses his pads. The fielders appeal and umpire raises his finger. Pietersen scored 54 (85b, 4X9, 6X1). The expression on Ashwin’s face says enough of his frustration after remaining wicketless for 45 overs.

ENGLAND: Over: 143 II Score: 416/4 (1st innings) (Pietersen 50*, Patel 11*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Kevin Pietersen takes a single to register his 28th Test fifty – his fifth against India. An entertaining knock it has been studded with eight boundaries and a six. The reintegration process seems to have be working perfectly for the big guy.

ENGLAND: Over: 137 II Score: 396/4 (1st innings) (Pietersen 41*, Patel 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Finally! Ishant Sharma gets a wicket. He has removed Ian Bell after having him caught by keeper MS Dhoni. Outside off and Bell went after it. The ball took a bottom edge and Dhoni took a low catch behind stumps. Bell scored 5 (23b). In comes Samit Patel.

ENGLAND: Over: 136 II Score: 393/3 (1st innings) (Pietersen 41*, Bell 3*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Kevin Pietersen has made his intentions clear with three consecutive boundaries off Pragyan Ojha. The first one behind point, the second through extra cover and the third towards long off! Wakeup call for Team India?

ENGLAND: Over: 135 II Score: 381/3 (1st innings) (Pietersen 29*, Bell 3*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

TEA! The best session in the Test for the Indian bowlers so far. They plucked two wickets in Jonathan Trott and the big fish Alastair Cook. What is to be worried about is the fact that Kevin Pietersen has looked good and has hit four boundaries and a six in his innings so far. Batting alongside him is Ian Bell. England scored 80 runs in 30 overs in this post-lunch session.

ENGLAND: Over: 126.5 II Score: 359/3 (1st innings) (Cook 190, Pietersen 9*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Oh dear boy! Alastair Cook has been run out just 10 runs short of a double century. If his innings will be regarded as a memorable one for breaking several records, the manner of his dismissal would be remembered for long as well.

Kevin Pietersen played one from Zaheer towards Kohli and he picked up the ball and fired in a throw at non-striker's end that encountered Alastair Cook in its path. Cook, who had backed out quite far successfully evaded the ball but to his utter disappointment he was out of the crease as the cherry crashed on to the stumps. Umpire Rod Tucker after much discussion raised his finger. Cook walked back to the pavilion amid standing ovation. He scored 190 (377b, 4X23, 6X2). Ian Bell is the batsman in the middle.

ENGLAND: Over: 126 II Score: 357/2 (1st innings) (Cook 190*, Pietersen 9*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

In the time when Alastair Cook has scored two runs to move to 190 and 10 runs short of a double ton, Kevin Pietersen has scored two boundaries – both off his close friend aka “pie-chucker” Yuvraj Singh. Meanwhile, Zak is back into the attack.

ENGLAND: Over: 120 II Score: 339/2 (1st innings) (Cook 188*, Pietersen 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Here it comes! Jonathan Trott is out caught behind after a ball wide of off stump turned a bit and took the edge of the bat. Trott scored 87 (223b, 4X10). Some relief for Indian bowlers? Oh wait! Who is that lanky figure charging to the middle? Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Kevin Pietersen. England have lost their second wicket and both of them have fallen to Pragyan Ojha. Meanwhile, Yuvraj Singh is ready to bowl his first over. Asking why now? Hint: KP & Pie-chucker.

ENGLAND: Over: 115 II Score: 329/1 (1st innings) (Cook 174*, Trott 84*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

The visitors have taken the lead now. Cook, who had stayed quiet for some time, came down the pitch and just lofted the ball over Ashwin’s head for a six over long on in the 115th over of the England innings. Earlier, Trott had reverse swept Ashwin to surpass Indian total and bring up his 150-run partnership with Cook in the 113th over. A lot to think about for Team India – Sehwag’s run out, Cook’s dropped catches....

ENGLAND: Over: 110 II Score: 304/1 (1st innings) (Cook 172*, Trott 69*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Game is moving at a snail’s pace. Or is it? The English team is nearing the lead and Cook is progressing towards a double ton. His strike rate is 52.27 and has faced 329 deliveries to reach 172. Trott is on 69 after facing 190 deliveries scoring at a strike of 36.31. Ojha has bowled three overs so far after lunch – two of them maiden.

ENGLAND: Over: 105 II Score: 296/1 (1st innings) (Cook 167*, Trott 66*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

LUNCH! A time for India to ponder what can they do to force Cook take a walk back to the pavilion. A time to wonder how many runs are they going to score if the English skipper continues with his run. Add to their woes, Jonathan Trott has scored a fifty. Even if they manage to get these two out, there is Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell and Matt Prior waiting to have a go at Indian bowling on this placid track.

For India, they must be disappointed after dropping Cook twice in this innings so far. The second chance was as easy as you’ll ever get. Ishant dropped a simple return catch from Cook. India bowled 32 overs in which England scored 80 runs without losing any wicket in the first session.

ENGLAND: Over: 94 II Score: 273/1 (1st innings) (Cook 156*, Trott 55*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

If you are Alastair Cook and touring India, be assured you won’t put a wrong foot. Even if somehow a lapse in concentration forces you to commit a mistake, luck will always be on your side. A thought like this must be going on in the mind of Ishant Sharma who has dropped a sitter from Alastair Cook. A length ball on the middle stump and Cook goes for a drive, checks it at the last moment and the ball tamely lobs back to Ishant. Seemed surprised by the sudden development, he drops it. He can’t believe it, Dhoni can’t believe it, and the fielders can’t believe it too. What a miss! They have now dropped him twice in this innings. The first missed chance has cost them dearly.

ENGLAND: Over: 93 II Score: 269/1 (1st innings) (Cook 152*, Trott 55*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Give him a chance and he’ll grab it with both hands. Jonathan Trott, who looked out of sorts in the first two Tests, has reached his fifty with two consecutive boundaries off Zaheer Khan. The first one via a flick to midwicket and the second through a glance to fine leg. With that the partnership between Cook and Trott reached 100 runs.

ENGLAND: Over: 89 II Score: 250/1 (1st innings) (Cook 151*, Trott 38*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

New ball has been taken and veteran Zaheer Khan has been handed the shining cherry. Fourth ball is onto Cook’s pads and he punches it away for a boundary between mid on and midwicket region. 150 for Alastair Cook. Runs are now coming easy. Wait, watch and then strike when you sense the opportunity.

ENGLAND: Over: 85 II Score: 235/1 (1st innings) (Cook 144*, Trott 30*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Kya daal raha hai! exclaims MS Dhoni which roughly means that he is absolutely loving the way Pragyan Ojha is bowling. The spinners seem to have come with a different mindset today. Runs aren’t coming easy for the English batsmen. Cook has scored the first boundary of the morning driving Ashwin through covers.

ENGLAND: Over: 80 II Score: 221/1 (1st innings) (Cook 137*, Trott 23*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

So MS Dhoni is back to his opening with spin formula. The third day has begun with Alastair Cook or should we say “Master Chef” and Jonathan Trott waiting to heap misery on Indian bowlers. However, the first seven overs have been bowled and the pair has looked in no urgency to score runs. Three different bowlers have been used so far – Khan, Ashwin and Ojha by the Indian skipper.

ENGLAND: Over: 73 II Score: 216/1 (1st innings) (Cook 136*, Trott 21*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

They say Too many Cooks spoil the broth. Well, at Eden Gardens it took only one Cook to deflate Indian hopes.

Second day and same old story. If on Day 1, English bowlers were on song, the second day belonged to their batsmen. Thanks to Alastair Cook, who notched up his 23rd Test century, the visitors were in a comfortable zone at the end of the day after bowling out India for 316/10 in the morning. With his third century of the series, Cook has become the batsmen with maximum number of Test centuries for England.

At stumps, England were 216/1 trailing India’s total by 100 runs with Cook and Trott still in the middle. The home team could only manage one English wicket in Nick Compton, who too departed not before registering his maiden Test fifty.