India vs England 2012, Kolkata Test, Day 4: As it happened...

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INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 83 II Score: 239/9 (Ashwin 83*, Ojha 3*)

A big round of applause for R Ashwin. He has been the sole batsman who has offered some sort of fight today. In the last moments of the penultimate day he showed presence of mind and kept Pragyan Ojha off strike. After playing out the last five deliveries of the last over from Jimmy, he took a single off the last one to retain the strike when India come to bat on the final day of the Kolkata Test. His 83* on day 4 is the highest by an Indian batsman in both the innings of the third Test.

Credit to England team who after outscoring India, outbowled them bringing the contest to a stage to where they were fancying an innings win.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 80 II Score: 228/9 (Ashwin 72*, Ojha 3*)

R Ashwin is really enjoying in the middle. He is charging down the track, playing reverse sweeps, getting boundaries and has taken the lead to 21. England have taken the new ball and James Anderson is back into the attack.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 74 II Score: 208/9 (Ashwin 53*, Ojha 2*)

So India have avoided an innings defeat! R Ashwin has hit two consecutive boundaries to reach his fifty an. He takes a single off the fourth delivery that gives India the lead. England will have to bat again. Something to cheer for Indian camp!

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 73 II Score: 197/9 (Ashwin 45*, Ojha 0*)

And the resistance has finally come to an end! Ishant Sharma has been cleaned up by Monty Panesar. He gets his fifth wicket of the match. A similar sort of dismissal for Sharma who was bowled in the same fashion in the first dig. Panesar should be happy after all that he has endured today! Sharma scored 10 (53b, 4X2).

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 69 II Score: 191/8 (Ashwin 38*, Sharma 10*)

Monty Panesar is having a sort of bad hair day today! First he was given out lbw when he had edged the ball. Then Prior dropped a simple catch behind stumps of his bowling, then a catch failed to carry at slips. He had four wickets in the first innings. Will he return wicketless?

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 62 II Score: 170/8 (Ashwin 27*, Sharma 5*)

Ishant Sharma is giving some lessons to the top Indian order here. His boundary off Jimmy came off the middle of the bat. India still 37 runs behind. Can they avoid the humiliation of an innings defeat?

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 55 II Score: 161/8 (Ashwin 22*, Sharma 1*)

Steve Finn traps Zaheer Khan in front to take his third wicket of the innings. That looked plumb. Zaheer stays in the crease as the ball dances and hits him in front of leg stump. Finn asks the question and umpire has no hesitation in raising his finger. He was out for duck. In walks Ishant Sharma.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 53 II Score: 155/7 (Ashwin 17*, Khan 0*)

And that’ll be the end of Virat Kohli – the last recognised Indian batsman. An outswinger from Steve Finn and Kohli goes for the drive. The ball takes and edge and Matt Prior takes another easy catch. He scored 20 (60b, 4X3). Zaheer Khan walks in. Wait a minute! Did I just write last recognised Indian batsman? Well, R Ashwin is still there. Isn't he?

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 51 II Score: 145/6 (Kohli 19*, Ashwin 8*)

TEA! Today’s play is a fine example of how quickly a session can change the contours of a game. The morning brought a glimmer of hope for the Indian team and their batsmen continued with the good work. However, credit to the English bowlers who have absolutely pulverised the Indian batting after lunch.
We have seen two starkly different sessions today. The third and final session will begin in some moments. Will we witness another turnaround? It’s hard to say.

Kohli and Ashwin are still in the middle for India as they trail by 62 runs with four wickets remaining.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 38.1 II Score: 122/6 (Kohli 4*, Ashwin 0*)

James Anderson is on fire here as he picks yet another Indian wicket! This time it’s MS Dhoni who has been forced to take a long walk back to the pavilion. A length delivery from Jimmy and Dhoni lazily pokes at it. The result? It flies into the hands of his English counterpart Alastair Cook at slips.

Alastair Cook might not have hoped to take guard for a second time in this match. His hope seems to have comes true. But the reason is quite different. The expectations were that Indian will come strongly in their second essay but they have fallen like pack of cards and are in danger of losing the match by an innings on the fourth day itself! Cook is all smiles after a superb all-round show from his team.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 37 II Score: 122/5 (Dhoni 0*, Kohli 4*)

James Anderson comes around the wicket and angles one in. Yuvraj Singh, expecting a short ball is outdone by the low bounce as the ball sneaks to uproot his off stump. Half of the Indian side is back in the pavilion wondering what went wrong. Meanwhile, the English team is edging close towards a victory and a surprise lead of 2-1 in the four-match series. Singh scored 11 (17b, 4X2). In comes Indian captain MS Dhoni.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 32 II Score: 107/4 (Yuvraj 0*, Kohli 0*)

And Jonathan Trott is ecstatic after taking Sahcin Tendulkar’s catch in the slips as India lose their fourth wicket! A flighted delivery that went straight from Swann and Tendulkar played for the spin. The ball takes a thick outside edge and flies quickly into the hands of Trott. A big wicket this for England!

Someday what happened during that lunch break will make for an interesting story! India were looking positive after wrapping up the England innings within the first 30 minutes of play. The opening pair of Sehwag and Gambhir went undefeated for the lunch break after adding 86. Since then, right from the first delivery of the second session, England have resumed the control of the Test. The top four Indian batsmen are out in the dressing room warming the benches. They are still 100 runs behind. Five session of play still remains in this Test.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 31 II Score: 103/3 (Tendulkar 1*, Kohli 0*)

And this time Gambhir will to depart! A full length delivery wide of off stump from Swann and Gambhir goes after it. It is somewhat lazy attempt and the result is an edge that flies to the left of wicketkeeper Matt Prior. He gobbles it with both hands. He scored 40(104b, 4X4). In comes Virat Kohli.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 29 II Score: 98/2 (Gambhir 36*, Tendulkar 0*)

Cheteshwar Pujara has been run out! Gambhir played one to midwicket and called for a quick single. Pujara responded but found himself short of the crease as a direct hit from Ian Bell ended his stay in the middle. Gambhir has now been involved in two run outs in this Test. Pujara scored 8 (22b, 4X2), In walks amid loud cheers Sachin Tendulkar.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 21.1 II Score: 86/1 (Gambhir 33*, Pujara 0*)

Oh well! Virender Sehwag has been dismissed off the first ball after lunch. Swann tosses one up and Sehwag comes forward to defend it. The ball sneaks between his bat and pad to crash on the stumps. He falls one short of a fifty as India lose their first wicket.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 21 II Score: 86/0 (Sehwag 49*, Gambhir 33*)

LUNCH! Well, this has been India’s session. The hosts took the remaining four English wickets within five overs on the penultimate day while leaking just 14 runs. In their second dig, the opening pair of Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir added 86 runs in 21 overs. The last two overs before lunch were quite productive for India in which they scored 20 runs. They are trailing by 121 runs with 10 wickets remaining.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 15 II Score: 52/0 (Sehwag 32*, Gambhir 20*)

Samit Patel has been introduced into the attack and India have scored nine runs from it. A single towards long-on brought the 50 runs for India. They still trail England’s total by 155 runs. They were watchful before Patel was introduced but his introduction has given them the much needed breather to play their shots freely.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 10 II Score: 32/0 (Sehwag 20*, Gambhir 12*)

India have scored 32 runs without losing any wicket. At same stage in their first dig, they were 47/0. However, a moment of misunderstanding in the middle saw Sehwag taking a long walk back to the pavilion after being run out in his quest for a triple off the first delivery of the 11th over. Hopefully they won’t repeat anything of that sort.

INDIA (2nd innings): Overs: 5 II Score: 12/0 (Sehwag 6*, Gambhir 6*)

Gautam Gambhir began the Indian innings with a boundary off the first delivery from James Anderson. Virender Sehwag followed him with a boundary off Steve Finn in the next over. A lot rests on this opening pair to provide a good start to the innings.

ENGLAND: Over: 167.3 II Score: 523/10 (1st innings) (Finn 4*, Panesar 0) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

And R Ashwin has trapped Monty Panesar in front of the wicket! Panesar isn’t impressed. He looks furious. It was a full length delivery from Ashwin that took an edge and then hit Panesar on the pads. The Indians appealed for lbw and umpire raised his finger. England have been bundled out for 523 in their first innings. They added just 14 runs to their overnight total of 509 while losing three wickets.

Ashwin will be on a hat-trick if India have to bowl again in the Test. Meanwhile, England have taken a lead of 207 runs.

The day has begun well for the hosts and it should give them some confidence as they return to the crease second time in the Kolkata Test to bat. In their first essay, they somehow managed to register a respectable score but with the fate of the Test match hanging now, they’ll need a positive mindset and a better opening stand if they hope to save the match.

ENGLAND: Over: 167.2 II Score: 523/9 (1st innings) (Finn 4*, Panesar 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

R Ashwin removes James Anderson! Again a wicket falls off the second delivery of an over this morning. This time it’s R Ashwin who has picked a wicket. A tossed up delivery from the tweaker and Anderson comes forward to defend, the ball take an outside edge and Sehwag grabs it in the slips. Anderson scored 9 (9b, 4X1). Monty Panesar in the new man in the middle.

ENGLAND: Over: 164.2 II Score: 510/8 (1st innings) (Finn 0*, Anderson 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Catch no. 200 for MS Dhoni in Tests! Second over of the day and second ball from Zaheer gets India another wicket in Matt Prior. Outside off on good length and Prior goes after it. The ball takes an edge and Dhoni takes a good low catch to his right as England lose yet another wicket. Prior scored 41 (49b, 4X6, 6X1). James Anderson comes in to bat at no.9.

ENGLAND: Over: 164 II Score: 510/7 (1st innings) (Prior 41*, Finn 0*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Second ball of the day and Pragyan Ojha gets a wicket! A flighted delivery from Ojha and Graeme Swann goes for a drive. The ball takes edge and flies to Virender Sehwag at slips where he takes an easy catch. Swann scored 21 (46b, 4X3). Steve Finn is the new man in the middle.

ENGLAND: Over: 163 II Score: 509/6 (1st innings) (Prior 40*, Swann 21*) [INDIA 316/10 (1st innings)]

Graeme Swann and Matt Prior are unbeaten and have built a 50+ stand for the seventh wicket. The Indian bowlers enjoyed sporadic successes on the third day -- the majority of which came in the final session as England added 290 for the loss of five wickets in 90 overs.

As the things stand, England are in a dominant position. The Indian bowlers tried different things, came with a different mind up today but still couldn’t trouble the English batsmen.

The focus now shifts to the Indian batsmen who will be tested on this track that is increasingly looking to favour the bowlers now.

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