India vs England 2012, Mumbai Test Day 2: As it happened...

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England have ended day 2 at 178 for the loss of two wickets with Cook unbeaten on 87* and Pietersen unbeaten on 62*. England trail by 149 runs with 8 wickets in hand. England will be looking to continue this partnership on Day 3 and take a first innings lead over India.


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For India Ojha was the only bowler to pick two wickets. Harbhajan and Ashwin did look threatening at times but failed to pick up a wicket. India will be looking to pick a few early wickets on Day 3 and put pressure on the remaining English batsmen.


ENGLAND: Over:65 II Score: 178/2 (1st innings) ( Cook: 87*, Pietersen: 62*)

Harbhajan being dealt with pretty easily by the two batsmen. Zaheer did induce an edge of Cook’s bat but the ball fell short of Murali Vijay at first slip. Ojha has been bowling tight and been producing some chances. Harbhajan surprised Cook with a “dusra. The ball takes the edge and hits Sehwag in first slip.


ENGLAND: Over:60 II Score: 165/2 (1st innings) ( Cook: 83*, Pietersen: 53*)

Pietersen has reached his half century. Cook and KP look well settled and in for a long innings. India have tried every trick in the book but have been unable to dislodge this batting pair.


ENGLAND: Over: 55 II Score: 154/2 (1st innings) ( Cook: 79*, Pietersen: 46*)

Ashwin to Cook. Another sweep as Cook collects a boundary to deep fine leg.

The England pair of Cook and Pietersen has steadied the innings and are now scoring at brisk pace. They are not missing any opportunity to score runs.

Alastair Cook moved on to 78 with a boundary off Harbhajan towards midwicket. KP is nearing his fifty.


ENGLAND: Over:50 II Score: 136/2 (1st innings) ( Cook: 66*, Pietersen: 41*)

Ojha to KP. Pietersen is batting the way he likes – attack. There was an edge off KP’s bat that again fell short of fielder at slip. Later in the over, Pietersen played a lofted drive for another boundary.

Ashwin to Cook. The bowler drops it short and the batsman pulls it away through midwicket for four.

Boundaries are coming easy for the English batsmen it seems. Ojha has been swept by Cook a for a boundary to deep square leg region.


ENGLAND: Over:45 II Score: 116/2 (1st innings) ( Cook:55*, Pietersen: 32*)

Ashwin comes into the attack. Two runs off the last delivery for Cook.

Ojha continues. Pietersen comes down the track and drives it past mid off for a boundary. Picks a quick single off the next ball.

Ashwin drops one short and Pietersen slaps it past Tendulkar at point for a boundary. Pietersen is looking really good. Cook plays one for two runs off the pads and that fetches him his half century.

Ojha starts the over with a short one and KP cuts towards sweeper cover it for three runs. Two booming drives from KP but both hit straight to the fielder.

Ashwin starts off with a ripper that turns and bounces and Dhoni can’t collect it cleanly. Cook sweeps one in the air but it falls in no man’s land and the batsmen take 2 runs. This has been a very exciting over. A short ball slapped away to deep backward point by Cook. Pietersen steals a single off the last ball.


ENGLAND: Over:40 II Score: 94/2 (1st innings) ( Cook:47*, Pietersen: 18*)

Harbhajan Singh starts proceedings after tea. Pietersen hits one straight and was in the air for some time. Short this time and he rocks on to the backfoot and punches it square for a boundary. Down the track this time and between mid wicket and long on for another boundary. Defendsw the last ball. Good over for England.

Ojha to bowl from the other end. Outside off stump and Cook watches it go to the keeper. Cook sweeps again for a single. That’s flatter and quicker and KP dabs it towards the on side.

Harbhajan continues to Cook who plays him for a single. Single each for Pietersen and Cook. Rocks back and plays one to extra cover for a boundary.

Ojha will continue. The first balls pitches outside off and turns sharply to hit Cook’s pad. Another sweep from Cook hits an Indian player and this time its Rahane who gets hit on the back. Another sweep misses Rahane and Cook gets a single.



At Tea England were 77 for the loss of two wickets with Cook unbeaten on 43* and Pietersen on 5*. England started well with an opening partnership of 66 runs but lost Compton and Trott in quick succession to leave them in a precarious position as the teams went in for tea.

For India Pragyan Ojha picked up both the wickets. India would be a much happier side going in to tea and would be looking to keep up the pressure in the post tea session as well.


ENGLAND: Over:36 II Score: 77/2 (1st innings) ( Cook:43*, Pietersen: 5*)

Cook dabs one towards mid on and gets a couple of runs. Another single for Cook. Pietersen gets a single on the on side. Big appeal for leg before wicket. Umpre turns it down. The bails are off and its time for Tea.


ENGLAND: Over:35 II Score: 73/2 (1st innings) ( Cook:40*, Pietersen: 4*)

Harbhajan to continue. Compton gets a single towards backward short leg. Cook defends the rest of the over.

Ojha comes into the attack. He picks the wicket of Compton. Trott walks in to the crease. Maiden over from Ojha.

Harbhajan continues to Cook. Tight bowling from the veteran off spinner. Cook sweeps one towards Rahane at short leg but the ball falls just short. Short one from Harbhajan and Cook cuts it to point for a single.

Ojha continues to Cook who sweeps it straight to Rahane. The second one is a bit quicker in the air and Cook brings his bat down at the last moment. Cook sweeps again and m anages to get it past Rahane for a single. Trott is beaten outside the off stump by a classic left arm spinner’s delivery.Ojha traps Trott plumb in front of the wicket.

Harbhajan to Cook. Good bounce for Harbhajan, causing problems for Cook. Cuts one to deep square for a single. Pietersen stretches to drive one through the covers for a boundary. The next two balls were much slower through the air and Pietersen dabs it towards the leg side.


Trott is plumb in front to a quicker one from Ojha.

IJL Trott lbw b Ojha 0 (6b 0x4 0x6)


Compton is gone. Caught at slip by Sehwag off Ojha.

NRD Compton c Sehwag b Ojha 29 (90b 4x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over:30 II Score: 65/0 (1st innings) ( Cook:37*, Compton: 28*)

Ashwin from the other end. Two off spinners in tandem for India. God flight from Ashwin. Two runs off the over.

Harbhajan to continue from the other end. Compton edges one but falls safe between the wicket keeper and the lone slip and goes for a boundary. Harbhajan causing problems for the English batsmen.

Ashwin to Cook. Cook sweeps one and it hits Pujara at short leg. He is down and will require some treatment. Pujara leaves the field. Ashwin is hit wide of mid on for a boundary.

Harbhajan to continue. Cook hits one in the air. Got a leading edge but fell in no man’s land. Cook gets a single.

Ashwin to Cook. Rahane nearly pulls off a stunner at short leg. Another one falls just short of Rahane at short leg.


ENGLAND: Over:25 II Score: 53/0 (1st innings) ( Cook:31*, Compton: 22*)

Compton walks out this time to Ojha and hits him straight for a boundary.Ojha pushes one quicker in the air. The ball hits Compton’s pads and nearly goes on to hit the stumps.

Ashwin to Cook. Good over. NO run. Cook defends all the balls.

Ojha to Compton. Compton gets two runs off an outside edge towards third man.

Ashwin to Cook. Cook works one to short mid wicket for a single. Compton plays out the rest of the over.

Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Cook gets a single off a mistimed cut.


ENGLAND: Over:20 II Score: 45/0 (1st innings) ( Cook:29*, Compton: 16*)

Ashwin continues to Compton. Compton blocks the entire over out. No run off the over.

Ojha to Cook. Another maiden over.

Ashwin continues to Compton who edges one to third man for a four. Beautiful bowling from Ashwin. Giving the ball a lot of air and bowling it very slow.

Ojha to Cook. Cook walks out and whips it past mid on for four. Cook tries to push a much slower ball from Ojha and it gets the inner edge of the bat and goes straight to the bowler.

Ashwin to Compton. He flicks one to mid wicket for a single. Good line from Ashwin. That one turns and bounces and bests Cook outside off stump.


ENGLAND: Over:15 II Score: 36/0 (1st innings) ( Cook:25*, Compton: 11*)

Zaheer bowls one short ball and Cook pulls it to backward square leg for four. Back to bowling outside off stump.

Ashwin gets some turn but the ball goes wide of leg stump. Compton sweeps one from Ashwin for a single. That one hits the pads of Cook and India go up in appeal but the ball there was an inside edge before the ball hit the pads. Cook survives.

Zaheer goes round the wicket to Compton. Compton gets a single towards mid wicket region. Back to outside off stump line for Cook.

Ashwin continues to Cook. Slashed away through vacant gully for a boundary. Cook gets a single off an inside edge towards backward square leg.

Ojha to continue from the other end to Cook. Cook steps down the track and goes the aerial route and hits it for a boundary.


ENGLAND: Over:10 II Score: 16/0 (1st innings) ( Cook:8*, Compton: 8*)

Zaheer to start proceedings after lunch. Starts off with a good line. Outside off stump to Compton who defends with caution. The last ball takes the edge but falls short of the fielder at second slip.

Ojha to Cook. Cook steps out and whips the second ball over mid wicket for a boundary. Ojha continues to give the ball air and Cook defends all of them.

Zaheer continues from the other end to Compton. Compton strokes it to covers and completes a quick single. Not giving Cook any room outside off stump.

Ojha to Compton. That’s bowled on the pads and Compton helps it through fine leg for a boundary. The last ball is on the pads again but Compton misses out this time.

Zaheer continues to Cook. Probing line outside off stump. Cook lets it go through to the wicket keeper. Cook defends the next one to covers. No run off the over.

Ashwin comes into the attack. Compton lunges forward and defends the entire over. No run off the over.



India were bowled out early on Day 2 for 327 runs. Cheteshwar Pujara was the highest scorer for the hosts with 135 runs. Ashwin also played a very handy innings of 68 runs. For England Monty Panesar was the most successful bowler with 5/129 followed by Swann with 4/70.

England in reply are 7 for no loss with Cook on 4* and Compton on 3*. Ashwin and Ojha are bowling well in tandem and we are in for a very interesting 2nd session of play.


ENGLAND: Over:4 II Score: 7/0 (1st innings) ( Cook: 4*, Compton: 3*)

Ashwin to start proceedings for India. Alstair Cook on strike. Nice and tight bowling from Ashwin. Starts off with a maiden over.

Ojha to bowl from the other end. Compton gets an inside edge past forward short leg for a single. Cook smashes a short one through backward point for a four.

Ashwin continues. Compton gets a single off the third ball. Cook plays out the rest of the over.

Ojha to continue from the other end. Compton gets a single off the fifth ball. And that is going to be the end of the first session. Lunch has been called for.


India are 327 all out in the first innings. Cheteshwar Pujara was the highest scorer for the hosts with 135 runs. Ashwin also played a very handy innings of 68 runs. For England Monty Panesar was the most successful bowler with 5/129 followed by Swann with 4/70.


Zaheer is out. India all out for 327

Z Khan c Bairstow b Swann 11 (11b 1x4 1x6)


INDIA: Over:115 II Score: 327/9 (1st innings) ( Zaheer: 11*, Ojha: 0*)

Panesar to Harbhajan. That one takes the edge and goes past the slips for another boundary. He smashes the next one towards deep mid wicket for a SIX.

Harbhajan gets across the stumps off a Swann delivery and misses an attempted flick. He is adjudged leg before wicket by the umpire. Zaheer Khan walks into the middle.

Pujara pulls one from Panesar to wide mid on for a single. Zaheer being tested by Panesar. The last ball nearly went through Zaheer’s defences.

Swann gets the big wicket of Pujara. Pragyan Ojha walks comes to the crease.

Zaheer whacks Panesar through dep mid wicket for a four. This one is even bigger, Zaheer whacks the next one through mid wicket again, but this time he hits it harder and longer for a SIX. Attempts another similar shot but only manages a single this time.


Pujara has fallen. Pujara drags his feet and Prior gets him out stumped

CA Pujara st Prior b Swann 135 (350b 12x4 0x6)


Harbhajan is out. Gets across the stumps to a Swann delivery and misses an attempted flick.

Harbhajan Singh lbw b Swann 21 (35b 2x4 1x6)


INDIA: Over:110 II Score: 302/7 (1st innings) ( Pujara 132 *, Harbhajan 10*)

Swann to continue to Pujara. Samshes one to deep cover for a single. Beats Harbhajan and follows it up with a reluctant appeal. Just one run off the over.

Panesar continues to Pujara who defends comfortably. A lot of flight on the ball and Pujara playing it very watchfully. Another maiden from Panesar. Drinks are on the field.

Harbhajan flicks one from Swann wide of short leg for a single. Pujara gets another one through backward point for a single. Harbhajan attempts a sweep but misses the ball.

Panesar to Pujara. Pujara flicks the second ball towards deep mid wicket for two runs. Pujara pulls a short one towards square leg for a single.

Harbhajan tries to sweep one from Swann but misses it. England appeal but the ball was pitched way outside off stump. Another appeal from England, again the ball was pitched outside the off stump. Pulls one with the spin to the fielder at deep mid wicket for a single.


INDIA: Over:105 II Score: 292/7 (1st innings) ( Pujara 127 *, Harbhajan 5*)

Panesar continues to bowl a probing line. Beats Harbhajan outside the off stump. Another maiden over from Panesar.

Swann continues to Pujara. England have made Indian batsmen work for their runs. Very few loose ones on offer for the batsmen to put away. Pujara plays one very late towards third man for two runs.

Panesar to Harbhajan. Two slips and a short leg in place. Harbhajan plays it to cover for a single. Pujara does not offer a shot and the England players appeal. Steals a single off the last ball and will keep strike.

Swann starts off with a short one. Pujara pulls it straight to the man. Walks out and smashes one straight to mid on. Pujara using his feet continuously but has not been able to get the ball past the fielders. Swann bets Pujara and the ball hits the pads.

Panesar continues to Harbhajan who has been very watchful. That gets the edge but goes past Trott at first slip and goes for a boundary. Trott was very late to react.


INDIA: Over:100 II Score: 284/7 (1st innings) ( Pujara 124 *, Harbhajan 0*)

Anderson continues. Whips the first ball across square leg for two runs. Ashwin gets another single to square leg. Lovely cover drive from Pujara but hits it straight to the fielder.

Panesar bowling a lovely line and length. Ashwin defends a few. Ashwin is beaten by a cracker outside off stump. Another maiden over from Panesar.

Anderson continues from the other end. Pujara happy to leave balls pitched outside the off stump. Short one from Anderson outside off stump and Pujara latches onto that one and cuts it fiercely for a boundary.

Ashwin walks out of the crease and tries to whip Panesar through mid on but cannot it get it past the fielder. Huge appeal off the second ball. Ashwin walks out and defends again. Ashwin is gone. Harbhajan walks out to the middle to replace Ashwin. Good contribution from Ashwin.

Swann comes into the attck. Spinners will be bowling in tandem for England now. Pujara walks out and defends the first one. Pujara flicks one strongly straight to mid on. Short from Swann and Pujara smashes it to cover boundary.


Ashwin is gone. Hit on the pads off an arm ball. Umpire agrees this time.

R Ashwin lbw b Panesar 68 (114b 9x4 0x6)


INDIA: Over:95 II Score: 273/6 (1st innings) ( Pujara 116 *, Ashwin 65*))

Monty Panesar to start proceedings for England. Ashwin on strike for India. AShwin takes a single through covers. Pujara defends solidly to end the over.

James Anderson to bowl from the other end. The second new ball is just 11 overs old. Ashwin flicks the first ball to long leg for a single. Big appeal off the second ball. Pujara tried to flick that ball off his pads but the ball hit his pads and the batsmen take a single. That looked really close but the unpire rules in favour of the batsmen.

Panesar continues to bowl a nice line. Pujara defends the first five ball and leaves the last. Maiden over.

Ashwin takes a single off the first ball. Pujara dabs one on the on side and takes a single off the fifth ball. Ashwin takes another single in a similar fashion.

Panesar will continue. Ashwin looking very organised in the middle. Panesar’s right foot landing in the danger zone. Pujara points it out to the umpire. Ashwin takes a single to sweeper cover.

India ended day one at 266 for the loss of 6 wickets. India have made a great comeback in the match with an unbeaten seventh wicket partnership of 97 runs with Pujara batting on 114* and Ashwin batting on 60*. India will be looking to take this partnership ahead and get a decent first innings total on the board.

England will be looking to break this partnership and try to fold up the Indian innings as quickly as possible. Panesar who took 4 wickets on the first day will be their strike bowler along with Swann who picked only a single wicket on day one.