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India vs England 2013: Ranchi ODI - As it happened...

Last Updated: Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 11:14

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INDIA: Overs: 28.1 II Score: 157/3 (Kohli 77*,Dhoni 10*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)


India have taken a 2-1 lead in the series and will go into the third ODI at Mohali as clear favourites after back-to-back thumping victories over England. Everything clicked for India in this match- the bowlers did a superb job of folding England out for a low score of 155 with each of them picking wickets. Later on, despite losing their first wicket early, riding on Virat Kohli’s 77* they comfortably completed the win by seven wickets.

INDIA: Overs: 28 II Score: 153/3 (Kohli 77*,Dhoni 6*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Dhoni changes his bat. Expectations from all around that the Indian skipper wants to finish thing in style. Just a single from the over off the last ball.

INDIA: Overs: 27 II Score: 152/3 (Kohli 77*,Dhoni 5*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

That shot from Dhoni that reached the boundary even after hitting the stumps at the non-strikers’ end says enough of the brute power that the Indian captain employs while playing his shots. He opened his account with that boundary off Finn. Eight runs came off the over.

INDIA: Overs: 25.3 II Score: 144/3 (Kohli 73*,Dhoni 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

OUT! James Tredwell castles Yuvraj Singh as the southpaw’s wrong judgement leaves him stranded as the ball crashes on the stumps. He scored 30 (21b, 4X6).

The crowd erupts at the sight of MS Dhoni making his way to the ground.

INDIA: Overs: 25 II Score: 143/2 (Kohli 73*,Yuvraj 30*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Cook can only look at the assault in agony as Yuvraj shreds Dernbach to pieces in this over with three boundaries. The first one came off the second delivery via a drive through cover region. The next two came off successive fifth and sixth through extra cover and square leg region. 14 runs came off the over. India need just 13 runs to win this fixture.

INDIA: Overs: 24 II Score: 129/2 (Kohli 68*,Yuvraj 22*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Kohli has hit the second biggie of the evening off Tredwell. This one is to midwicket region. His return to form is a good sign for India. Nine runs came off it including a six, two singles and a bye.

INDIA: Overs: 23 II Score: 120/2 (Kohli 61*,Yuvraj 21*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Yuvraj Singh scores two boundaries off Dernbach. The first one was a flick to midwicket region while the next one was a beautifully executed drive through covers. 11 runs came off the over.

INDIA: Overs: 22 II Score: 109/2 (Kohli 60*,Yuvraj 11*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Kohli shimmies down the track and dispatches one from Tredwell over long on for the first biggie of the match. Nine runs came off it.

INDIA: Overs: 21 II Score: 100/2 (Kohli 52*,Yuvraj 10*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Kohli gets to his 22nd ODI fifty with a couple off the first delivery from Bresnan. Yuvraj then pulls his third delivery to cow corner for a boundary. Off the penultimate delivery, he takes a couple to bring up 100 runs for India. India need another 56 runs to win this Ranchi ODI.

INDIA: Overs: 20 II Score: 90/2 (Kohli 49*,Yuvraj 4*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Virat Kohli completes his 400 ODI runs. He is batting now on 49*, a single away from his 22nd ODI fifty. Yuvraj scored a boundary off the final delivery off Tredwell’s third over to deep extra cover boundary. Seven runs came off it.

INDIA: Overs: 19 II Score: 83/2 (Kohli 46*,Yuvraj 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Virat Kohli pulls and pulls it to perfection as a short one from Bresnan races away to the midwicket boundary for a four. Five runs from the over. At the same stage, England were 73/3.

INDIA: Overs: 17.3 II Score: 78/2 (Kohli 41*,Yuvraj 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

OUT! Gautam Gambhir tosses away another good start. He charges down the track and lofts Tredwell over mid on where Joe Root completes the formality. He scored 33 (53b, 4X4). In comes Yuvraj Singh.

INDIA: Overs: 17 II Score: 78/1 (Gambhir 33*, Kohli 41*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

After the short break, Gambhir starts afresh and scores a well timed boundary beyond point. Bresnan offered him width and he was quick to respond to that. The southpaw should really use this opportunity to get back his confidence. Five runs came off it.

INDIA: Overs: 16 II Score: 73/1 (Gambhir 28*, Kohli 41*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

30-year-old right-arm offie James Tredwell introduced into the attack. His first over produces three runs. Drinks have been called in.

INDIA: Overs: 15 II Score: 70/1 (Gambhir 27*, Kohli 39*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Kohli starts the over with an unconvincing pull for a boundary. It actually came off his gloves though. 10 runs from the over including a boundary, a triple off the last, a couple off the third and a single off the fourth. The current partnership is now worth 59 runs.

INDIA: Overs: 14 II Score: 60/1 (Gambhir 24*, Kohli 32*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Bresnan bowls another maiden over. Another 96 runs separate Dhoni and his men from a win at Ranchi.

INDIA: Overs: 13 II Score: 60/1 (Gambhir 24*, Kohli 32*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Three runs from the over. Steve Finn has now bowled seven overs and leaked just 28 runs. He has also taken the only Indian wicket to fall.

INDIA: Overs: 12 II Score: 57/1 (Gambhir 22*, Kohli 31*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

A maiden over from Bresnan. India need 99 runs to win this match. James Tredwell is warming up.

INDIA: Overs: 11 II Score: 57/1 (Gambhir 22*, Kohli 31*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Fifty up for India with a beautiful boundary as Kohli plays an on drive. He gets another four off the next with a bizarre way to score one. Kohli was ducking a short one from Finn but couldn’t get his bat out of the line in time. It flew over the slip cauldron after hitting his bat to reach the boundary. Nine runs from the over. Cook looks disappointed.

INDIA: Overs: 10 II Score: 48/1 (Gambhir 22*, Kohli 22*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

A single off the third delivery for Kohli and a couple for Gambhir off the last. Three runs from Bresnan’s second over.

INDIA: Overs: 9 II Score: 45/1 (Gambhir 20*, Kohli 21*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

A fortunate boundary for Gambhir as he slashes hard a delivery from Finn that flies over the slip cauldron. Off the penultimate delivery, there was a loud appeal for a catch. It hit his thigh pad and went to KP at gully. The umpire turned it down. Interestingly, Gambhir was showing his bat while the appeal was being made.

INDIA: Overs: 8 II Score: 41/1 (Gambhir 16*, Kohli 21*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Tim Bresnan introduced into the attack. His first produces eight runs including a boundary off the first by Kohli to welcome him. It was firmly driven through covers.

INDIA: Overs: 7 II Score: 33/1 (Gambhir 14*, Kohli 15*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

An appeal off the final delivery but umpire is uninterested. It was going down the leg and wasn’t given a wide either. Two runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 6 II Score: 31/1 (Gambhir 14*, Kohli 14*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Consecutive boundaries for Virat Kohli. Three off three. The first one was a top edge that went over the keeper’s head – one bounce four. The next one was a pull to deep square leg fence while the third one was a flick to the same region. 12 runs came off it. Kohli has thrown away his wicket in the past after getting a good start. He needs to stay in the middle today and get a fifty to get his confidence back.

INDIA: Overs: 5 II Score: 19/1 (Gambhir 14*, Kohli 2*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Finn strays on the leg and Gambhir plays it to deep square leg boundary for his second boundary. Five runs from the over.

INDIA: Overs: 4 II Score: 14/1 (Gambhir 10*, Kohli 1*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Jade Dernbach tests Kohli with a high bouncer. Kohli scores a single off the fifth to get off the mark. Three runs from the over. Rahane has to really work on his footwork. Rahane's score in the four ODIs (inclduing the current) - 4, 47, 4, 0.

INDIA: Overs: 2.5 II Score: 11/1 (Gambhir 7*, Kohli 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

OUT! Oh Dear! Ajinkya Rahane again stays rooted to the crease and the ball sneaks through his gates to uproot his off stump! So much for the voices calling for his inclusion in the ODI side. He goes home for a duck. In comes Virat Kohli at No. 3.

INDIA: Overs: 2 II Score: 9/0 (Gambhir 7*, Rahane 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Joining Finn in this opening spell is Jade Dernabach. Gauti gets into the act and plays a drive past backward point for a four. Five runs came off it. Gambhir is again poking at deliveries outside off and is being beaten.

INDIA: Overs: 1 II Score: 4/0 (Gambhir 3*, Rahane 0*) (ENGLAND: 155/10)

Gautam Gambhir and Ajinkya Rahane have charged on to the middle for India while England’s Steve Finn will begin the proceedings. Gambhir got a leading edge off the first delivery that landed just in front of the fielder at extra cover. A misfield their by Kevin Pietersen allowed him to add a couple to his total. The first ball was a wide. Four runs from the over.

The Poms will have to bowl out of their skin to stop the Indian batsmen from chasing down the easy target of 156 runs to take a 2-1 lead in the five-match series.


ENGLAND: Overs: 42.1 II Score: 155/10 (Root 39, Jadeja 3/19)

OUT! And that’ll be the end of England innings. Ravindra Jadeja picks up his third wicket by castling Jade Dernbach. A dominating performance from the Indian team today. England have been folded out for a low score of 155.

India have used six bowlers today with each of them taking a wicket. Jadeja was the pick of the bowler who took three wickets. For England, Joe Root top scored with 39. Barring him, the rest of the team fell like pack of cards.

ENGLAND: Overs: 41.5 II Score: 155/9 (Tredwell 2*, Dernbach 0*)

OUT! Steve Finn launches one high in the air and Yuvraj Singh in the deep takes another simple catch. He scored 3(12b). In comes Jade Dernbach. Raina gets a wicket!

ENGLAND: Overs: 39 II Score: 150/8 (Tredwell 1*, Finn 1*)

So England have reached 150-run mark. They have lost their eight wickets. How far can Finn and Tredwell take them to? Can they manage 200?

ENGLAND: Overs: 37.2 II Score: 145/8 (Tredwell 0*, Finn 0*)

OUT! Ta-ta Bresnan! His resistance has ended with R Ashwin crashing through his gates. He scored 25 (37b, 4X3). That was pitched on the off and turned sharply to castle Bresnan. That stand between Bresnan and Root was worth 47 runs.

ENGLAND: Overs: 36.4 II Score: 145/7 (Bresnan 25*, Tredwell 0*)

OUT! Ishant Sharma comes back into the attack and uproots Joe Root out of his crease. He has removed him drawing him forward off a wide delivery that takes an outside edge flying to the right of MS Dhoni who dives and completes the formality. Root scored 39 (57b, 4X4). In comes James Tredwell.

ENGLAND: Overs: 36 II Score: 139/6 (Root 33*, Bresnan 25*)

Another boundary for Bresnan. He has cut this past point region for a four. Another reason to believe he is no mug with the bat. Seven runs from the over. England need to make full use of this powerplay.

ENGLAND: Overs: 35 II Score: 132/6 (Root 31*, Bresnan 20*)

A boundary to break the monotony. Tim Bresnan cuts one from Jadeja beyond backward point for a boundary. Five runs off it. Umpire signals for the powerplay overs.

ENGLAND: Overs: 34 II Score: 127/6 (Root 30*, Bresnan 16*)

Back after the short break. Ashwin continues. Four runs off the over. One over remaining before the powerplay.

ENGLAND: Overs: 33 II Score: 123/6 (Root 28*, Bresnan 14*)

DRINKS BREAK Ahmed’s eight over produces just a single. He is bowling cleverly. He bowls one short to Root and then follows that up with an inswinger. Time for the players to catch a break.

ENGLAND: Overs: 32 II Score: 122/6 (Root 28*, Bresnan 13*)

So, England biding their time. Bresnan is no fool with the bat. He has proved this in the past with his big hitting capabilities. The current run rate is 3.81.

ENGLAND: Overs: 31 II Score: 120/6 (Root 27*, Bresnan 12*)

Shami Ahmed comes back into the attack. Just two runs off it. Good thing about Ahmed is he is quite economical and looks cool headed.

ENGLAND: Overs: 30 II Score: 118/6 (Root 26*, Bresnan 11*)

Four runs off the Ashwin over. England have to make sure that they do not take up unnecessary pressure and keep the scoreboard ticking by taking ones and twos.

ENGLAND: Overs: 29 II Score: 114/6 (Root 25*, Bresnan 8*)

Another tidy over from the Indians. Just two runs coming off it. 12 boundaries have been scored by the English batsmen.

ENGLAND: Overs: 28 II Score: 112/6 (Root 24*, Bresnan 7*)

Two couples and two singles off the over from Ashwin. Spin is in operation from both the ends. Root has been left to watch the flow of wicket while staying rooted at one end.

ENGLAND: Overs: 27 II Score: 106/6 (Root 21*, Bresnan 4*)

Tim Bresnan plays it late to guide one past the fielder at short third man region for a boundary off Jadeja. Five runs from the over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 26 II Score: 101/6 (Root 20*, Bresnan 0*)

England are a shadow of the team they looked in the first ODI at Rajkot. They are tottering at the moment with six of their batsmen back in the dressing room. India are stamping their authority in this fixture. Just three runs from Ashwin’s third over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 24.6 II Score: 98/6 (Root 17*, Bresnan 0*)

OUT! That’s plumb! Arm ball and Patel misreads the line. That hit him in front of the wicket. Jadeja and Dhoni appeal loudly and umpire responds in positive raising his finger. He goes for a duck. In comes Tim Bresnan. He was left out of the previous game due to a niggle.

ENGLAND: Overs: 24.2 II Score: 98/5 (Root 17*, Patel 0*)

OUT! How many times has Jadeja come in and bowled them out? A superb delivery to get rid of Craig Kieswetter. He has been castled for nought. In comes Samit Patel. It was a straight delivery and went through his gates to crash on the stumps. England reeling!

ENGLAND: Overs: 23.4 II Score: 97/4 (Root 16*, Kieswetter 0*)

OUT! Morgan should be kicking himself! Literally! He has thrown away his wicket. A wicket falling at a time when England needed a big partnership. Morgan employing the reverse weep. He top edges it and the ball balloons into the air and Yuvraj at backward point accepts a sitter. He scored 10 (30b, 4X1). In comes Craig Kieswetter. Ashwin gets his first wicket.

ENGLAND: Overs: 23 II Score: 95/3 (Root 15*, Morgan 9*)

Shami Ahmed comes back into the attack. Suddenly it seems India have found a decent pace attack. Bhuvenshwar, Ishant, Shami, Umesh et al. It was shaping up to be a good over but for a slight push from Joe Root off the final delivery that would have left the bowler seething as the cherry dodged past the mid off fielder to the long off boundary. Five runs from the over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 22 II Score: 90/3 (Root 11*, Morgan 8*)

Spin returns and this time in R Ashwin. Off the third delivery, Root gets down on a knee and slog sweeps one to midwicket region to collect his second boundary. There was an appeal for a stumping later in the over. It was referred to the third umpire but Root was safe inside. Five runs from the over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 21 II Score: 85/3 (Root 7*, Morgan 8*)
Another tight over from Sharma. Could have been a maiden had he not strayed from his line to blwo a wide down the leg side. Just one run from it. India are keeping things tight. England need a boundary or two to release some tension.

ENGLAND: Overs: 20 II Score: 84/3 (Root 7*, Morgan 8*)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has finished his quota of 10 overs. His figures: 10-2-40-1. Four runs came off his final six deliveries. He conceded six boundaries today.

ENGLAND: Overs: 19 II Score: 80/3 (Root 6*, Morgan 6*)

Seven runs from the over including a superb boundary scored by Eoin Morgan between extra cover and mid off. England need a partnership now. Another wicket here will leave them in a tricky situation.

ENGLAND: Overs: 18 II Score: 73/3 (Root 5*, Morgan 0*)

A four off the final delivery spoils the over from Kumar. Width and Root cuts it to third man region to score his first four. Nevertheless, it was a good over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 17 II Score: 69/3 (Root 1*, Morgan 0*)

Just three runs have come for England in the last 18 deliveries along with the loss of three wickets as well. This over from Ishant Sharma yielded just a single to Joe Root who gets off the mark with that.

ENGLAND: Overs: 15.2 II Score: 68/3 ( Root 0*, Morgan 0*)

OUT! Another wicket goes down! Ian Bell has been caught by MS Dhoni off Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Two set batsman are out in the pavilion in quick succession. He scored 25 (43b, 4X3). In comes Eoin Morgan. Dhoni was standing up for Bell as the batsman went for a cut. The width wasn’t there for the shot and it took a thick outside that was well taken by the wicketkeeper. England in a spot of bother.

ENGLAND: Overs: 14.5 II Score: 68/2 (Bell 25*, Root 0*)

OUT! There was a definite sound and umpire raises his finger. Kevin Pietersen looks unhappy. Change of ends has worked for Ishant Sharma. KP has to go after scoring 17 (20b, 4X2). Extra bounce for Ishant as it straightens after pitching surprising KP. There was a sound, not sure whether it came off the bat. Replays show that it was his bat hitting his pad as the ball landed in the gloves of MS Dhoni. He leaves the park shaking his head in disbelief. In comes Joe Root.

ENGLAND: Overs: 14 II Score: 66/1 (Bell 25*, Pietersen 15*)

Spin in Ravindra Jadeja has been introduced ahead of R Ashwin. He has 63 wickets in 63 ODIs for India. Four singles scored in his first over. Jadeja was awarded MoM in the last match for his allround effort with the bat, ball and in the field.

ENGLAND: Overs: 13 II Score: 62/1 (Bell 23*, Pietersen 13*)

So England have switched gears moving on to 62 in no time. Another boundary added to their total – via a leg bye to fine leg. 28 runs have come off the last three overs.

ENGLAND: Overs: 12 II Score: 55/1 (Bell 21*, Pietersen 12*)

Lanky pacer Ishant Sharma comes in to bowl his first. Off his second delivery a loud appeal for lbw was turned down. Off his fourth and fifth consecutive boundaries for Pietersen as the commentators indulge in waxing lyrical about his talent. The first one was a stand and deliver stuff to mid off. The next one was played to midwicket region. 11 runs from the over. An expensive first over from Sharma.

ENGLAND: Overs: 11 II Score: 44/1 (Bell 19*, Pietersen 4*)

A good over for England. Consecutive boundaries for Ian Bell – the first one a convincing one while the next a miscued one. The first one through covers while the next one was an attempted pull that turned into a top edge and went to fine leg region. 10 runs from the over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 10 II Score: 34/1 (Bell 10*, Pietersen 3*)

Another good over from Ahmed. His first two were short deliveries. The first one was a bouncer while the next one a similar delivery and KP rightly withdrew from playing the short. He got off the mark of the next one with a couple to leg. Bell took another couple off the last after playing one to covers where a diving Jadeja took the pace off the ball that was racing away to the boundary.

ENGLAND: Overs: 9 II Score: 29/1 (Bell 8*, Pietersen 0*)

Cook responds to the boiling pressure with a superb boundary employing a cut that races past point to the third man boundary. Five runs from the over including a wide. It’ll be interesting to see what approach these two batsmen will resort to.

ENGLAND: Overs: 7.6 II Score: 24/1 (Bell 4*)

OUT! There goes Alastair Cook fearing the worst as umpire Steve Davis raises his dreaded finger to signal him out lbw. He scored 17 (28b, 4X3). Shami Ahmed gets his first wicket. In comes Kevin Pietersen. That was pitched on the middle as Cook walked acrossed attempting to flick it past square leg. It hit him on the pad and umpire had no hesitation in raising his finger. The pressure has worked in favour of India.

ENGLAND: Overs: 7 II Score: 20/0 (Cook 17*, Bell 1*)

Another boundary for Cook. This one was played between mid off and the bowler and a diving Yuvraj couldn’t save it from going from reaching the fence. Six runs from the over.

ENGLAND: Overs: 6 II Score: 14/0 (Cook 11*, Bell 1*)

Just one run from the over -- that to coming off a wide. The Indians went for a caught behind appeal sans the bowler but umpire gave it as a wide down the leg side. A watchful opening this from the English duo. Ahmed is finding movement at a high pace.

ENGLAND: Overs: 5 II Score: 13/0 (Cook 11*, Bell 1*)

Finally Ian Bell is off the mark. It took him 11 deliveries to do that. Not the best way to register a score against your name as a healthy edge off Kumar went wide of slip to third man region allowing Bell to complete a single. Earlier in the over, Cook played a beautiful cover drive for his second boundary.

ENGLAND: Overs: 4 II Score: 7/0 (Cook 6*, Bell 0*)

Another tight over from India. This one could have been a second maiden in a row but for Cook who pinched a single off the last delivery to retain the strike.

ENGLAND: Overs: 3 II Score: 6/0 (Cook 5*, Bell 0*)

A maiden over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Bell is being watchful on this track. India have done the right thing to have won the toss and chosen to bowl first. It is a new track and it will take some time to settle. They’ll get a hang of its behaviour by the time they have to bat.

ENGLAND: Overs: 2 II Score: 6/0 (Cook 5*, Bell 0*)

Cook gets the first boundary of the day with a flick using his wrists, sending one from Shami Ahmed to the region between mid on and midwicket. Five runs from the over. Ian Bell is yet to get off the mark.

ENGLAND: Overs: 1 II Score: 2/0 (Cook 1*, Bell 0*)

Amid a roaring crowd, the players have walked to the middle. Bhuvenshwar Kumar has been given the new ball and he bowls a good first over giving just two runs. England captain Alastair Cook is off the mark while Ian Bell is yet to get his first. The crowd has enough reasons to turn up at this venue today – it’s it first ODI and even better is the fact that they are getting a chance to see their own MS Dhoni in flesh and blood.

India have named an unchanged squad and why would you change a squad that walloped England in the previous ODI? I should really avoid rhetorical questions, especially after watching Lance Armstrong indulge in them this morning on Oprah. Well, as for England, they’ve got Bresnan back in place of Woakes. We should have the first ball in about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, an airshow paints the sky with a jet of colours. Quite the grand inauguration at Ranchi!

Toss: India have won the toss and elected to bowl first.


India: Ajinkya Rahane, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w/c), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Shami Ahmed, Ishant Sharma.

England: Alastair Cook(c), Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Joseph Root, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter(w), Samit Patel, Tim Bresnan, James Tredwell, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach.

Build-Up: With the series all square at one each and India finally securing a much-awaited big win, the third ODI between the hosts, India, and the resilient and resurgent England is likely to be a hard-fought affair.

This is also the first time Indian captain MS Dhoni’s hometown Ranchi hosts an international game. Evidently, much of the pre-game hype has been surrounding MSD and, as fate would have it, so has the drama. The Indian captain suffered an injury scare while practising at Ranchi ahead of this ODI. He is, though, reportedly fine and will lead the team out in the middle.

According to the pitch curator, this is a batting ground and the team batting first could score as much as 350. So the toss is likely to be important. Join us as we bring you regular live updates through the day.

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First Published: Sunday, January 20, 2013 - 10:01

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