India vs England, 4th Test, Day 1: As it happened...

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ENGLAND: Over: 97 II Score: 199/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 34*, Prior: 31*)

England end the first day at 199 for the loss of five wickets. India will be satisfied with their performance. Ishant and Jadeja picked up two wickets each and Chawla picked up one wicket. For England Pietersen was the highest scorer with 73 runs.


ENGLAND: Over: 95 II Score: 196/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 29*, Prior: 33*)

Jadeja bowls another tight over. Just one run off it.

Prior drives Ojha’s third ball to long off for a single. Ojha has maintained a very good line.

Ishant is back into the attack. Prior guides one to third man for a single. Just one run off the over.

Ojha bowls one outside off stump and Prior cuts him away for a boundary. Prior defends the rest of the deliveries.

Ishant continues to give it his all. He has been really good today. Another maiden from Ishant.


ENGLAND: Over: 90 II Score: 188/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 29*, Prior: 26*)

Piyush Chawla into the attack. Good over from the leg spinner but the last ball goes for a four as it beats both the batsman and Dhoni.

Ashwin continues from round the wicket.Prior gets three runs through point.

Ojha to continue. Prior takes a single towards sweeper cover. Just one run off the over.

Jadeja comes into the attack. Jadeja bowls another maiden over. His 13th maiden over of the innings.

Root slams an over pitched ball from Ojha straight to the man at mid wicket.Root gets a single on the leg side. Prior smashes one past the two mid wicket fielders for a single.


India have opted to take the new ball.


ENGLAND: Over: 85 II Score: 174/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 26*, Prior: 19*)

Ashwin bowling from round the wickets with a leg slip in place. Root gets a single to mid wicket. Just one run off the over.

Ojha bowls another tight over. No run off it.

Ashwin bowling well. Prior gets a single off the last ball through backward point.

Ojha being defended solidly by Prior. Prior drives one hard through the gap between cover and extra cover for a boundary.

Ashwin is reverse swept by Root for two runs. Root helps one on the leg side towards fine leg for a single.


ENGLAND: Over: 80 II Score: 165/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 15*, Prior: 12*)

Jadeja continues to bowl a probing line. Another maiden for the left armer.

Ishant to continue from the other end. Root works one past point for a couple of runs. Ishant bowls a slower one to end the over. The ball dies to the wicket keeper.

Ojha into the attack. Bowls a tight over yet again. He is not giving anything away to the England batsmen.

Ashwin into the attack. Prior gets a single off the first ball. Root gets a single wide of mid on.

Root gets a single behind square off Ojha. Just one run off the over.


ENGLAND: Over: 75 II Score: 156/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 15*, Prior: 12*)

Chawla bowls one loose ball on the leg side and Root helps it for three runs. Chawla needs to come close to the stumps.

Jadeja continues to bowl a very tight line and length.Root gets a single to square leg. Just one run off the over.

Chawla continues to bowl outside the off stump and the batsmen are letting the ball go through to the keeper with ease.

Another maiden from Jadeja to Root. His line and length has been immaculate today.

Ishant Sharma comes into the attack. Ishant has looked the most dangerous of all the Indian bowlers today. The first ball keeps a bit low and takes the bottom edge of Prior’s bat. Ishant causing a lot of problems for the batsmen.


ENGLAND: Over: 70 II Score: 146/5 (1st innings) ( Root: 11*, Prior: 6*)

Good spell of bowling from the Indian bowlers. Jadeja has carried his domestic form right into the international circuit. Jadeja and Chawla are troubling the batsmen.


Pietersen is out. The plan of having a short mid wicket has finally paid off for the Indians. Ojha completes a good low catch.

KP Pietersen c Ojha b Jadeja 73 (188b 10x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over: 65 II Score: 133/4 (1st innings) ( Pietersen: 68*, Root: 10*)

Piyush Chawla is back into the attack. Pietersen flashes at one through backward point and Pietersen comes back for the second. A direct hit from Ashwin and some tense moments for KP. He is safe though.

Joe Root replaces Bell. Finally Dhoni has men around the bat for the new batsman.

Ojha is back into the attack. Another maiden for Ojha.

Chawla continues to Joe Root. Nicely timed cover drive for three runs. Pietersen smashes one straight to the fielder at cover. Gets the next one past the cover fielder for a single.

Ojha flicked towards deep square leg for a couple of runs. Classical cover drive from Root for a boundary. Looking very organised and calm on the pitch.

Chawla bowls a short one that is cut to sweeper cover by Pietersen. There’s a slight hesitation but they eventually complete the second run.

And its time for Tea


Chawla gets Ian Bell caught at short extra cover by Virat Kohli

IR Bell c Kohli b Chawla 1 (28b 0x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over: 60 II Score: 116/3 (1st innings) ( Pietersen: 61*, Bell: 1*)

Jadeja bowls another maiden over to Bell.

Ishant back into the attack. He is reversing the ball a bit and a flick from Pietersen falls just short of Pujara at short mid wicket. Excellent over from Ishant.

Jadeja continues. He fires one down the leg side and the ball takes Bell’s pads on the way to the fine leg fence.

Ishant bang on with his line and length. Pietersen playing him cautiously. A maiden from Ishant.

Jadeja bowls another good over and no run is taken off it.


ENGLAND: Over: 55 II Score: 112/3 (1st innings) ( Pietersen: 61*, Bell: 1*)

Ojha continues to Pietersen. Kp walks out and whips one past a diving Chawla at mid on for a boundary. Gets a thick inside edge to mid on.

Jadeja bowling well. A tight single taken but the throw was wayward. Pietersen flicks the last ball for a single.

KP walks out to defend the ball and the ball hits the pads. The Indians appeal but to no avail. Ojha flighting the ball well.

Jadeja bowls another maiden but does not cause any problems for the batsmen.

Pietersen blasts one from Ojha over covers for a boundary.


ENGLAND: Over: 50 II Score: 102/3 (1st innings) ( Pietersen: 51*, Bell: 0*)

Jadeja into the attack. Flighting the ball well and trying to lure Pietersen into the drive. Smashes one straight to the fielder at cover. No run off the over.

Ojha continues from the other end. Good flight and line throughout the over. No run off the over.

Jadeja continues to KP. Pietersen very circumspect in his approach against Jadeja. Another maiden for Jadeja.

Ojha swept on the leg side in the air by Trott for a four.

Jadeja to continue. Chawla fumbles a shot hit straight to him at mid off and the batsmen take a single. Ian Bell comes to the crease at the fall of Trott’s wicket.


Jadeja picks up his first Test wicket. Trott leaves a straighter one and the ball crashes onto the stumps.

IJL Trott b Jadeja 44 (133b 7x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over: 45 II Score: 97/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 40*, Pietersen: 51*)

Ishant to continue to Pietersen. A beautiful looking shot from KP straight to the fielder at mid off. This time he finds the gap and it goes for a four between extra cover and mid off.

Ashwin continues to bowl a good line. Big appeal for caught behind down the leg side but the umpire is unmoved. Nice shot off the last ball for a boundary through sweeper cover.

Ojha comes back into the attack. Beats Pietersen outside the off stump. Pietersen gets three runs towards deep backward point. A direct hit from the deep and the umpire refers it to the third umpire. Trott is safe though. Cover drive straight to Kohli at short extra cover.

Ashwin strays on the leg side again and Pietersen gets some bat on it and past Dhoni for a boundary. That brings up KP’s half century. Another easy single for KP on the leg side. Ashwin needs to change his line of attack.

Ojha starts off with a good ball and Trott gets a leading edge. Misses an attempted sweep shot and the ball hits the pad.


ENGLAND: Over: 40 II Score: 80/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 35*, Pietersen: 39*)

Ishant and Ashwin bowling well in tandem. Ishant strays on the pads and Pietersen whips it for a four on the leg side.

Ashwin bowls another good over. No run off it.

Ishant bowling with fire here. Another over bowled on na good line length.

Ashwin is smashed to sweeper cover by Trott for a four. Ashwin falls back on the tried and tested line and Trott defends the rest of the deliveries.

Ishant starts off with a short one that Pietersen pulls it comfortably for a single. Trott gets an inside edge which misses the stumps by a whisker. Trott flicks one and the ball flies just over Pujara at short mid wicket. Another short one and Pietersen pulls it straight to mid wicket.

Ashwin continues to KP with a slip in place. Pietersen flicks one to the leg side for a boundary.


Lunch Report

At Lunch England were 61 for the loss of two wickets with Pietersen and Trott batting on 28* runs. India will feel happy going into Lunch. Ishant gave India vital breakthroughs to push England on the back foot.

England will be looking to re build their innings after two major blows. Pietersen and Trott have looked comfortable against spin bowling but the have had problems facing Ishant due to the low bounce.


ENGLAND: Over: 33 II Score: 61/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 28*, Pietersen: 28*)

Ishant is back into the attack. Pietersen inside edges one onto his pads, Ishant looks excited. Dhoni is being too defensive with his field setting. No slip in place for the wicket taker.

Ashwin continues to Trott. Good flight and line from Ashwin. A maiden for Ashwin.

Ishant bowling his heart out. Ishant is getting the ball to curve in to the right hander and the low bounce is making things even more difficult for the batsmen. India may well miss another fast bowler.


ENGLAND: Over: 30 II Score: 60/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 28*, Pietersen: 27*)

Jadeja bowls one short and Pietersen smashes it to the cover fence for a boundary. Jadeja gets back to bowling a good line and length with a lot of flight.

Chawla has been looking really good. Dhoni has employed only a single slip for him though and no other attacking fielder. Another maiden for Chawla.

KP smashes one flighted delivery from Jadeja to covers but fails to find the gap. No run off the over.

Trott hits one off Chawla through the covers for three runs. Chawla bowling a good line but Dhoni should have more fielders close in to put some pressure on the batsmen.

Ashwin comes into the attack. Trott sweeps the second ball off Ashwin towards square leg for a single. Pietersn works one from off stump to long on for a single. Trott paddle sweeps again to get a couple of runs.


ENGLAND: Over: 25 II Score: 49/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 22*, Pietersen: 22*)

Piyush Chwala into the attack. It will be interesting to see how much turn he gets from the wicket. Trott works the second ball for a single. Just the one run off the over.

Jadeja continues from the other end. Bowling with a lot of flight. Another maiden over for him.

Chawla to continue to Pietersen. Pietersen walks out and smashes a wrong one straight past the bowler for a single. Just one run off the over.

Jadeja starts with a short one. Pietersen cuts it hard but straight to the fielder. KP drives one through covers and gets three runs for it.

Chawla bowling with a lot of flight. KP lofts one to the long on boundary for a four.


ENGLAND: Over: 20 II Score: 35/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 21*, Pietersen: 9*)

Ojha and Jadeja have been bowling a good line and length. Jadeja beats Trott outside off stump. A bit of turn being extracted by the left arm bowlers.


ENGLAND: Over: 16 II Score: 31/2 (1st innings) ( Trott: 17*, Pietersen: 9*)

Ishant is using the short ball to good effect on this slow and low pitch. Pietersen who came in at the fall of Cook’s wicket was surprised by the short one bowled by Ishant. Ishant is bowling with a lot of fire.

Ojha continues to Pietersen. He steps out and hits one straight but Ojha gets a hand on the ball. Ojha traps him on the pads but Pietersen was a long way forward and the umpire rules in favour of the batsman.

Jadeja comes into the attack. KP smashes one straight down the ground for a four.

Ojha is swept again by Trott towards deep square leg for a boundary.

Jadeja bowling a good line. Left arm spinners on from both ends.


Big wicket for India. Alastair Cook has been dismissed by Ishant Sharma.

AN Cook lbw b Sharma 1 (28b 0x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over: 10 II Score: 16/1 (1st innings) ( Cook: 1*, Trott: 11*)

Ishant bowling very well. Big appeal for lbw against Trott. Umpire rules in the favour of the batsman. That looked out though.

Trott sweeps Ojha for a boundary to square leg.


ENGLAND: Over: 7 II Score: 9/1 (1st innings) ( Cook: 1*, Trott: 5*)

England have lost the wicket of Compton. Trott and Cook are playing cautiously. Trott hit Ishant for a superb boundary to long on. Ojha and Ishant are bowling a good line and length.


Ishant gets the breakthrough for India. Compton gets a faint edge to Dhoni who takes a good low catch.

NRD Compton c Dhoni b Sharma 3 (12b 0x4 0x6)


ENGLAND: Over: 2 II Score: 1/0 (1st innings) ( Cook: 0*, Compton: 1*)

Ishant Sharma, the lone pacer in the team, will start proceedings for the home team. Cook to take strike for England. Cook lets the first one go through to the keeper. Good line from Ishant. The ball is keeping a bit low. Cook Ishant starts off with a maiden.

Ojha to bowl the second over to Compton. Takes a risky single off the third ball. Good flight from Ojha. Cook plays him off comfortably. Just one run off the over.

India: Gautam Gambhir, Virender Sehwag, Cheteshwar Pujara, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni, Ravichandran Ashwin, Piyush Chawla, Ishant Sharma, Pragyan Ojha

England: Alastair Cook, Nick Compton, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bell,Joseph Root, Matt Prior, Tim Bresnan, Graeme Swann, James Anderson, Monty Panesar

TOSS: Alastair Cook has won the Toss and England will be batting first

Nagpur: India face England in the fourth and final Test match in Nagpur. After two humiliating losses India will be looking to salvage some pride by winning this Test match and levelling the series. Under fire captain MS Dhoni and some senior pros have a lot to prove.

England, after the loss in the first Test, have had a dream run in the series so far. Captain Alastair Cook has led from the front and marshalled his resources to perfection. They will be looking to carry on their good form and beat India convincingly in Nagpur to complete, what would undoubtedly be, a historic series win.

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